Woman Hit by Car Involved in a Street Race on Sunset Blvd.

Woman hit by racing car on Sunset Boulevard at San Vicente (Photo by Jim Garrecht /
ANG News)

UPDATE:  The woman struck by a car on Sunset Boulevard has been identified as Jill Piwowar and she is said to be in stable condition.

Three cars were racing with one another on Sunset Boulevard last night when one hit a woman in a pedestrian crosswalk. Sheriff’s deputies and personnel from the L.A. County fire department found the woman lying on the street near the intersection of Sunset and San Vicente boulevards at approximately 01:26 a.m. today.

Paramedics transported the woman to a local hospital. Her condition is unknown.

Sheriff’s deputies believe the vehicle, which fled the scene, was a blue BMW sportscar, possibly the M5 series.

The vehicle apparently was street racing with two other vehicles when it collided with the woman in the crosswalk.

  1. If some of these people with their monumental ego needs out there street racing have this irresistible urge to experience the crazy 24 hour LA night club life, stealing cars, flying stolen jets, running over all the pesky pedestrians they want and, having massive shoot outs with the cops; do it in Grand Theft Auto V After Hours the video game available on Steam!

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    I have yet to see an article published about people on scooters overcome with urges to inflict unnecessary harm on others in celebration of their preferred method of transit. The narcissistic lovers of automobiles (especially SUVs) on the other hand show little if any concern for the well being for others and, attain a great deal of gratification and feeling of empowerment in their ability to inflict harm on defenseless people.

    The two biggest threats to public safety are guns (steam has shooter games too) and automobiles, and if the owners are irresponsible with them, as presenting a clear danger to the public, they should lose their right to have them. Public Safety in the Great City of West Hollywood would be better served if we banned fossil fuel power automobiles as opposed to electric scooters and, promoted more Public transit!

  2. I am so relieved for her. This is despicable that people do agree IOU’s things and the innocent are left lying on and potentially dying on the pavement. Two incidences happened to me as well on fountain ave on Vista and Spaulding near Plummer Park and Santa Monica blvd and LaBrea Ave as well as Sunset and Crescent Heights. I blatantly saw street racing! I complained to sherriff’s and the LAPD Wilshire Division and these people are able to speed away 80 miles an hour in a commercial zone going or merging into residential neighborhoods or side streets like Willoughby and Romaine or Doheny and San Vicente or crescent heights and Fairfax via Sunset and Santa Monica Blvds! Look at tv news outlets of several weeks ago that aired about a stolen vehicle that the suspects plowed and crashed near Whole Foods near apartments and a senior housing complex.

    No one cared they got a woman killed on west Sunset Blvd, but rather to claim
    Victory on a road they treat as a race track. Ironically and conveniently it seems there are never any eye witnesses to these crimes.

    It’s all about ego driven (pun intended!) people who get behind a wheel and don’t want to be emasculated or punked as people would put it or looked as a cop out or easily have their egos or masculinity bruised not to say either Sex can do it but it comes from the club culture in Hollywood and Vine and Cahuenga and around Fairfax and Wilshire districts and sunset blvd being a parkway being easy access to the valley through canyons and freeway that make this prime location! Fountain Ave 3 years ago had fatalities and the jaws of life had to be used on a car that was speeding and involved with street racing and the other car just sped away like nothing occurred. People never want to be sued or go to jail. That’s LA and West Hollywood, you’re good or get away with crime as long as no one sees you do it!
    What a disgusting shame and while she remains in the hospital on verge of being resuscitated these people are still street racing all around LA!

  3. Glad to hear that the lady is in stable condition. Time and time again I hear cars racing up on Sunset. I live just south of Sunset near Doheny and I am always wondering where out law-enforcement guys/gals are. The Sheriff station is only a few blocks south. There seems to be clubs of these gits who happen to own a tuned car and have this juvenile impulse to drag race or just drive too fast.

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