Is Stormy Daniels Today’s Rosa Parks?

Is Stormy Daniels today’s Rosa Parks?

West Hollywood Mayor John Duran made that argument Wednesday in an interview on 790KABC’s “McIntyre in the Morning” which can be accessed at the top of this story.

Duran was invited by host Doug McIntyre to discuss the West Hollywood City Council’s call for the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce to remove Donald Trump’s star from the Hollywood Walk of Fame. That call has stirred a big debate, with some Trump opponents supporting the Council’s resolution and others arguing that it’s a meaningless gesture that gives Trump supporters another reason to condemn liberal Democrats.

Rosa Parks in 1955 with Martin Luther King Jr. in the background (Facebook)

McIntyre, who said he is not a fan of Trump and didn’t vote for him (or Hillary Clinton), questioned why Trump’s star should be removed when there are many other stars on the Walk of Fame representing celebrities whom history has exposed as evil to some degree.

Duran argued that Trump’s star stands out because Donald Trump, unlike the others, is the leader of the free world.

In arguing that the City Council’s resolution was creating protests strengthening Trump’s followers, McIntyre asked Duran why he had given Stormy Daniels the official key to the city on May 23, which the mayor had proclaimed Stormy Daniels Day. Daniels, a porn performer whose real name is Stephanie Clifford, became famous for her claim that Donald Trump’s lawyer, Michael Cohen, paid her $130,000 in hush money to conceal her alleged sexual affair with Trump. Daniels has sued Trump, claiming that a non-disclosure agreement that Cohen made her sign is invalid because it does not include Trump’s signature.

“I mean, she’s not doing it for some higher moral reason, she’s doing it for cash,” McIntyre said of the lawsuit by Daniels.

Duran noted that the lawsuit filed on Daniels’ behalf by Michael Avenatti, who has achieved fame of his own for representing the porn performer, has revealed slush funds that may incriminate Trump.

Stormy Daniels

“Sometimes the most unlikely characters end up entering a place in national history,” Duran said. “Rosa Parks….”It

“Wait a second, I have to jump in here. I have to jump up here,” McIntyre said. Please don’t analogize Rose Parks with Stormy Daniels in the same sentence. It’s historically debased … Rosa Parks made a conscious deliberate and heroic stand against racial injustice. Stormy Daniels is trying to cash a check.”

It’s true that Parks and Daniels are different in many ways. Parks, an African-American woman, is famed for her refusal on Dec. 1, 1955, to obey a bus driver in Montgomery, Ala., who asked her to surrender her seat in the “colored section” of the bus to a white passenger. Parks, already active with the NAACP, was arrested for civil disobedience for violating Alabama’s segregation laws. Her arrest led to a year-long “Montgomery Bus Boycott” and a series of lawsuits. Eventually, in a related case, the U.S. Supreme Court rules such segregation was illegal. The United States Congress has called her “the first lady of civil rights” and “the mother of the freedom movement.”

Daniels, whose real name is Stephanie Clifford, is a Caucasian woman who has made a living for years as a porn performer. Daniels’ battle with Trump has garnered publicity for her “Make America Horny Again” tour. And while she is seen as an idol by many on the Democratic left, Daniels actually declared herself a Republican in 2010 while considering whether to run for a U.S. Senate seat in her native Louisiana. Daniels, who ultimately decided not to run, would have faced incumbent David Vitter, a “family values” Republican who was revealed to be the client of a Washington, D.C., prostitute. The Washington Post reported that “Daniels … did not run from her time in porn while contemplating her candidacy, telling reporters her campaign slogan would be ‘Screwing People Honestly’.”

The lawsuit was not filed to take down the president,” McIntyre said of Daniels’s suit against Trump. “This lawsuit was filed to cash in because she made a settlement with Donald Trump before he became president, and she realized there’s a lot more cash on the table.”

“Sometimes you get your heroes and heroines in unlikely places,” Duran said.

  1. How dare you compare the likes of Rosa Parks, a true American icon and patriot, with a lying, cheating woman who prides herself in being a public toilet.

  2. Wow, you really cheapen Rosa Parks, a real victim of racial discrimination, with the comparison to Stormy Daniels, a woman for hire for prostitution. The two are not the same. And you wonder why we look at the media and see a bunch of clueless twits. Shame on you.

  3. Hey all,

    Wanna say something:

    Monday 8/20 Council Meeting item #2T seems insignificant, proclaiming Sta Monica Blvd Route 66 USA Historic Trail, i.e. famous Route 66.

    The HB801 House of Reps bill for this is sponsored by my png ago hometown US Rep Darin LaHood (IL district 18-Peoria). La Hood is not his father’s (former US Rep of same District and Transportation Secretary under Clinton son) more moderate guy.

    The current LaHood in Congress, of whom WeHo is in cahoots of this transportation bill, needs to distance itself from such pacts with the devil, since LaHood is:
    — anti-choice against abortion rights.
    — anti-Obamacare and socialized medicine.
    –pro-gun run amok.
    –anti same-sex marriage.
    –anti marijuana.
    – anti minimum wage.

  4. How can we start the process of changing Weho’s structure and hold real elections for mayor? The ridiculous system of rotating the title around has got to end.

    1. Yes!

      And with city-wide mayoral election, let’s have district city council representation.

  5. Dear President Trump:

    Although a strong majority of West Hollywood citizens didn’t vote for you, we are desperate and ask for help in our city.

    Would you be good enough to have a “Crome to Jesus” meeting with the FBI and encourage an investigation of John “Grindr” Duran, Mayor of West Hollywood? We are saddled with a two bit political hack. He’s the CEO of the #antimetoo movement.

    If you had a Trump Hotel here you would have donated money to have him defeated. Duran is ruining the WEHO brand.

    You remember Stormy… Duran now equates her to Rosa Parks. Duran has diminished Ms. Parks into the equivalent of a porn star.

    HELP! What’s next?


    Please save us from John “Grindr” Duran

  6. Blinded by personal ambition, John Duran consistently brings great shame to West Hollywood as a result of his risky, sordid acts as a public official. In this radio interview he appears so eager for the spotlight that he to conflates myriad issues of the consent calendar as a means to avoid answering straightforward questions. In the past he has failed to follow through on subjects where he lacked expertise and issues important to the Eastside community, eventually manipulating them for his own self interest. His failed campaign for LA County Supervisor magnified has lack of suitabililty. Civil rights and human rights appear a distant footnote.

    Duran’s current goal appears to be to attach himself to Michael Avenatti in a quest for his future while usurping city resources. A troubling arc in a bridge to nowhere.

  7. Duran is a complete idiot and an embarrassment to the WEHO community. He is just bringing down all gay people to a level where they cannot be taken seriously. He needs to go away. He is a joke.

  8. This also seriously begs the question, what on earth was John Duran doing on a radio program discussing the removal of Trump’s star, a subject that has absolutely nothing to do with him & for which he is totally unable & unqualified to act upon? I hope he wasn’t claiming to represent the city. If someone from the L.A. City Council, the Walk of Fame Committee or the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce were invited on this program, they would have been a totally appropriate choice. But I’m sure any of them would have declined the offer for obvious reasons. Donald Trump, by the way, bought & paid for this star, he was not sought out for the ‘honor’.

    1. Every celebrity who has a star on the Walk of Fame has paid for it themselves, or someone on their behalf.

  9. John, please apologize and resign. Now. I am as embarrassed of you being Mayor as I am of Donald Trump being President.

    1. Trump has accomplished more in 20 months as president then most presidents do in 4 or 8 yrs. And he has done it all while having the constant road blocks and an investigation that was based on lies and fake, made up, crap that was paid for by the very people that you all seem to think will be your saviors. When in reality if these same people succeed in taking back the power. We will all be living in a hell of the likes this nation has never seen. Do any of you realize that it was the dems that fought against the freedom of slaves, and once free, fought against them having any of the same rights we have, such as voting…etc. Watch the movie, “The State of Jones” with Mathew McConaughey.

  10. Duran continues to be an embarrassment to himself and the City of West Hollywood. I look forward to him being termed-out.

  11. I preferred Duran to Cynthia Blatt, the main challenger, because she would have been a disaster on the council after seeing her in action. But I said at the time he should have not stood for reelection, and it was sad there wasn’t a viable alternative. As a one time supporter, let me agree with those who say he needs to stop this. It is an embarassment to the city.
    Recalls are wrong except for extreme circumstances. But the other members can speak up and distance themselves.
    Also the city needs to rein in what the mostly honorary position of mayor allows a council member to do. An intervention is needed.

      1. Because a typical West Hollywood election involves roughly 25% of registered voters turning up at the polls, resulting in a system where it takes only about 10% of registered voters to “win” a seat. Then we have a feckless city council which sits on its hands and does nothing about the moral outrages of things like this perverted attempt to conflate a civil rights icon and a woman cashing in on her 15 minutes of fame. Remember the profiles in courage when it came to nominating and voting on the mayorship this time around? Neither do I, they were absent from their responsibilities. #VOTE

  12. Politicians, actors, porn stars, etc. They are often unconsciously searching for attention, for something they need to address with a good therapist. When they resolve where this need is coming from, they don’t seek the limelight or attention just for the sake of getting it. They get attention simply by doing great work.

    An unbalanced, confused mind makes a mockery of some otherwise good people.

    Duran. Get a good therapist. I did. It helped me a lot.

  13. It there a mechanism in place by which the voters of West Hollywood can recall John Duran? This man is the Donald Trump of West Hollywood!

  14. Duran is so cocksure crazy and flippin mad. Someone please stop this creature. What a complete embarrassment to our city.

  15. What a breathtakingly insensitive analogy to make. As much as I agree with the mayor-by-default in his assessment of donald trump, I make those arguments in my capacity as a citizen engaged in public discourse and I believe it is an abuse of public trust and office for the student council at WeHo city hall to issue such public proclamations seemingly on behalf of the city, which is probably far more diverse than the marketing might suggest. While duran quaintly and almost dismissively refers to it as item 26 on a routine consent calendar, it took city resources to create that consent calendar enabling such political grandstanding, while there are more than enough local quality of life issues that municipal officeholders can and should focus on. Can we get the filthy sidewalks cleaned?

  16. Despicable. The lesbian-hating mayor is now judging the worth of other women. Putting a woman who had willing sex with a fellow egomaniac for MONEY on a par with a woman of honor and integrity? Anything to be controversial for sure attention. Duran is SO very much like Trump.

  17. John Duran must be a tad nuttier than I had already believed. This is disgraceful & disgusting & angering & an insult to the discrimination, public taunting & hatred spewed upon a black woman who was demanded to stand up in the bus & give her seat to a white person. She has taken her place as an icon of the civil rights movement & as a hero in the fight for racial equality. Stormy Daniels is a nude dancer & stripper whose place in history is having slept with Donald Trump & whacked his ass with a rolled up magazine. I admire much of what Duran has done – & is doing – for the gay community – but at times he behaves like a personal publicity whore in search of a camera & strobe light. We have no choice but to endure most of his personal publicity antics most of the time, but this is the most egregious & the most embarrassing & the most offensive. Yet he is completely oblivious to reality. Never have I been happier that term limits are in effect & look forward to Duran being replaced by a councilmember whose focus is on West Hollywood & it’s citizens & their survival & well being, rather than on Stormy Daniels, Donald Trump’s stupid star, personal publicity & the Hollywood limelight. It’s really, really enraging

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