Owner of WeHo’s Spin Gal Fitness Accused of Racist Behavior Toward Latino Workers

The owner of Spin Gal Fitness, a fitness studio on La Peer Drive in West Hollywood, has been accused of throwing hot coffee on a Latino worker at her condo building and called him and a coworker “Mexican wetbacks.”

On Aug. 4, Miguel Angel Sánchez arrived at 8 a.m. at the Park Century East condo building at 2332 Fox Hills Drive in Century City to work on another owner’s condo unit. Sánchez, who was equipped with an automatic gate opener and keys, went downstairs to let in his coworker Jesses and encountered a woman arguing with him.

Rhonda Michelle Polon (LinkedIn)

“She wasn’t allowing him to come inside because she did not believe that we had the authority to be there,” Sánchez said in an interview with Latino Rebels, a website that covers Latino news and culture. Sánchez said the woman starting yelling racial slurs at them, like “Mexican wetbacks.” Sánchez videotaped the woman’s actions and later posted the video on Facebook.

KTLA 5 posted a story about the incident on its website on Friday. Sánchez’s Facebook post caught the attention of users of the Nextdoor app, who identified the woman as Rhonda Michelle Polon, owner of Spin Gal Fitness. A longer video posted on the VivaBernie2020 Facebook page shows a man apparently connected with Polon getting into the argument. He accused the Latino workers of stealing his bicycle.

Sánchez called the Los Angeles Police Department whose officers told him he could file charges against Polon. He decided not to.

The Viva Bernie 2020 group hosted a “Café y Pan Dulce Mariachi Party for CoffeeCity & Bathrobe Billy,” the names with which they tagged Polon and her associate, this morning in front of their condo building.

The video of Polon throwing coffee on Sánchez has gone viral and led many on social media to say they will boycott the business. WEHOville was unable to reach Polon for a comment. However, in an email message to Latino Rebels, she wrote:

“I made no rasist [sic] remarks ever!!
“They spliced the video to their liking.
“I am not rasist.[sic]
“I threw cold coffee on him after 45 minutes of be harassed by them.
“I was then scared and did not know what else to do.
“I had nothing to do with the argument that insued [sic] afterwards with the other persons involved.
“I have nothing else to say.
“I am being harassed for protecting the safety of my home and myself.
“The police have been contacted in regards to these claims and harassment’s [sic] of and to me “and there will be no further remarks from me.”

  1. I know Ronda and she’s anything but racist. After viewing the entire undoctored video not the spliced version that was released,this is obviously a shakedown. I’d be willing to bet these guys have done this to other people.

  2. With a name like “Polon” she shouldn’t be throwing her weight around calling other Latinos “wetbacks”!

    1. Polon is Italian not Spanish, given a lot of Latinos have Italian surnames including myself but I doubt this woman is Hispanic.

  3. It is shameful that the assaulted men chose not to file charges, if you are a minority and have been assaulted and choose not to follow through and file charges then don’t complain you are part of the problem follow through and hold these racists accountable for their action

    1. That’s not fair to say. Like the guys mentioned, they were scared about losing their job. It would be nice to think they wouldn’t but you can’t just assume there won’t be any repercussions for the workers, especially when a white woman is involved.

    2. So you are saying, victims are part of the problem and it is their fault they are being targeted? Did you read the part where the employees stated they did not press charges in fear of losing their jobs? Also, one of them was threatened, his wife and kids.

      1. Even better he got a ton of support and the video went viral. Let the world judge for themselves is more than enough.

    3. What they did was better than filing charges. This *woman* is about to lose everything. Legal action would’ve gone nowhere, and likely led to repercussions against the men.

  4. She also sent a threatening text to the wife of the man she threw coffee on, where she claimed the video was “spliced,” just like she did in the email to WeHoVille.

    Crazy that there are people saying her behavior was perfectly acceptable just because the coffee was cold.

  5. She said she threw the coffee because she was scared and did not know what else to do. Yeah, right. People in fear usually run away and call for help. They don’t hang out for 45 minutes spewing insults.

    She thought she could take out her aggression on them, treat them like garbage. She thought they were insignificant, and that nobody would care if she hurt them.
    Totally disgusting behavior.

  6. what is amusing is that most folks are interracial.

    thus the arguments in this edited pos video is invalid.

    like with most videos.

    i can’t make judgement on anything i see “post publish” sorry.

    i think everyone in the video is a racist, her, the contractor, the workers who were contracted, the people who watched it, the sites that are posting it, the new agencies who are broadcastings it and those who will be discussing it after the fact.

    sorry, bigotry is as bigotry does.

    don’t be hypocrites.

    1. You’re a apologist for racist “conduct”. You must have agreed with POTUS when he said there are “good people on all sides” in reference to neo-Naz!’s and counterprotesters at Charlottsville — you make a super weak excuse for xenophobia.

  7. I feel most contractors they just get the notice of the job, details and keys and that’s it, whoever hired them dont always notified the whole building- I quite often see notifications in buildings housing complex if the job will make a lot of noise or affect all etc. It might have been a small ish job that they had to do so prob the person who hired them did not see a need to make flyers, send emails to the rest of the residents.

    Having the keys to the place and the control for the parking garage gate and even get off the car to talk to her and explain the situation at 8 in the morning! should have been quite enough. In my experience living in multiple houses over the years thats the time when I see workers coming in and do their job. This people need to start minding their own business and stop thinking every person of color is a threat/doing something wrong.

  8. This woman is a disgrace to the area, and human decency in general.
    I hope she is able to turn her life around. As a fitness instructor she has probably spent a lot of time working on improving her exterior self, this may be a good time to work on improving her heart, mind and soul as well. However, based on her response, denying what is clearly videotaped, I kind of doubt she will take ownership of her actions and start growing anytime soon. You made your bed, lie in it.
    But first please move out of the area. Hate doesn’t live here.

  9. That racist card is tattered, torn and tired, used too many times in our society. Lost its currency.

    1. The racist card- an expression used by majority members to minimize the discrimination experienced by minorities every day, everywhere.

  10. So I guess no one thought about calling the dude that hired these guys so he could straighten the whole thing out. Instead, everybody acts like a much of imbeciles. Embarrassing.

      1. She said her side of it and they said theirs. I didn’t see anything racist about the video, it wasn’t hot coffee. What is wrong with people? Everyone is so quick to call racism on everything!

        1. It was hot coffee, the police themselves said his face was red and she was issued a ticket for misdemeanor battery.

        2. “It wasn’t hot coffee”

          Still… doesn’t warrant that lady to throw the coffee to that guy. Sigh.. always finding excuses to downplay racism. You should be ashamed of yourself.

        3. Because it was cold coffee that gave her the right to throw it at him. How ridiculous honestly if she was scared why sit there and argue for 45 min lol. Call the cops and leave. Plus seeing a 2 min video where she is obviously assaulting him and shes being irrational yelling. I’m sure that after 45 min she said alot of things that were racist. Let’s pop that privilege bubble you live in.

        4. There is always that one who will defend this nonsense, but if this behavior were displayed to you, you would want to call a coalition. Stop thinking causing discomfort to another human being is ok. She is racist and so are you. Well you can be her only lonely customer.

        5. Because it WAS racism. Look past the blindness of your privilege and make a very clear note of this situation before your contact info, social media, and places of business get disgraced!

        6. Really , your skin is white too so that makes you better than anyone else ? It figures you would say that . And your president has started this war

        7. honor- keep reading- don’t stop just cause you want to- the ugly truth is what you see and hear out of her own mouth. she should have stayed in her condo and not insert herself into their work day. she says she was scared? go inside, stop escalating the problem and go in and call either the building super, the cops, but don’t stand there and yell at them and then claim victim. victim of what exactly? and yes, wetback is a slur. what else do you need to be educated on before i tell you to go inside and call someone who cares.

        8. You are obviously biast. Her words and actions are very evident. You have the right to your own interpretation, however, know that condoning or defending racist behaviour makes you just as bad. Please understand where everyone is coming from. Imagine if this person who was innocently trying to fulfill a commitment to work was your brother, or husband, or son! How would you feel if someone attacked and belittled your kin? It is not easy to swallow. We are all humans, we all hurt! So we all unite as best as we can to combat unfair and unjust treatment like this hateful lady. I suggest you go back, raise the volume, play the videos again and listen for your self.

  11. She is obviously racist and abusive. Doesn’t matter if it was “only cold coffee” she threw at him, that is still assault. She is a mess. What a poor example of a human being. The guys were only trying to do their job. Karma is a bitch.

  12. They didnt have “blatant unsupervised access” to her home. They were working in the building which she does NOT own. She could have quietly gone back to her apt and called the manager and even the cops if she was afraid for her safety. She has zero right to prevent ANYONE’S entry into a building she doesnt own. Stop making excuses and blaming the management for her ridiculous behavior. She should be locked up. She’s batcrap crazy.

  13. I watched the video several times and didn’t hear any racial slur. So, from what I see, it’s unfortunate that a typical misunderstanding and outburst is posted on social media. Society is loosing the ability or desire to defuse, help or stand clear of manic behavior or physical altercations. Instead, many would rather stand behind their phones to record sad human moments or tragic events.

    If you’re dangling from a cliff, will anyone reach out and help you, or will you just be posted on Facebook as you plunge to the bottom?

    1. Of course the racist comments stop after she sees the camera. The part of society that is losing the ability or desire to defuse the situation is the woman with the coffee. They had the right to be there. They had a job they were paid to do and I guess she refused to believe that.

    2. Indeed, there’s no proof, on camera, that she used a racial slur. But there are several witnesses. I’m not defending her, but people are quick to make up their minds on social media, by reading a headline, and watching a video. I choose to not decide for sure, as I wasn’t there, and there’s no proof of anything. It is one witness account against others. If she did indeed do that, she’s loathsome, and also stupid, for doing it in front of a group, and then splash coffee on someone who is recording her. Anger management problems, at the very least. I wouldn’t patronize her business on that basis alone.

      One thing she has against her, in my opinion, is the fact that she argued with them for purportedly 45 minutes? Why not let it go, and go upstairs? Racist, or not, why was she stubbornly hanging onto the fact that they weren’t allowed in her building, after being shown a key and a garage opener? It reminds me of “Barbecue Becky,” who spent like 90 minutes waiting for the police to arrive because “(black) people weren’t allowed to BBQ in the park?”

    3. It’s always a typical misunderstanding when poor innocent white women r involved right? Please! Gimme a break. The guy says after she made the racial slur is when he began recording. So just bc u didn’t hear it,
      Doesn’t mean she didn’t say it. She was a bitch 2 them. Throwing coffee is assault. She could have handled things differently, but she chose not to and as usual now she’s playing victim. *womp womp. She should be arrested and lose everything she has.

    4. “If you’re dangling from a cliff, will anyone reach out and help you, or will you just be posted on Facebook as you plunge to the bottom?”

      Depends on who is dangling from a cliff. But that is a different topic.

  14. He was the contractor!!! Quit rationalizing, you racist. It’s bizarre how racists deny racism and then turn around act even more racist.

  15. Why does the article say she is being “accused” of throwing hot coffee at the worker? She can be seen on the video clearly doing just that.

  16. If filming her erratic and unacceptable behavior entitled her to physically assault him and racially slight innocent men then that’s what we call in the biz white privilege. He was documenting for the police report and the police found her actions to be construed as assault. From the looks of it in the video, it’s pretty evident who committed a crime here. On a side note “cracker” is not a racial slur, it was a term created during the slave era to describe the white men who would crack whips in the cotton fields. That man was basically using another term for racist. But of course, there is going to be people who do mental gymnastics while making a counterproductive response to a situation that left two innocent men racially assaulted. I can just see it now one of their Latino or black friends are going to make some post about how they are good people and they never would do something like this. The perpetuation of this couples racist actions and beliefs will never face a day in court and that’s why racism is ongoing and swept under the rug.

  17. I hope Mr. Sanchez files a lawsuit against this lady. How disrespectful and rude. Her actions don’t show that she’s a business woman. Racist people should start behaving more properly, because someone is always ready to film them. I think she should’ve been arrested for what she did.

  18. Her last name is Polon. That sounds like a Spanish or Latin last name. Why be racist against your own ethnicity?

    1. A distinct possibility! Angry self hating members of oppressed minority groups, often target their own people out of a deep resentment of having been associated with that group, is NOT all that uncommon.

  19. Uh… We can see in the video she was harassing him. Not the other way around. She aggressively threw coffee at him, because she was pissed he caught her racism on video. He didn’t charge her, she charged him.

    They guys spends all his time trying to explain they’re there to do repairs and they have keys.
    Also if he was attacking her how come her boyfriend accuses them of theft?

  20. An example of beverly hills Racism that should be completely unacceptable in the Great city of West Hollywood! We should all boycott her business and ask her to move to beverly hills or orange county where she can be happy with other white ignorant racists. She was NEVER in any danger, the Latinx men were on their way to work when SHE advanced on them getting in their face yelling “get out of my face” as she threw hot coffee in one of the Latinx men’s face. We see here the usual white racist justification for their actions through false victim-hood when they are clearly the perpetrator.

    The racist white woman should be facing assault charges and a possible civil suite but, worry not pro-racist internet trolls who are sure to rise up in her defense. Enough systemic racism exists to protect her and other white supremacists from facing any possible consequences for their actions. Remember Charlottesville?

    Latinx working people face this kind of racism everyday from white people with an enormity of baseless entitlement. Latinx people are predominantly Native Americans genetically, they were the victims of ethnic cleansing and genocide. The land we are on once known as Aztlán was taken from them by force from european invaders who in their benighted temerity call themselves Americans.

  21. Threw coffee because there was nothing else to do? Walk away if you have to…..doesn’t sound like the two men made any threats whatsoever.

  22. I saw the videos attached and I think that multiple parties were at fault. Not just the woman and man but both contractors. To avoid confrontation why didn’t the contractors have their hired employee on site or at least management. Too many people who are authorized to work should make other residents aware that people will be entering the premises. This is a security breach and the person who hired is at fault for not being there to let them in. No worker should have a key or at the very most access to parking unless employed by a company and residents are given advance notice. The workers though one splashed with coffee, he had a claim and should not have been splashed with coffee but so many people want to video and provoke response and the other contracted worker was also provoking at the front seeing what he could do and he was shelling out racist slurs himself! It goes both ways, since other races and people who are other ethnicities can in fact be racist too as it shows in the video. The moral is the person who hired these people should have been on site! No keys or garage access should have been permitted without someone with liability or management be there is not the resident or owner who hired them for construction or repair or renovation of a condo, apt, or interior. So many things can go wrong and people can be assaulted or could pose and actually not be authorized to be there after the fact. I would feel violated or unfortabke with people having uninhibited access without knowing their identity/identities at least. Happens all the time. Please owners and renters have common sense when employing people and don’t give blatant unsupervised access ever!

    1. NOTHING justifies her actions. If anyone feels threatened in any way…the right way to do things is by reporting the issue to management or the police… not throwing things or racist words around.

    2. The Mexican workers were not at fault for having been given keys to get in! That is the fault of the person who told them to use the keys to get in. The ONLY one shown to be out of order here is Ms. Polon with her uncalled for racist behavior. Shame on her.

    3. Right. So next time I have a cleaning service come by I’ll post flyers for three days prior so that none of my neighbors fear for their lives or safety from the 3 people entering my property with the devices and keys I gave them… Do you not see how ridiculous that sounds?

    4. Are you serious? You must be racist yourself. They weren’t in the least bit aggressive. They were trying to reason with her. They had every reason to stand their ground. Her attempt to make it look like he was harrassing her or had somehow spliced the video to make it look like he was the aggressor is absurd. She’s obviously a habitual liar like the man she supported for president.

    5. There is absolutely not one thing you can say that justifies this lady’s (and i use that term very loosely) behavior. Grown and mature adults do not act like this. Ok she wants to question whether they really are doing work at a unit, that’s fine but there are better ways to handle it rather than being downright hateful and racist and then taking it even further by being violent. This lady deserves every bit of wrath she’s getting for her behavior.

    6. Maybe the guy is a contractor who handle all this man property and have been cleared lets not forget the reason they was treated this way you may not want to believe it was all about race because you haven’t live through racial issues.

    7. You’re right Mr Francis, the problem would have been totally avoided had these contractors been accompanied by a legal white person. Than she could have drank her coffee and walked her dogs knowing there was no unchaparoned mexicans in her building.

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