Police Talk Transgender Woman Down from Crane

Photo by Jim Garrecht / ANG News

LAPD’s Hollywood division and LA Fire Drpartment Station 27 went to the intersection of Santa Monica Boulevard. and Las Palmas to respond to a report that a transgender woman apparently had climbed on top of a construction crane and refused to come down.

The crane is being used for a major new construction project. Workers could be seen nearby waiting for the standoff to end

The woman was on top of the crane for approximately three hours until offices finally convinced her to come down. She was taken into custody by LAPD. Traffic on Santa Monica Blvd was shut down for several hours while officials attempted to talk the woman into surrendering.

CORRECTION: An earlier version of this story said the crane mentioned was on the construction site for the LA LGBT Center’s new Anita May Rosenstein campus. That is incorrect. The crane is located at a nearby construction site for another project. The story has been corrected.

  1. When cops are sent to scope out a mental health issue, sometimes it doesn’t end well.

    Glad the FD went, perhaps it was too visible, or maybe there has been an improvement in training.

  2. Throw her in jail for all of the inconvenience that she caused to me and the rest of the commuters. I know this isn’t PC but I don’t care.

    1. I was driving north on Las Palmas for an appointment, trying to cross SMB at that intersection, and saw her up there. It was unclear to me at that time that that was the reason for the traffic diversions. They were diverting all northbound traffic on Las Palmas to SMB East, all westbound traffic on SMB down Las Palmas, and traffic was backed up all the way to Wilcox. It was a gridlock nightmare, compounded by the fact that a huge stretch of Lexington was closed for construction, north of SMB.

      I can sacrifice the 20-25 mins of added time out of my day to hope that she is OK, and doing better, and hopefully didn’t harm herself physically, in the process. Mental illness is a serious issue, and throwing her in jail isn’t necessarily going to “teach her a lesson,” or change her life in any way. She might not even understand the ramifications of what this did with traffic. So, PC, or not, this punishment might not have any affect on the situation. Plus, I think they can only charge her for trespassing on a construction site, which may, or may not include jail time (but most likely).

    2. Talk about being a “snow flake,” so boo hoo some privileged conservative white males and their sycophants had their routine interrupted. The commute from their socially insulated communities to the job serving corporate overlords that they allow to define their identity and justify their existence, was met with something unexpected. Perhaps a choice beyond the fabricated reality the establishment wants us to believe in is what you really fear?

      “You take the blue pill—the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill—you stay in Wonderland, and learn how deep the rabbit hole goes.”

      In the end, I went to work feeling that it should have been me on top of that crane disrupting the establishment’s routine and making a socially conscious statement. You being reached in the same way is what those in power fear the most! ✊🏽

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