Construction Starts on Four-Story Apartment Building on Kings Road

Illustration of 838 N. Kings Rd. (Photo courtesy of Darmos Properties)

R.D. Olson Construction has announced that it is beginning construction today on a four-story apartment complex at 838 N. Kings Rd.

The complex, which includes 37,000 square feet of space, will have 25 one- and two-bedroom units and below ground parking. Among its amenities will be a car wash and pet wash station, a fitness studio, a yoga room and a third-floor deck with a pool and outdoor kitchen. The complex will also incorporate a theater to host movie premieres and live-streaming events of independent films and film festivals.

R.D. Olson is working with Darmos Properties, Workplays Studio Architecture, Schnackel Engineers, KPFF, Burnett & Young, tk1sc and landscape architecture by Aron Nussbaum Studio on the project. Completion is anticipated for summer 2019.

“Kings 838 is R.D. Olson Construction’s most high-end apartment project to-date and reflects our commitment to being at the forefront of multi-unit building trends,” said Bill Wilhelm, the firm’s president. “We are honored to partner with Darmos Properties to bring a luxury apartment community to West Hollywood equipped with high-end amenities that caters to the local market.”

  1. There is nothing but traffic on Kings Rd, just because it isn’t bumper to bumper yet doesn’t mean we don’t have heavy trucks for all the construction and deliveries to Gelsons. This street was sacrificed to multi family, not sure where the city planners think everyone is going to park.
    Sadly, all the trucks are smashing the lower branches on the ancient oak trees as they go by, rolling stop signs and crosswalks. An added bonus for all residents is the sound of folks using the space between stop signs as a drag strip.

  2. All too often there are headlines about exaggerated new constructions. But I notice the negative bias and ‘crisis’ headlines to only about construction projects OUTSIDE the City of West Hollywood, to which the City has NO SAY (but they have 100% say about what is being overbuilt IN WEHO … and don’t say anything.)

  3. How ironic that the city of West Hollywood gets involved with R.D. Olson and its president, Bill Wilhelm. Mr. Wilhelm also happens to be a leader of Legatus, a Catholic Christian Fundamentalist Group, who has very strong anti-gay views. Why would WeHo get involved with this man? Is about money? Lowest bid? How sad!

    1. This is not a City of West Hollywood project. The developer and architect have integrity and possibly R. D. Olson was best for the job. Folks would be appreciated if they were able to separate the task that R.D. Olson was hired for from what you think is in their hearts and minds.

  4. Many thanks to this developer for solving the terrible traffic problem in West Hollywood.
    There will no longer be a traffic problem on WH streets since cars will no longer be able to drive on our streets.

    1. You mean you’re here and others can’t be?
      Not so hospitable.
      People are working from home and driving less.
      Don’t complain harder, work and think smarter.

      1. “People are driving less”?!!! Is that why every neighbor is asking for traffic calming measures.

        According to another article on WeHoville there are 38 traffic calming proposals recommended by recent citywide traffic studies.

        Doesn’t sound to me as if people are driving less!

        1. Wasn’t that the “work/live” concept that was being pushed by all the enablers? Rush hour traffic has increased but John Duran thinks it is “just passing through” West Hollywood. Otherwise on anything other than a main artery traffic seems the same. How about folks varying their work place schedules. It was successful during the Olympics and seems a practical idea.

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