Local Residents Gather at Plummer Park to Discuss How to Deal with Trump

Residents gathering at Plummer Park to discuss what to do about Trump


Several dozen residents turned out this evening for a public meeting in Plummer Park to discuss ways they might work against Donald Trump and the policies he has instituted since he was elected president.

The meeting was organized by Roy Rogers Oldenkamp, a West Hollywood resident who also is president of the westside chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union. WeHo City Councilmember Lauren Meister was one of those who attended. It was billed as an effort to “counter corruption and protect democracy.”

Meister, Oldenkamp and many others raised questions and made suggestions that largely focused on the upcoming Nov. 6 midterm elections. Many Democrats and activists on the left hope that they will be able to secure a Democratic majority in the U.S. House of Representatives in that election.

A major point of discussion was how to encourage people to register to vote and then to actually vote. Local resident Cathy Blavis pointed out that Trump was elected in a 2016 election in which there was a typically low turnout. The U.S. Census Bureau reported that 61.4% of the country’s voting age population cast votes in the 2016 election.

Among the other topics was volunteering to participate in phone banks to encourage people to vote and reaching out by telephone to GOP legislators to lodge objections to certain Trump Administration policies.

  1. OMG no, not that! Anything, but please God, not that! Trump and his supporters, well, we won’t survive it!

  2. Anything which might help defeat Agent Orange gets my stamp of approval. Trump’s the worst thing to happen to this country since polio.

  3. Well this was definitely a whole lot better than anything West Hollywood’s only Trump supporter and his friend has ever put on, including events where they hired day laborers to give an impression of Latinx support! If it upset the pro-Trump internet trolls who try to fake us all out that they are really from here, then it was even better yet! 😉

  4. It would have been more useful if this group assembled to support their LA neighbors at the Poinsettia Park protest the day before. But I guess that’s not as warm and fuzzy as this.

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