Poinsettia Park Scheduled for a Cleanup on Wednesday

Notice of Poinsettia Park cleanup

Poinsettia Park is scheduled for another cleanup on Wednesday.

The Los Angeles Bureau of Sanitation today posted its required 72-hour notice that it will be cleaning the park on Wednesday morning. That cleaning will likely include removing debris left by homeless people in the park and on the sidewalks. The Sanitation Bureau attempts to clean each park twice a month but sometimes last minute issues interrupt that schedule.

Conditions at the have alarmed some nearby residents, who turned out at the West Hollywood Public Safety Commission meeting on March 12 to cite their concerns. Residents complained about thefts and break-ins that they attribute to homeless people and the debris on the ground in the park and on the sidewalks around it.

The park is bordered by West Hollywood’s Romaine Street on the north and by Poinsettia Place and Willoughby Avenue in Los Angeles on the east and south.

The homeless who have erected tents on the sidewalks are required to remove them at 6 a.m. every day and cannot erect them again until 9 p.m. That requirement is waived on days when it is raining or exceptionally cold.

A sign posted by the Sanitation Bureau states: “Please remove all personal belongings, including bulky items from sidewalks, alleys, parks and public access areas. All property remaining will be removed by the city. Property left behind, except for items that pose an immediate threat to public health or safety, trash, and evidence of a crime or contraband, will be collected by the city and kept in a secure location for a period of 90 days, during which time it may be retrieved by its rightful owner.”

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  1. In West Hollywood the the Sherrifs have the law on their side. It is illegal to camp out on sidewalks. Not so in Los Angeles. Criminals, even violent ones are being released. Felonies now being changed to misdemeanors. Don’t know what Governor Brown is thinking. It is definitely time for a change.

  2. I have given solar powered battery chargers to that camp so they can charge their phones and get help. I have also found jobs for a couple people and safer places for them to be. There is some violent activity going on, but like “ARRR” said: “the decent homeless have left…”

    According to the homeless I have spoken to, which is on my video, the City of West Hollywood have given them nothing.

  3. The decent homeless people have left the Pointsettia encampment. There were only a few of them anyway, most of the homeless there are openly selling cocaine and crack. Also most of them are prostitutes and pimps who are constantly fighting with each other. Theyre stealing bikes and openly operating a chop shop on the street. I play basketball at the park and hear and see this with my own eyes. It is ridiculous, all the city and its corrupt councilmen do is clean the sidewalks for them. The corner is literally like a corner from the hood. I left the hood to escape this bullshit and find myself very frustrated.

    1. It dipped into the low 40s at night in February and March. I wouldn’t even leave my pets outside in that.

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