Sex and Politics: Mayor Duran’s Embrace of Stormy Daniels Inspired a Street Survey

Stormy Daniels certainly had her fans when Mayor John Duran welcomed the porn actress to West Hollywood by proclaiming Wednesday as “Stormy Daniels Day.” The event generated press coverage around the world for Daniels, for West Hollywood and, of course, for Duran, who appears to be focusing his year as the newly installed mayor on promoting sexual liberation as well as the Sunset Strip.

But not everyone was feeling sunny about Stormy. There also were some Donald Trump supporters who stood outside Chi Chi LaRue’s, the erotic apparel shop where Daniels was hawking her t-shirts. They were there to show their support for the president with whom Daniels allegedly had a brief affair that the porn actress claims he paid her $130,000 to shut up about.

Given the conflation of sex and politics that has come to define Donald Trump (and Mayor Duran, known for having hooked up with his former City Hall deputy on Grindr before hiring him) comedian Ben Kawaller figured it was an appropriate time to conduct a sidewalk poll to determine which American and international political leaders West Hollywood residents of all political persuasions were most likely to want to have sex with.

George Washington or Thomas Jefferson? Richard Nixon or Martin Van Buren? Abraham Lincoln or Scott Pruitt? Vladimir Putin or Mahmoud Ahmadinejad? (Hillary Clinton’s failure to beat Trump meant there were no female options. And, best of our knowledge, you won’t find any of the others on Grindr).

You can see watch the voting live in the video above.

  1. “Well you’re Mexican-y looking.”

    Imagine the outrage if someone told the interviewer he’s “gay-looking”.

    1. Well the point NOT being made is that WeHo’s only Trump supporter and his friend routinely hire a few day laborers for their pro-Trump rallies to give the impression of Latinx support for their lost cause! 🙂

  2. A shame that we have a comedy diverting attention from some very serious political issues and even normalizing bigotry! The article ends with “Hillary Clinton’s failure to beat Trump meant there were no female options.” A good place to start is to remind the public of their history that Hillary Clinton won 2,864,974 more votes than Donald Trump but, it was the Electoral College that basically gave Trump the Presidency. Just imagine if Donald Trump got two million more votes than Hillary Clinton, but by the same fluke of Electoral College, Clinton won. Trump and his supporters would be saying exactly what he said weeks before Election Day: That the election was rigged against him. Why the same isn’t true the other way around is the REAL reason for there being “no female options!” The origin of the Electoral College is the same as that of Three-Fifths Compromise, to preserve the white supremacist interests of the slave states from the forces of democracy. To this very day the REAL Reason we still have an Electoral College is to rig the election system in favor of the right-wing racist southern states because, in a fair direct election system the south would lose every time.

  3. For Duran & Co to initiate his new reign with first the ridiculous (possibly against Brown Act) Council meeting in a privately-owned Sunset Strip night club and then this tawdry Stormy Daniels stunt reveals West Hollywood to be stuck in a retrograde homosexual Boys in the Band subculture of ignorant misogyny, actually exploiting Stormy Daniels as a kind of drag queen to be mocked in a bonfire of the vanities. She is neither Mary Magdalene, Joan of Arc, The Madonna or any other icon, just an adult porn star who had consensual sex with a creep and then was paid to shut up and go away. (Sound familiar within recent WeHo history?). This plays well with that percentage of wounded gay men who populate this municipality.

    I’m now told by one Council Representative that she was not aware/not consulted on this official city event. I suggest a principled resignation. Of course, doing so would mean losing the next election as long as WeHo’s demographics remain stuck in an aging (and I’m 66!) cohort of misogynistic fags (and you can quote me verbatim!).

    1. Dear Wehoville: Can you inform the readers as to whose idea and exactly what party facilitated the city council meeting at 1OAK?

    2. I believe the idea for having the Council Meeting there was Duran’s, as it is his agenda to promote the Sunset Strip, its history and the businesses. I see nothing wrong with that, although it might have been better if he did it as another event, instead of a mayoral installation meeting. D’Amico had an event when he became mayor, in Plummer Park. Yes, that is city property, but it still cost the city money, and I don’t seem to remember anyone complaining about that. The city has so much surplus $$ that I think those two events were a drop in the bucket.

      Not sure how I feel about the Stormy Daniels event, completely. This was an anti-Trump event, and our liberal haven is mostly against him, so one could argue that it was in the interest of the voters here.

      I would like to see some transparency as to how much these events really cost, and who came up with these ideas.

  4. I believe that Harvey Weinstein should be given a key to the City of West Hollywood.

    He would join Mayor John Duran in the WEHO #antimetoo movement.

    In WEHO, Duran, an elderly politician, can sexually harass a young man and the City of West Hollywood will pay out a half million dollars to keep out of the courts.

    Also, in WEHO, city council members can be on Grindr during meetings with false advertising, saying they are 40 when they are close to 60, entrapping unsuspecting young men.

    WEHO is now the center of the #antimetoo movement with Duran as the cheerleader for sexual harassment.

    Just a little more class for the “creative city.”

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