WeHo to Open New Parking Lot Monday on Robertson Boulevard

Parking lot at 617 N. Robertson Blvd

The City of West Hollywood will host a ribbon-cutting ceremony on Monday to celebrate the completion of a parking lot located on the west side of North Robertson Boulevard between Melrose Avenue and Santa Monica Boulevard.

The parking lot, located at 617 N. Robertson Blvd., will provide 29 spaces. It sits between the VCA Animal Hospital to its south and the Log Cabin AA Club to its north.

“While North Robertson is known for its many exciting nighttime clubs and restaurants, it is also the gathering spot for hundreds of people daily seeking recovery from addiction,” said West Hollywood Mayor John Duran in an announcement of the opening. “The new lot next to the Log Cabin will accommodate the many members of the recovery community who come to West Hollywood to stay free from alcohol and drug dependence.”

The ribbon-cutting ceremony will take place at 5:30 p.m. at the Robertson lot with City Council members present. The event is free and open to everyone. No RSVP is required.

  1. Now if someone could just please get a trash can and something for the cigarette butts in front of the Log Cabin AA meeting hall. The place always looks like dump with it’s tin coffee can outside on the ground filled with cigarette butts and trash.

  2. The new parking lot is on land owned by, curiously, city of Beverly Hills and, specifically, by the city of Beverly Hills’ Water Fund.

    City of WeHo in 2016 leased that land from city of Beverly Hills.

    I’m betting Beverly Hills took ownership of that land when it bought the old Sherman (predecessor to WeHo) water utility decades ago.

    1. So does the City of West Hollywood have a leased easement right to use the property? I wonder what is under the property that the City of Beverly Hills has or intends to have for this property. Do they also own/operate/maintain the sewer system in western WeHo?

  3. A celebration for a parking lot? A bad use of land. Expanding the garage opposite the library would make more sense.

      1. Exactly. And how much would it cost to “expand the garage?” Also, it is city-owned land, so what do people want? I guarantee if they would have it used it for anything other than parking that people would complain about whatever it is, saying it is a “waste of city money.”

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