WeHo Council Votes to Ask That Trump Star Be Removed from Hollywood Walk of Fame

Ingrid Mueller, on the left, and Arely Posz, on the right, Latina women who raised hell at Monday’s City Council meeting.

A meeting at which the West Hollywood City Council unanimously approved a resolution asking the Los Angeles City Council and Hollywood Chamber of Commerce to remove President Donald Trump’s damaged star from the Hollywood Walk of Fame was disrupted by barrage of catcalls from Trump supporters and a verbal attack on a transgender man.

Two Latina Trump supporters, Ingrid Mueller and Arely Posz, shouted out things like, “He’s your president,” “Hashtag Walk Away,” and “He’s lying,” while various residents spoke in favor of the resolution. When James Wen, a member of the city’s Transgender Advisory Board, offered his support for the resolution, Posz shouted out, “You’re not transgender, you’re a woman.”

Mayor John Duran had asked the two women to be respectful of the other speakers earlier and warned he might have sheriff’s deputies remove them from the council chamber, but never followed through with it, although deputies did motion several times for them to be quiet.

Mikel Clay, the artist who has confessed to attacking the Trump star on July 25.

However, upon hearing that comment, Duran promptly chastised Posz, saying, “We do not speak to members of the transgender community with such horrible remarks.”

Posz shouted back at Duran, “That wasn’t horrible. It’s freedom of speech.”

Duran responded, “It’s freedom of speech and now I’m exercising mine. Transgender people have full equality in this city and in the state of California.”

Many in the audience then broke into a round of thunderous applause, but Posz kept shouting, “She’s a woman. She’s a woman.”

Later, in the auto court outside the meeting, the women hurled insults at Austin Mikel Clay, the man who took the pickax to Trump’s star on the Walk of Fame on July 25. They called Clay a “faggot.” When they saw Clay and a friend had a pack of cigarettes, they repeatedly said, “He’s a smoker. He’s going to get cancer. He deserves cancer.”

Earlier, during her turn at public comment, Mueller, a Beverly Hills resident who described herself as a “Mexican for Trump,” said Trump would “make California great again.” She said she was appalled at Clay’s using the pickax on Trump’s star. “For the person to go there and destroy the star is absolutely disgusting. Very rude,” she said.
Posz, a Los Angeles resident, followed Mueller at the comment podium, saying the star needed to be restored and that America should be proud of Trump.

“We need to be proud, be proud of what’s happening in our country. Be proud of that star,” said Posz. “He needs a gold star because that’s what he’s earning.”

Both women said they had disliked President Barack Obama but never spoke against him publicly. Posz said Trump was correcting everything that had happened under eight years of “Obamanation,” a play on the word “abomination.”

Several other people, seemingly unconnected to Mueller and Posz aside from their support for Trump, also spoke against removing the star.
Greg Susetto said that an “attack on one star is an attack on all stars” and asked respect for Trump’s star. Meanwhile Linda Culpepper said she had slowly come to like Trump and believes he’s doing a good job.

An equal number of people spoke against Trump and in favor of recommending the star’s removal
Resident Steve Martin applauded the Council for taking a stand and noted how Trump goes out of his way to alienate people and divides the country rather than unite it. Beverly Hills resident Rory Emerald, who described herself as a tree lover, urged removal of the star, and said, “Donald Trump is the cancer that kills trees.”

During his time at the comment podium, James Wen, who is Duran’s appointee to the Transgender Advisory Board, noted that military stars are awarded to great leaders, but reminded how Trump, as commander in chief, had weakened national security by announcing, via a Tweet last summer, that he planned to remove transgender people from the military.

Resident Tom Demille was disturbed by all the hateful talk in the room, saying he was disgusted by the destruction of property and reminded that people should be respectful of the office of President. He suggested inviting Trump to West Hollywood to discuss issues such as transgender rights.

Meanwhile Austin Mikel Clay, who attacked the star with the pickax, said Trump is “unethical, fraudulent and a liar.”

“The star had a definite negative energy both before and after I had committed vandalism,” said Clay, who suggested he attacked the star to preserve the integrity of the Walk of Fame as a landmark.

“I believe it is a threat to the public safety with all the violence that is erupting over the star in its current condition,” said Clay. “I could see someone getting seriously hurt over the star.”

Clay, 24, was charged on Monday with felony vandalism for destroying te star. He is set to be arraigned on Aug. 15 and could face up to three years in jail if convicted.

Later in the meeting, while another council member was speaking, Duran, a lawyer, briefly came into the audience to give Clay his business card.

The Council’s resolution asking for the removal of the star cited Trump’s “disturbing treatment of women” and other actions that do not reflect the values of the City of West Hollywood and the region as justification.

Councilmember John D’Amico said he does not endorse Clay having a vendetta against the star. However, D’Amico said he wrote the resolution hoping to use it as a way to nudge the L.A. City Council and Hollywood Chamber of Commerce to re-examine the qualifications for who can get a star on the Walk of Fame.

“Getting a star is a privilege, it’s not a right,” said D’Amico. “You have no right to a star on Hollywood Boulevard just because you’re famous.”

Meanwhile, Duran, who has been a longtime critic of Trump, agreed a nudge might be helpful even though the City of West Hollywood has no power over the Walk of Fame.

Duran explained he supported the resolution not because of Trump’s conservative politics, but because of Trump’s abuse of “women, minorities, immigrants, the disabled.”

“Once you start to trend into the territory of abusing the citizens of the United States and those who choose to live here, you’ve crossed a line of decency,” Duran said. “Unfortunately, some of the comments made by the Trump supporters tonight are a reflection of that anger and angst and divisiveness. If anyone ever needed to solidify my vote on this, the Trump supporters who showed up tonight and the way in which they handled themselves pretty much solidified what we’re doing is right.”
Councilmember Lindsey Horvath said she was proud the West Hollywood community was taking a stand on this issue, like it had done on so many other issues before.

Councilmember Lauren Meister did not mention Trump’s star in her comments. Councilmember John Heilman was absent.

As the meeting ended, Horvath commended Duran for skillfully handling a difficult meeting. Horvath also apologized to James Wen for the hurtful things the women said to him and thanked Wen for handling the situation gracefully.

As he adjourned the meeting, Duran concurred, saying “James, we all got your back.”

  1. The two right-wing women from beverly hills who disrupted the West Hollywood City Council meeting with homophobic, trans-phobic and racist verbal assaults should have been thrown out by Sheriff’s Deputies on site given their past history of doing the same thing at other events. Do consider that if I were to show up at any beverly hills event, the BHPD would have no problem throwing me out just for having a past history of simply disagreeing with their racist residents!

    In-spite of the Trump supporter’s attempts to rewrite history Hillary Clinton the Democrat beat the President (selected by the Electoral College) by 2,864,974 popular votes. This was more than five times the margin garnered by Al Gore in 2000 when he also lost the Electoral College. This is NOT including the enormity of voter suppression that was enabled by the gutting of major provisions of the Voter Rights Act. Having NO legitimate political mandate what so ever, the Trump administration has promoted the frequently debunked narrative that they do as opposed to working toward reconciliation with the solid majority opposed to them. Point being we have a valid reason to oppose the Trump administration from its inception!

    All of the major talking points in support of the MAGA Trump hate movement are routinely debunked as complete and total lies and, in the past I provided links to credible sources (something Trump supporters are never able to do) proving the point! The “hash tag walkaway” is no exception to this rule, they used ads featuring stock photograph models claiming they were Liberal Democrats leaving the party and embracing right-wing conservatism.

    So what we had were two racist homophobic women from beverly hills who came to the West Hollywood City Council meeting promoting misinformation they know to be completely untrue and threatening, with the intent to cause distress and inhibit our access to Democracy! This should justify our Sheriff’s Deputies in denying them access to any future City Council events in West Hollywood.

  2. And what did/does city council have to say about BJ Clinton’s “disturbing treatment of women,” over decades, in the Oval Office even? Hmmmm? Do I hear crickets?

      1. Ask rape victim Juanita Broaddrick about consent. Then move on to Kathleen Willey, Gennifer Flowers, Paula Jones, Leslie Millwee, and several more at what point they granted consent to be groped by this pig. My cousin sat next to Clinton at a dinner and he rubbed her leg until she moved to sit sideways to finish her meal.

        1. Sad attempt at a diversionary tactic! The supposed victims you mentions all have well established histories as far right southern racist activists whose stories about President Clinton were called into question from all moderate news sources from the start and, in some cases disproven.

          This is nothing new, southern racists have always relied on false rape allegations against people of color and, their supporters to push their agenda. Recall the case going back to Emmett Till where they even found the racist woman who admits to making the false rape allegations?

          1. Dawood Davis, do you also deny the holocaust? Why was Clinton impeached if he wasn’t guilty, and why did he pay over $800,000 to Jones. The only activist among his accusers was Willey, who campaigned FOR Clinton.

          2. How is YOUR false allegation of Mr. Davis being a Holocaust denier even relevant, blueeyedboy? First off Bill (superstud) Clinton was impeached in the House and NOT the Senate so the republican attempt to frame him failed as your attempts to rewrite history.

            The $850,000 Newt Gingrich misleading talking point was was made as part of an out-of-court settlement between Clinton and Jones. And as part of the agreement, Clinton made no acknowledgment of guilt. $475,000, came from an insurance policy against civil liability the President held with Chubb Group Insurance, who insisted that they settle as opposed to fighting in court.

            As for the women you brought up, yes they do ALL have a history of right-wing activism and hostility toward non-whites including false allegations.

  3. I have reason to believe Mikel Clay could be easily provoked to violence, and that’s not okay. He made himself judge, jury, and executioner, and he feels good about himself for it. According to Mikel, Trump deserved it, so he took it upon himself to take care of him. Sadly, a lot of people are glad about this. I see acts of mob violence in our future, where people will be hurt; many of whom will be innocent of any offense, as defined by this mob, which is what always happens.

    1. How dare you even make an argument about anyone else “provoking violence” when from the article and several witnesses who attended the City Council it was ONLY the 3 Trump supporters who were clearly provoking and, have a history of provoking violence?

  4. OK WEHO – I am not a “hater” of Trump – He SCARES ME! and OUR CONSTITUTION, OR CIVILITY and the basic freedoms and human rights we, in California, are fortunate enough to have protected by our State’s Constitution.



    Jimmy – a friend to the LGBTQ et al Community, as he ended, this is the only thing I will say on behalf of President Donald Trump (referring to the stupidity and insanity of the municipality of West Hollywood, taking what sounds like a local City Voted Acton to remove the star ….

    The City of WeHo – is always racing to make Headlines with powers they don’t have, to enact official statements over issues IRRELEVANT to THE SERIOUS ISSUES the current President is doing to the FUNDAMENTALS OF THE U.S. CONSTITUTION.

    I suggest the City watch the youtube clip of tue nights Jimmy Kimmel Monologue and quietly STOP THE NONSENSE BEFORE THE CITY OF WEHO BECOMES THE LAUGHING STOCK OF THE COUNTRY FOR IT’S INTOLERANCE.

    BTW – shocking to me. A few months ago, I met a neighbor I didn’t know who was not just a devout REPUBLICAN bur A BIG “MAGA” and TRUMP fanatic.

    So there are people (not me) who have different views about the President living a residents of WeHo, and Citizens of the U.S. which the City has no authority nor legislative consideration for those (I am still in shock with what this neighbor felt and detailed to me) be WE HAVE TO BE TOLERANT.

    youtube clip not up yet at time of my comment. but should be by wed sometime.

    1. I just listened to Jimmy Kimmel’s ridiculous clip.

      By that logic no one should complain about anything outside of their borders. I guess it’s time for us to stop having opinions about confederate monuments staying up?

      Also, I live closer to that damn star than he does. And I’m less than one block away from L.A. where every time I walk there are no curb cuts for the disabled. I pay L.A. city sales taxes with great frequency. And I’m pretty sure everyone in WeHo lives closer to the star than the L.A. Council member who represents the area. The city using taxes we pay to maintain and clean a star all the while leaving sidewalks in despair that we trip in is absolutely our business, too.

      WeHo has started a discussion about stopping honoring a man who gropes women, incites hate crimes, cages children, and undermines the rule of law, equal protection, and the free press.

      Society needs to stop honoring sexual predators and bigots while they demean and prey on others, and to start holding them to account. Shame on everyone who tries to stop that reckoning.

      1. Karen, those sidewalk stars bring in a lot of money through the tourists who come from all over to see them. I’m sure the cost of maintenance is more than covered by the dollars those tourists leave behind to the local businesses, and the taxes those businesses pay.

        1. I’m not saying remove every single star, just those of bigots and predators who incite hate crimes and undermine all that makes our country good (equal protection, free press, etc.).

          Re: “J Simmons'” “WE HAVE TO BE TOLERANT.” Have you heard of the paradox of tolerance? If a society is tolerant without limit, its ability to be tolerant will eventually be destroyed by the intolerant.

          The idea that we need to tolerate and show deference to those who demean others — i.e. to treat Trump and his supporters as if their ideas are due respect when those ideas are bigotry — is offensive and wrong.

          “In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.” – Martin Luther King, Jr.

          Even worse than silent friends are “friends” who make it their mission to try to silence those condemning bigotry and bigots.

        2. YES, and even more tourists will come spending even more money when the Great City of West Hollywood becomes an international hero for standing up to tyrant and, having his ill gotten star removed permanently from the walk of fame!

  5. @blueeyedboy

    Who is it you want an answer from? I’m pretty sure West Hollywood is not creating or keeping a comprehensive list of those who deserve shunning … I know I’m not.

    The issue at hand, of course, is that our current president’s star was smashed yet again because he’s caused such extreme reactions due to his misogyny and bigotry. Which led to the question of whether it should be replaced at taxpayer expense (which also will result in someone having to clean it when it is defaced again, which it will be). The star is question is maybe a mile away from us, and somewhere where many of us go on a regular basis.

    One reason Bill Clinton’s name isn’t as apt to come up much is he hasn’t been in power for about 18 years, and we don’t have any local star, etc, honoring him that I know of. It’s not exactly as pressing as a current president who’s inciting hate crimes and bragged about groping women’s genitals, and whose star was just smashed.

    I believe the Trump star resolution also calls for some standards to be applied to ensure predators don’t have stars honoring them. If Clinton had a star, maybe it’d be relevant in that context if the evidence is strong enough.

    1. Every celebrity who has a star on the Walk Of Fame paid for it themselves (or by someone on their behalf), which is currently about $35,000. Mikel Clay should be fined that amount, and should do some jail time so future offenders will know what they’re in for should they also commit this same act of vandalism. Maybe because Trump paid for the star, it is left up to him to press charges, in which case Mikel Clay is getting off easier.

      No, Bill Clinton doesn’t have a star, but you know as well as I do he is never included in the list of celebrity sex abusers. My point is there is selective indignation. Clinton has been recorded making the same crude comments about women that Trump has, but Clinton has actually committed sex assaults. Even the news devision at NBC had to acknowledge that Juanita Broaddrick’s claim of being raped by Clinton was credible, and that it almost for sure happened as she said.

  6. While I applaud the guy who took a pick-axe to Trump’s star given its representation of such a fascistic nut case whose Apprentice credentials were as bad as his Presidency, causing this debate to happen, this WeHo City Council motion is in line with the delusional Stormy Daniels Key to the City event, preceded by Councilmember Horvath’s 2016 campaign-era demand that Trump be officially banned from WeHo’s provincial borders.

    The Trump star should be replaced, becoming a site of regular protest and he should be invited to WeHo so we could shout him down.

    But why is this star (of under no WeHo jurisdiction and of purely venal commercial purpose) so important given the trashy nature of the entire Hollywood Walk of Fame? Lots of “stars” have refused to be so “honored.”

    Now, if there is a star for Leni Riefenstahl and her “Triumph of the Will” I’ll be happy to join in its desecration. Removing Trump’s star is actually an erasure of his evil.

  7. While I applaud the guy who took a pick-axe to Trump’s star given its representation of such a fascistic nut case whose Apprentice credentials were as bad as his Presidency, causing this debate to happen, this WeHo City Council motion is in line with the delusional Stormy Daniels Key to the City event, preceded by Councilmember Horvath’s 2016 campaign-era demand that Trump be officially banned from WeHo’s provincial borders.

    The Trump star should be replaced, becoming a site of regular protest and he should be invited to WeHo so we could shout him down.

    But why is this star (of under no WeHo jurisdiction and of purely venal commercial purpose) so important given the trashy nature of the entire Hollywood Walk of Fame? Lots of “stars” have refused to be so “honored.”

    Now, if there is a star for Leni Riefenstahl and her “Triumph of the Will” I’ll be happy to join in its desecration. Removing Trump’s star is actually an erasure of his evil.

  8. Why is Bill Clinton never included in the list of those who should be shunned?

    That’s not a rhetorical question. I’d like an answer.

    1. Put simply, BECAUSE Bill (superstud) Clinton is NOT a racist, sexist, science denying, anti-environment, Islamophobic, homophobic, lying, sociopath like Trump!

  9. Kudos to the West Hollywood City Council for taking this stand for decency.

    President Trump is a sexual assailant and a bigot. He is stripping away rights from transgender people, enacting bigoted immigration policies, and inciting hatred against Muslims and Latin American immigrants. He calls African countries “shitholes.” He incited his crowds to be violent against those they disagree with, and he incites hate against the press. His very name is used as a racial slur, alongside hate crimes. “Hail Trump” was spray painted next to swastikas and the n-word, and his name has accompanied many other bigoted attacks.

    It is absolutely no surprise his supporters echoed his bigotry in our council chambers by hatefully and loudly misgendering James Wen. He stands for intolerance, and trying to make other people feel “less than” for who they are.

    After the council meeting, one of his supporters said to me “I bet you have no children.” Yep, in their twisted world apparently a female only has value if she reproduces. (They were women, but anyone following history — and paying attention today — surely we all know some women are misogynist.)

    Our City Council can’t alone remove the star, much less remove Trump from office. But we can say “this is not okay.” And doing so made national news.

    Your move, Hollywood Chamber.

    1. Thank you for calling out bigotry and intolerance. I was so saddened until you spoke last night.

      Your comment has brought me out of dismay and bewilderment. The aftermath has left me in a funk today. Then you posted. Your honorable comments and clear vision has lifted this feeling of despair.

      I am very grateful for your action last night and your post. I am back on track. It is a better feeling to know your progress and enlightened position. I agree and will fight too. Removing Trump is inline with West Hollywood’s progressive values.

      We all deserve full equality which includes our Tran’s community. I know James Wen and he is a man of honor and it hurt to hear the abhorrent Trump supporter’s spew their ignorance and bigotry. Then James spoke; you spoke and this comment is truth to power. Again, thank you for this action.

  10. John Duran accusing someone else of crossing a line of decency?
    Pot calling the kettle black?
    That’s rich!

  11. I’m pretty sure we can walk and chew gum at the same time, even in West Hollywood. Opposing Trump in every way is all good.

    1. “WE” the people can and should never stop with our collective voice ABOUT SERIOUS ISSUES THAT SHOULD BE CHANGED.

      The star – is not something “WE” can change, and there is such a litany of REAL ISSUES … “WE” would be playing into his game of smoke and mirrors as the Constitution is not just being violated, the President (in my opinion) has committed Treason (they hung “the Rosenburgs” in the 1950’s for sharing secrets with Russia (and a documentary I saw, I think said they actually didn’t do anything). OUR PRESIDENT is DOING DANGEROUS THINGS TO THE COUNTRY AND THEY WORLD. I personally don’t chew gum when I AM DISCUSSING AND SPEAKING ABOUT SUCH SERIOUS ISSUES. But that’s me.

      FINALLY “WE” means THE PEOPLE – NOT the elected City Council Member of a tiny municipality of 30,000 with little more power than parking, trash, public safety …. THEY ARE NOT THE 4TH BRANCH OF THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT AFTER ALL.

      ALSO: TRUMP DECLARED “WATER BOARDING & FAR WORSE” for people looking to bring down the U.S.

      I’ll start it here: #WaterboardDonJr. Spread it. It’s the Presidents Very Clearly STATED (and illegal) FORMAL POLICY to get “THE TRUTH” out of TRAITORS to the U.S.

      “what really happened in trump tower meeting with Russia?” This President says only way to be sure is “WATER BOARD & FAR WORSE” is the only way to get the real truth. so #WaterBoardDonJr

  12. “If #Hollywood is going to strip Trump of his Walk of Fame star for sexual misconduct then when will Spacey and Cosby lose theirs?” Piers Morgan

    The hipocrites of Hollywood, get a grip. This kind of nonsense is going to make all 50 states go red in 2020. Leave the star alone. None of our business here in West Hollywood.

  13. I assume the destructive vandal who pleaded to have Trump’s star removed from “the West Hollywood walk of fame” will receive the next key to the city after our upstanding porn star.

  14. I totally agree Cino. With all of our City’s problems they are wasting our time on this crap. Duran is probably thrilled…West Hollywood’s request to have the star removed made national news and if this guy that vandalized property takes Duran up on his offer to represent him, he’ll get even more publicity. I wish all the effort and time that was spend on this side show was spent on talking about what the City is going to do about the drug addicts, alcoholics and people with mental issues that are in our parks, at our bus stops, slung up against buildings around our city, and layout passed out on our sidewalks.

  15. West Hollywood has the poster boy for sexual harassment-JOHN DURAN-sitting on the city council after paying out hundreds of thousands of dollars, rising crime, homelessness and a degrading quality of life. This is what our local politicians waste taxpayer time on? A silly piece of stone in the sidewalk?
    What a group of hypocrites and useless employees of the taxpayers!

    1. Exactly. And if Duran wants to be associated with a vandal of personal property than it tells you just how low his character is. If you don’t like something, you take it out at the voting box, you vote with your dollars, etc. You don’t destroy property. And if you study the history of all the scandals and bad behaviors of those “stars’ on Hollywood Blvd. you’d have to tear up the entire street of stars to clean up the mess.

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