Mayor Duran Welcomes Stormy Daniels as WeHo’s ‘Lady Godiva’

    Stormy Daniels, aka Stephanie Clifford, with Mayor John Duran on left and attorney Michael Avenatti on right.

West Hollywood Mayor John Duran handed porn performer Stormy Daniels a proclamation designating today as “Stormy Daniels Day” at a ceremony this afternoon that drew a mass of television crews, photographers, reporters and local residents to the sidewalk outside Chi Chi LaRue’s, the erotic apparel shop on Santa Monica Boulevard.

In a speech to the crowd, Duran called out steps President Donald Trump has taken to roll back environmental protections and the rights of women, immigrants and LGBT people.

“Out of all of the chaos of the Trump administration, our own Lady Godiva appeared, on horseback,” Duran said in a reference to Daniels. “And as you know, Lady Godiva rode naked through the streets of England to protest injustice and taxes. We have our own Lady Godiva here in the City of West Hollywood.”

Michael Avenatti, Daniels’ lawyer

John D’Amico, a city councilmember and the mayor pro tem, presented Daniels with an official key to the city.

“I want to tell you one joke,” D’Amico said. “What does a gay mayor pro tem say to a porn star? Congratulations!”

Also appearing was Michael Avenatti, the lawyer representing Daniels in her lawsuit contesting a 2016 non-disclosure agreement about her alleged affair with Trump in 2006. The nondisclosure agreement had been negotiated by Michael Cohen, Trump’s lawyer, just before the 2016 U.S. Presidential election.

The people on the sidewalk joked about the nondisclosure agreement, which Daniels alleges is invalid because Trump himself didn’t sign it. They shouted “make sure it’s signed” when Duran presented the proclamation to her.

“Stormy is one of the most intelligent, self-aware, courageous people you will ever come to know in your lifetime, and I am honored and blessed to act as her counsel each and every day,” Avenatti said. “This woman has a degree of fortitude that most of us can only dream about …

“She is at the forefront of this fight each and every day…. She’s not packing up. She’s  not going home. She will be in for the long fight each and every day.”

Daniels accepted the key from D’Amico, joking: “I’m not sure what the key opens. I hope it’s the wine cellar…

People lined up outside Chi Chi LaRue’s to meet Stormy Daniels.

“The City of West Hollywood is a special place very close to my heart,” she said. “As a woman with two wonderful gay dads… I feel especially at home here …” Daniels’  mention of her “dads” was a reference to her friend Keith Munyan and his partner J.D. Barrale.

“The community has a history of standing up to bullies and speaking truth to power, and I am so very, very lucky to be a part of it. I am elated and honored. Thank you.”

Daniels, also known as Stephanie Clifford, is visiting West Hollywood as part of a national tour to promote her #TeamStormy apparel line, which includes t-shirts and hats. From 7 to 9 p.m. today she will be signing autographs and greeting those visiting the Chi Chi La Rue shop, which is at 8861 Santa Monica Blvd. near Larrabee, to buy #TeamStormy products. After that, she is expected to appear at The Abbey on Robertson Boulevard.

Later in the evening, a group of pro-Trump supporters appeared outside Chi Chi La Rue’s, where a long line of people had lined up to meet Daniels.

Donald Trump supporters, including Ben Coleman, former public safety commissioner, on the right.

  1. Looking over Duran’s Facebook indicates the level of hubris he exhibits. A typical lifetime politician (yes, I know it’s not his FT gig, but I’m sure he’s garnered plenty of “favors” over the years) who believes he’s untouchable because he’s survived a few scandals. Yet…people still vote for him. Why? Because he “gets things done”? Seems that’s the same excuse supporters give regarding the guy in the WH.

  2. I — like others — can now report that Councilpersons Horvath and Meister say they were never consulted about the Stormy Daniels debacle. But the question remains: Did they learn of it and say/do nothing to block it? How then were those “Keys to the City” manufactured, stored, and delivered? What did the City Attorney, City Manager, and City Spokesperson know in advance of this Duran stunt, on the heels of the City Council (Brown Act anyone?) meeting/Duran swearing-in at a Sunset Strip nightclub?

    1. Further than your comments is the possibility that this scheme may have been hatched within the confines of Visit West Hollywood , The Chamber of Commerce, City Planning, & John Duran to “revitalize development” of the ultra scruffy Sunset Strip. The development of the Tower Records site with Duran as its #1 Cheerleader was shot down. The lack of a cohesive plan for the strip is obvious to many. Duran needs new cheerleaders and a new pasture to graze in general and after leaving the half baked plan in a ditch that may have created a Historic District on the East Side highlighting the Craftsman Bungalows. . Dilettante efforts with much grandstanding and little dedicated follow through seem characteristic of Duran”s methodology. And then we have the Gay Mens Choir to provide the music.

      Question is exactly who within the city green lighted this hair brained idea? Did anyone think this would be beneficial to a legitimate image for the city?

  3. You can love Stormy Daniels as an accidentally oppositional theatrical figure for our Trumpian times without canonizing her. She had consensual sex with a philandering jerk; she took hush money from a sexist bully. And now we are supposed to praise her as leader of The Opposition? She’s a symptom, not a cure. And WeHo is part of the problem.

  4. I love Stormy!!!!!!! A female making a huge splash by not being afraid to tell her truth. I have never understood the shaming of sex workers or adult film actors. It is sort of mean.

  5. As Former Mayor Bloomberg commented with the rise of DJT, “I know a con when I see one”. As many in West Hollywood should recognize that voted for JJD, we’ve been conned. Amazing how these two have such similar characteristics. The only thing missing was a phalanx of flags behind the gleeful “mayor” while his invited guests SD and MA the “attorney” pay homage.
    In the next round will JJD be defending MA in his fraud /bankruptcy case or vice versa. More media and courtroom antics to come in the mud bath.

  6. One day maybe enough of us will get fed up with the status quo, the circuses, and the scandals.

    And one day maybe we’ll all get smart and divide this city into neighborhood districts so that each councilperson is directly accountable to a specific group of constituents and the flagrant misbehavior will no longer fly.

    And one day maybe we’ll all get really smart and make the offices of mayor and city controller electable positions so we actually have accountable fire-able executives rather than an unaccountable politburo.

    And one day maybe we’ll have professionals in office who take their job seriously and won’t act like an embarrassing bunch of bickering backstabbing prima donnas.

    1. It’s a noble goal and one which can be achieved if we all push for active participation in that most fundamental pillar of democracy–voting! I’ll say it until I’m blue in the face, but to “win” a seat on your aptly-named politburo, one need only garner votes from 10% of registered votes. That statistic is pathetic, and enabled by the off-year election cycle. #VOTEWEHO

  7. So happy to see all these comments voicing how disgusting this choice by our Council was. Gives me hope that decent, sane people want to see their government honor people who truly deserve it and not put porn stars up on a pedestal for all to emulate. Bravo. And to our “mayor” you disgust me.

  8. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry at the “mayor’s” invocation of Lady Godiva in his grandstanding exploitation of Stormy Daniels and her attorney. I celebrate Ms. Daniels’ position as a chief instigator to the so-called president, and I celebrate her legitimate choice of profession, but for a so-called “mayor” (quotes intended to remind all that the rest of the council sat on their hands and let the coronation occur without a vote) to attempt to redefine himself as the czar of sexual liberation, with his history of referring to an elderly woman’s anatomy with obnoxious and sophomoric crudeness, is beyond hypocrisy. West Hollywood gets what 10% of registered voters elect. Shame on the voter apathy.

  9. It’s the Silly Season – the time to be giddy with joie d’ vivre. Remember, “In spring the turtle grows elate and walks on the tips of his toes.” Me too – ‘though it requires m more balance than ever.

  10. The majority of citizens won’t take action because of the form of government. A direct election of a mayor in a November election of an even-numbered year will get the voters out in higher numbers.

  11. The city of West Hollywood should really be ashamed of their Mayor. Personally I regret my support of John Duran. He will not get my vote next time around. He hasn’t learned – he hasn’t changed. He uses all of us for his self grandizing.

    At the expense of our city reputation which makes gays look like idiots.

    1. Wow! How informed you are? Mayor Duran is termed out and will not be running for West Hollywood City Council again.

      I am sure many opportunities will be in his future.

      Personally, how dare you! With a broad brush you state, “… make gays look like idiots”. This has nothing to do with one’s sexuality!

      Now that comment reflects on you alone.

  12. The caption on the last picture of the story should have said “WeHo’s only Trump supporter and his friend manage to hire a few Latinx day laborers for a news story!”

  13. To all concerned:

    To what depth will already disgraced John Duran sink West Hollywood, as if the lower he tries to take us the better his sordid reputation becomes? So at 11 p.m. Wednesday KNBC Channel 4 was broadcasting live from The Abbey with stripper Stormy Daniels allegedly on site after having been earlier given by Duran and D’Amico (are these the Gays we fought to elect?) “Keys to the City.” For what?

    This is obnoxious and has nothing to do with sexual liberation, gay or straight. While Stormy is to be applauded for taking down Trump for reasons that have nothing to do with sexuality but just plain truth, she should take solitude, as should the sleazy Duran whose Trumpist escapades have cost West Hollywood a fortune and disgraced the ideal of gay liberation with his predatory behavior.

    D’Amico should know better but doesn’t. Horvath and Meister (alas) are both lost. Thankfully, Heilman is finished once and for all, assigned to the disgrace of USC’s most recent sexual scandal of which over many years he did nothing.

    Shame on all,

    Ty Geltmaker
    8742 Rangely Ave.
    West Hollywood, CA 90048

    See further, below, regarding the 1OAK event violating Brown Act:

    Dear City Manager Arevalo and City Attorney Jenkins,

    Surely I am not the only resident of West Hollywood who finds this “event”out of normal city legislative/business order boundaries to be odd, wondering also if holding official Council meetings in private, for-profit locales is fine under the Brown Act, aside from the way in which — under the specific Duran circumstances — this cheapens civic life. I’m all for discos, dancing, and drinking but somehow it seems tawdry to hold a swearing-in and official meeting in such a place where private owners can “bounce” undesired attendees.

    1. Stormy Daniels snubbed my friend Richard Eastman and me. She thought I was there just to get my free picture signed. I bought 4 T-shirts and gave them to friends that were ahead of me in line but she didn’t know this. All the greedy bitch cared about was the money. We were the last two in line and she walked right past us. What a hypocrite! She talked about being respectful of others yet she was rude to us and rudely just walked off without signing our pictures, even after waiting in line for four hours.

        1. Ty, THANK YOU for getting it. And trying to do something about it. The trashy, venal West Hollywood culture is often demoralizing. As well as embarrassing.

    2. No, Ty, like their abject failure to take a stand on the coronation of the “mayor” this time around, the two ladies of whom you write were nowhere to be found, and seem to be without comment, on this latest WeHo circus because there are no profiles in courage on the council. Sadly, that’s the norm on this council for which it takes only 10% of registered votes to “win” a seat. VOTE!

      1. Thanks Alan,

        I think we agree. My partner James and I moved to WeHo after decades in Echo Park/ Silver Lake just a couple years ago, knowing full well the “scene” here. We campaigned (after meeting them one on one over a meal) door-to-door for Horvath & D’Amico, while with lesser contact enthusiastically campaigning for Meister. Each, one drip at a time, has been a disaster. Our efforts for Steve Martin and Cynthia Blatt came close, but not enough. Next election let’s all change this mess!


        1. I care about who wins, of course, but I care more about increasing voter participation so that those in office can be viewed as legitimate representatives of the people. We have never had that in WeHo. Putting forth good candidates is only as good as our ability to increase voter turnout. We can’t even get the council to show up and take a vote on who will represent the city as mayor. Shame on the voter apathy which results in this feckless band of ego driven by special interests. Anyone who wants to engage in a civic discussion about how we recruit and put forth quality candidates, AND increase voter turnout can contact me via Facebook. I smell the start of a new civic-engagement organization. Any takers?

    3. Another troubling event that appears emblematic of the belief that West Hollywood, despite its profusion of new hotels, chamber of commerce outreach and rebranding of Visit West Hollywood, will never be a sophisticated city. Although it can boast of vast city coffers, overly well paid city employees and city services its true mission seems a well orchestrated facade.

      Authenticity and simple integrity needs no facade.

  14. This city has sunk to a new low. So disgusting, awarding a porn star with the key to the city. I’m high kids. Vomit.

  15. Hey! Stormy has to pay her bills too! Of course she is “making hay while the sun shines”, that is the American Way! They are all PT Barnum’s, each in their own way.
    I wish politicians of all persuasions would be as unashamed of what they do for money, but they can’t. All Hail Stormy!

  16. This reeks of a grandstanding performance by John Duran, who once again attaches himself to a special interest group. This time he is in familiar territory. If any of these participants think they are performing a noble task of high integrity by beating on Trump….one could say, they are all cut from the same cloth. They almost appear interchangeable. Who comes out on top is anyone’s guess.

    Meanwhile we have this train wreck passing through our midst until the next election and the entire country witnessing a tectonic shock of exponential proportions on a national scale.

    We are in the era of supreme opportunism.

  17. So what are we honoring here, people who got paid for services rendered?. Hasn’t Duran done the same thing. Enough with the moral high road when Duran has his own issues, so does Stormy, so does Trump, etc. Give me a break.

  18. Duran complains about Trump but they are peas in a pod. Loud, obnoxious, run to the camera, press animals. Suprised at John Damico for not having more sense.

    Owens got 500k and Daniels got 130k. Owens gets trashed and Daniels get key to the city. Makes no sense.

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