West Hollywoods’s Mariah Sunshine Coogan Identified as Victim of Scottsdale Plane Crash

Maria Sunshine Coogan

One of four people identified thus far as having died in a private plane crash on April 9 in Scottsdale, Ariz., was Mariah Sunshine Coogan, a resident of West Hollywood.

Image from Mariah Sunshine Coogan’s video of herself on the flight from Scottsdale.

HollywoodLife, the celebrity gossip site, reports that Coogan, 23, was flying to Las Vegas with several young friends, who also were killed. Three of them, including Coogan, are said to be “Instagram celebrities” because of their large following on that website. Coogan is known on Instagram as mariahsunshiinee, and has 31,300 followers.

Coogan’s family lives in Santa Rosa and her parents told San Diego’s ABC 10 that she had moved to San Diego to pursue a modeling career and recently had moved to West Hollywood. She was known for her passion for horses as well as her modeling

Just before the crash, Coogan took a video of herself and fellow passengers, including Anand “Happy” Patel, 26, who also had a large Instagram following. The Federal Transportation Administration is looking into the cause of the crash, and it appears that James Pedroza, the 28-year-old pilot, did not have a pilot’s license.

Coogan’s family has set up a Go Fund Me account to raise money to support animal causes.

“She was a loving daughter and big sister to four younger siblings,” says a statement on the account. “Her love for animals was unparalleled: growing up in 4-H, being an avid & highly trained equestrian, and owner of multiple fur babies. For that reason, we ask for you to donate in Mariah Sunshine’s memory to a fund which we will in turn give to an organization that will help carry on her love for animals.”

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1 year ago

too bad she became a useless instgram wtf hanging out with 3rd world men

what a moron

2 years ago

Great reporting, thank you. The net is coming down – “Bombshell! The Walls Are Closing In” – remember? WWG1 WGA Q

1 year ago
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Wendy ???

Mike Patriot
Mike Patriot
17 days ago
Reply to  Melly

Thank you for reporting this tragic news.
Knowing this is of great importance!

Over the target
Expand further
Open source.

This door will be opened later.
The choice, to know, will be yours.


Guess who?
Sent me!!!

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5 years ago

So much to offer this world, and gone, but not forgotten! So sad! You can see such passion in her eyes! Very sad! My heart goes out to her, and I actually think I saw something about her before, maybe on film? Something about this driven girl, (looking much like her, who made umpteen trips to take kitties to shelters that would have died. Could that be one and the same? I think she was a pilot too.) Anyway, my condolences and I really hope her dreams can be furthered by others in respects to her and her family, and… Read more »

Cyndy Liptad
Cyndy Liptad
5 years ago

Such a beautiful girl with so much life left to live. A huge tragedy for her family, and all the people and animals she would have helped. My prayers are with her family. God Bless.

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