1. I do not understand a journalist’s desire to use The in front of his name.
    I always imagine it is something he likes.
    I’ve detested it for a long time.

    Other than this (that), good for WeHo getting all this attention.
    Hope we can build more affordable housing from the monies flowing into our coffers.

  2. I assume this is a critical satire art installation? Can we be sure there will be no “C words” “F words” any negative comments or imagery against the president, the personal feelings of a baby child man, his close staff AKA his Children, InLaws, his “Terribly unfairly treated inner circle staff/surrogates/indicted friends for felonies”???
    Kathy Griffin (a well known foul mouth Comedian with a long career standing up for LGBT, Women, The United States Constitution) is she “verboten” and not welcome to enter a public pop up re:. The President, as so many have been so critical of her calling our the TRUTH as she has always done with her outrageous vulgar words?

    Personally, The President called for WATERBOARDING & WORSE to protect the Country.

    Well he called for it & should give it a try. Let’s start
    He has lied under oath, in written under oath of perjury about MEETING SECRETLY WITH RUSSIAN SPIES – Possible Treason & to get the real truth, Pres. Has called for WATERBOARDING.
    BTW: The Pres can see if effective if Don Jr admits and discloses “THE PROSTITUTE PEE PEE TAPE”
    Under Extreme Torture, if he says pee tape exists, only only the Pres will know with 100% certainly if waterboarding bring truth or lies out. #WaterboardDonJr and get the TRUTH!

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