Reality TV Stars Celebrated ‘Soft Opening’ of Vanderpump’s Tom Tom Last Night

The soft opening of Tom Tom at 8932 Santa Monica Blvd.

Reality TV stars and their wanna-be’s clustered in and outside of Tom Tom’s last night to celebrate the new bar in WeHo’s Boystown whose soft opening last night was itself a celebration of a controversial right-wing English newspaper publisher and its gossip website and TV programming.

Tom Tom is named after Tom Sandoval and Tom Schwartz, employees of Lisa Vanderpump’s Sur restaurant and stars in “Vanderpump Rules,” a Bravo show that focuses on the romantic, sexual and other exploits of the restaurant’s staff. It is Vanderpump’s third business in West Hollywood. In addition to Sur on Robertson Boulevard near Melrose, the “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” celebrity and her husband, Ken Todd, also own PUMP, a bar and restaurant on the southeast corner of Santa Monica and Robertson, only a few hundred feet from Tom Tom.

“It’s just been an extraordinary journey,” Lisa told DailyMailTV at the event. “When you see inside, it’s like you’ve been transported into another world.”

According to the Daily Mail, Tom Tom has been in the works for more than a year. It is located at 8932 Santa Monica Blvd. between Emerson Locksmith and the still-under-construction Bottega Louie. Tom Tom replaces Showtime, a men’s apparel store focused on a gay male audience, which has moved to the south side of Santa Monica Boulevard. Emerson Locksmith, a longtime West Hollywood business, recently announced it is moving to 406 N. La Cienega Blvd. Its opening and the upcoming opening of Bottega Louie have prompted complaints by some that the area known as Boystown is losing its gay identity.

“Last year, Vanderpump offered Sandoval and Schwartz a chance to go into business– they both agreed to put in $50,000 each for 5% stake in the bar,” the Daily Mail reports.

Last night’s event was billed as the summer party for the and DailyMailTV. DailyMailTV is a daily syndicated series from Stage 29 Productions that launched last Fall across the United States. The event attracted celebutants such as Blac Chyna, Spencer and Heidi Pratt and Rachel McCord along with most of the employees of Sur. It featured a DailyMailTV and branded step and repeat stage on the sidewalk outside. According to the Daily Mail, the formal opening of Tom Tom will be at the end of this month. is owned by the U.K.’s Daily Mail and General Trust, whose chairman and controlling shareholder is Jonathan Harmsworth, the 4th Viscount Rothermere. The right-of-center newspaper’s Wikipedia profile documents criticism of the Daily Mail for “its unreliability, as well as printing of sensationalist and inaccurate scare stories of science and medical research and of copyright violations.” It also has been criticized for publishing stories and cartoons criticized by some as anti-Semitic, homophobic and racist. Under editor-in-chief and publisher Martin Clarke, has attempted to differentiate itself from the newspaper with more of a focus on gossip and popular news.

  1. I was there that night. Got some great pics. I love this place. I didn’t get to go in because it was a private party. But stood outside and seen the casts of Vanderpump rules. Love them all

  2. Do we need another Vanderpump vomit stop on the TMZ bus tour? This area of Weho is supposed to be a mini gayborhood – not another generic/bland entertainment area

    1. If this comment is typical of Today’s gaybors in WeHo, I’m glad I lived in LA
      during the Days of Rose Tattoo to Le Dome. Its was the Best. The mix of
      Gay, Straight & Bi People living together. Ours was a Diverse spectrum of
      ethnics as well. Thats what made WeHo a HAPPY Place. I still visit and always have Pump on the List, along with The Ivy and the Polo Bar. Lisa & Ken has brought Much to WeHo–From Pet Adoption to AIDS support to
      3 Fun Classy clubs. And in BH, There’s nothing more beautiful and tasty than Villa Blanca . . .which brought much to BH. Oh, and I’m Gay in relationship 34 years from Palm Springs.

  3. Before Lisa Vander Pump opens another restaurant or bar in West Hollywood, she may want to pay a little attention to the tired, dirty-looking low-rent look of her PUMP restaurant. She charges a fortune for bland food and over-priced drinks and the place looks like a dump. The gold faded un-lit letters look pathetic next to the dirty grey paint that is chipped and peeling off the patched stucco walls. I have seen rats in the alley behind her PUMP restaurant in and near the trash bins. The sidewalks in front of the restaurant are filthy dirty and the windows grimey when the light hits them. Time to hire some cleaners and painters Mrs VP. Your neglect is showing….

  4. Not that it really matters, but Showtime moved to the north side of SMB. It’s old space (Tom Tom) is on the south side.

  5. Ah an event sponsored by a tabloid trash outlet with ZERO credibility, they simply fabricate stories to promote their bigoted points of view. No wonder they employ a strategy gaining attention by attaching themselves to staged celebrity drama (reality TV nonsense), lacking substance in any other area they have to! Try reading something from the far more serious newspapers like the Telegraph, Guardian, Times, Independent and, even the WEHOville. Of course a significantly higher level of literacy will be required!

    1. I personally believe will be the “asteroid that killed the dinosaurs” when we soon live in a world where everybody lives their mundane life on a giant Reality Show Social Network.

      When the last formal in person personal relationships are gone, we will ask “How did this happen. Everyone lives their regular ordinary mundane & boring most of the time on a full time personal reality show.”. I stand for the record as saying the unimaginably STUPIDIDY of watching waiters doing there job and we watch it on TV as entertainment.
      It is so utterly ridiculous but some it has the bravo magic of addicting shows about NOTHING GOING ON IN THE LIVES OF ORDINARY PEOPLE. I watch.

      1. This tragedy has occurred because of a system that fails to inspire confidence in the people’s fundamental ability to understand and transform society!

  6. I love the Daily Mail, and I’m a highly educated doctor. I get more truth from that “rag” than any other newspaper online. Yes, some of it’s sensational nonsense but there is also a lot of truth there in a colorful, fun format. Easy to read and then dig deeper if you need more opinions.

    Like the name of the club. Tom Tom.

  7. Thank God for the Daily Mail. Compared to the newspapers in this country, they give you the full picture.

    Why Mayor Duran’s porn queen Stormy Daniels there? She’s far more entertaining than this dreary crowd.

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