Eric Schmidt’s ‘Transparent’ City Council Campaign Includes Sex Photos and Videos

‘Horny While Camping,’ one of the few clothed photos posted by Eric Jon Schmidt on on March 28, 2018.

Eric Jon Schmidt, one of four challengers thus far in the March 2019 West Hollywood City Council, has promised to run an absolutely transparent campaign.

That apparently includes his willingness to continue posting photos and videos of him having sex on a website called and alerting WEHOville and others to its presence.

Schmidt’s DudesNude profile is Need2BNude. It can be accessed directly by clicking here. In addition to 23 photographs, some showing him nude and engaged in sexual activities with other men, Schmidt has posted six videos of him having sex.

His profile also includes a 2,729-word profile that opens with this statement: “I am the luckiest guy in the world. I have had a lot of hot sex and never got an STD. D and D free as of 2-5-18.” (D and D free is a reference to “drug and disease free,” a statement posted by some gay men on their profiles on sex sites such as Grindr.)

In his profile, Schmidt describes himself as “an average, down-to-earth, guy-next-door type. Let’s have coffee, play scrabble, gin rummy, go for a hike, have sex…whatever you like. I am the single-most approachable guy on earth.”

“Kind, compassionate, polite, good manners, good mid-western values, I am not a typical Angelino, I have not become one of them. And definitely not a West Hollywoodian.

“Not much into fashion. I’m a t-shirt and jeans kind of guy.

“I’m from a good home. I was a Cub Scout and Boy Scout

“Looking at me you would never know that I’m a horny little sexhibitionist.”

west hollywood city council election 2019
‘Doing a video in the mud. I love being nude and slutty outdoors.’ The cropped top of a photo posted by Eric Jon Schmidt on DudesNude on March 25, 2018.

Schmidt announced at the March 5 City Council meeting that he would be running for one of three seats up for election on March 5, 2019. Those seats currently are occupied by council members John D’Amico and Lauren Meister, who have said they will seek re-election, and Lindsey Horvath, who has yet to declare.

Other challengers include Duke Mason, a member of the city’s Lesbian and Gay Advisory Board and a previous candidate; Timothy Williams, who is head of a production company called Haus of Liontruth, and Tom deMille, a local artist who was an unsuccessful candidate in the 2013 election.

In a bio provided to WEHOville when he announced his candidacy, Schmidt describes himself as an avid volunteer with organizations such as Heal the Bay and Project Angel Food. He is also an advocate for the disabled, helping them deal with employment, legal, medical, financial and housing issues. He has served in the U.S. Army and as a fitness trainer to celebrities and “showboys and showgirls” in Los Angeles and Las Vegas.

With his partner, Jack Cline, Schmidt formed the “West Hollywood Cheerleaders Eastside,” which he describes as a group that promotes parades and marches and awareness of community issues.

Schmidt has said he will not accept campaign contributions. His long list of civic concerns includes improving public safety, expanding programs that serve low income and disabled seniors, a more positive approach to the city’s Eastside and ensuring that the compensation of city employees is in line with that of similar municipalities.

In a recent email exchange with WEHOville, in which he provided the web url for his DudesNude account, Schmidt said “I am 100% transparent. I have nothing but good intentions and I am not running against anyone, just their seats. I have nothing negative to say about the others and never will.”

Asked if making those photos and videos public would hurt his campaign, Schmidt said: “I do not think it will hurt my campaign anymore than it would a candidate’s stamp collecting hobby. My hobbies do not affect any other part of my life.

“Being a performance exhibitionist is one of my hobbies. I also danced nude in Canada to help pay for college, but I loved it.

“I do think it will help my campaign for people who believe the human body as art. Plus it shows that I believe in transparency and I’m not afraid to express myself.

“I became interested in it after a class on “Human Sexuality” at University of Michigan. Sociology was my major, Human Sexuality was my Minor.”

Eric Jon Schmidt

Schmidt’s willingness while running for office to share photos and videos of himself engaging in sex with other men is likely to provoke another debate about standards of behavior in the gay community, which constitutes 40% of West Hollywood’s population.

An earlier debate was sparked by a lawsuit filed in May 2016 by Ian Owens, then deputy to City Councilmember John Duran, alleging that Duran had sexually harassed him. Duran admitted to have met Owens on Grindr, the gay sex app, and had sex with him before hiring him. But Duran denied any further sexual behavior toward Owens after he became his deputy. In February 2016, the City of West Hollywood settled Owens’s lawsuit with a payment to him of $500,000.

In May 2017, during a trial of a lawsuit brought by Owen’s fellow deputy Michelle Rex in which she allegied she had lost her job because of her defense of Owens, Duran was pressured by Rex’s lawyer to respond to allegations by Rex and Owens that he made sexually provocative statements. Owens testified that he was required to update Duran’s address book, where he discovered nude photos of men from Grindr and comments about their sexually prowess.

Duran responded to attorney Mark Quigley by saying that standards of behavior were different in West Hollywood,  He noted that West Hollywood’s history was one of sexual liberty, whether on the Sunset Strip or Boystown, the gay nightlife district. “Sexual discussions that happen in West Hollywood you’re not going to see in West Covina, but it’s pretty common in West Hollywood,” he said.

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  1. I have known Eric personally for a number of years. I have also seen his profile on the other website and his other posted media. Disclaimer…I am not a West Hollywood resident and will not be voting in this local election.

    What I will declare is that I have had many intellectual comversations and debates with Eric over the years. I’ve volunteered with him, and my personal knowledge amd Time spent with him qualifies me to say that Eric is a SMART GUY. He’s University educated and has served our country in the military. He volunteers, he gives back, and he cares about the well being of WeHo and ALL of its residents. He’s really just an average guy.

    So what if he has a profile and nude photos and videos on the internet? I’m SURE we all have media of this type somewhere, either private or public….and if we do, so what? What does this have to do with the huge salaries that are paid to WeHo current city officials? What does this have to do with solving the homeless problem in WeHo? What does this have to do with the MASSIVE development projects in the city?

    The West Hollywood voters will decide next November. I wish Eric the best in his campaign, and I fully support his candidacy. Regarding his personal life….I do not judge….and I’m sure YOU would not want others to judge YOU either……I know I wouldn’t.

  2. I typically do not respond To: Faceless; Nameless; Anonymous; Defamatory; Libelous and Cowardly Comments! I am making an exception in this Disgusting case…

    You Assert: ” The Man has been evicted twice”! That statement is Totally Untrue! Defamatory and Libelous.

    Anyone can research Eviction records at the Superior Court of Los Angeles (210 W. Temple St., La, CA 90012). Research will show that I HAVE NEVER BEEN EVICTED! PERIOD! Not “Twice”…NOT ONCE! NEVER EVICTED.

    For Henry to allow these statements on his website without “fact-checking” them puts him and the “commenter” in a very tough spot should I bring Legal Action,. (For Several Causes of Action) to include Defamation and Libel. During Discovery, Every single thing on computers and cell phones will be subject to Subpoena. I’m not sure why Henry can’t let this story go and has abandoned all Journalism Ethics and Laws, but the longer he keeps it up, the worse it gets for him and some of his “commenters”. In the event Henry won’t post this comment, I will post it on my Campaign FB Page.

  3. I don’t see why his candidacy and openness should ” provoke another debate about standards of behavior in the gay community”. It’s not like his profile is any different than the thousands of others on dudesnude or the numerous other gay hookup websites. Anyone who finds it shocking has been living under a rock or something, or is obviously very reserved and prudish.

  4. I am one of the women who is voting for Eric. Why? Because of the issues and polices that he supports; because of his past record of service on environmental issues, and local policies issues that affect ordinary people in this section of LA. I also love his outreach efforts to HIV-positive people and his solid commitment to progressive legislation in the city. He’s responsive and communicative. He’s got my vote.

    I am a professional woman who is also, privately, a lesbian devoted to BDSM. I am proud of my sexually open and liberal life, but I know that if it got out, people would shun me professionally. I love the precedent that Eric is setting. He’s outing himself before a magazine turns his private life into a liability. He is directing and owning the conversation.

    I believe that this precedent helps people like me who want to be involved more in public service, but don’t want to compromise the perfectly legal activities and hobbies that fulfill us. I love BDSM sex and have learned and discovered so much through consensual critically thoughtful sex play.

    I hope Eric wins!

  5. He doesn’t seem any more or less whacky than the rest of the council so I think he’ll fit in very nicely.

    1. Thank you Tom. I am actually very intelligent, rational and critically thinking. If you read my platform or spend five minutes with me, you will see that. And you will see that my purpose for running is because it is time. This election is very important, The Residents have the opportunity to replace a majority of the Council so that we, as a City can continue to be progressive and move forward with new ideas and “fix” all that is wrong with the status quo before it gets worse.

  6. Steve Schulte, a member of the City Council in the early days of Cityhood, was a Colt model prior to his election. So this isn’t exactly groundbreaking. (I do think Steve was far easier on the eyes than Eric, but that’s a conversation for a different day.)

    What would be useful for us voters, rather than these ad hominem articles, would be something for voters to understand what sort of experience a candidate has chosen to obtain prior to running for a Running-the-City office. You know – Planning Commission, Public Safety, Transportation, Business License, Rent Stabilization. I’d like to know how whether a candidate truly understands the granular issues affecting residents day-to-day. Traffic, housing, noise…all can be talked about, but what experience does a candidate have balancing competing interests?

    I can see naked men all day at one of the local gyms. It’s not a reason to elect him to office.

    1. read my platform on my FB page. It’s all there. unless you want the same type of council members recycled

      I think I look pretty good for 53

      FB Eric Jon Schmidt

  7. I did not ask WeHoville to write this article. Henry asked me what the name of my page on dudesnude is. I have never and will never use dudesnude for my campaign.

    1. Already got twice the votes as people turned out last election not because of dudesnude but because of my platform and what I believe we as a community can do. I’m looking forward to being on the Council, listening to the Residents concerns and working as hard as I can to help them.

        1. Alison, of my 2.7 million followers on dudesnude over 5000 in West Hollywood have vowed to vote for me as of today.

          1. You do not have 2.7M (real) followers anywhere. Give. Me. A. Break. And if you seriously think 6 thousand WEHO residents will actually vote for you, then you only undescore your lack of critical reasoning skills and ability for self awareness. Good luck with all that. Seriously. Put your pants back on, get a job and find a hobby. Preferably one where we don’t have to see you naked.

  8. Eric,

    While I personally respect your honesty and transparency, and many people will, some people are going to think this is TMI. Your self-confidence and sexually liberal values might not be something other people wish to see, or know about. Further, the voting base in West Hollywood is not just gay men, and gay men aren’t all going to accept this as info they wish to see or here. There are people who are sexually conservative in this city, including many senior citizens, straight people, and even other gay men.

    You might break down some barriers here, a bit, but I do think this strategy will most likely backfire on you.

    Also, even if one has zero hang-ups about publicly providing this type of material, the fact remains that some people don’t want to see their leaders in this type of context. Anthony Weiner, for example. Many people were turned off over hearing about John Duran’s alleged use of Grindr during Council meetings, alleged behavior in the workplace, and screenshots of his Grindr profile publicly displayed in this very publication.

    I’m not judging you personally, and would be a hypocrite if I did.

    But as a strategy for running for political office, I think more people are going to be put off by this, than those who might respect your transparency.

    But good luck to you, with this.

    1. I didn’t mean to discount lesbians, when I said “including many senior citizens, straight people, and even other gay men.”

      One other thing to consider: this might be all people focus on and talk about for you as a candidate, instead of the issues you represent. Once again, I reference Anthony Weiner.

      1. Thank you Randy for your opinion. I already have more votes pledged to me than the number of people who voted in the last election, so I’m not too worried about it. In fact, just this morning I got 0ver 50 more.

        Plus I have almost 2.7 followers on dudesnude.

        You mentioned John Durand and Grnder, but he keeps getting re-elected.

        I have never been on Grndr.

        1. You make a good point about Duran and Grindr, I’m just saying this full disclosure might backfire on you. This is far more explicit than Grindr.

          However, with that many followers, I’m sure it would come out, one way or the other. I don’t know how many of those people translate into active West Hollywood voters.

          How are you gauging the number of voters pledged to you? How do you know that they are registered West Hollywood residents who are going to vote? I’m just curious.

      2. Randy, You are more than encouraged to read my platform on my FB Page which is Eric Jon Schmidt for WeHo which presents my Concerns and ideas for the City.

        If people are incapable of not focusing on something in my Personal life which does not effect my run for City Council, those people have the right to not Vote for me…So be it!

    2. I applaud Mr. Schmidt’s honesty…telling the world that they can find him online having sex. How nice. While I’m not a prude, I certainly don’t want my community leaders online showing themselves performing a sex act..going to the bathroom or whatever else.
      I never heard of Mr. Schmidt until he started replying to every single article/comment on Wehoville the last few months.
      Mr. Schmidt might have good intentions and I applaud that…but he won’t be having my vote.

  9. I have had the privilege of knowing Eric Schmidt for 7 plus years now and I have been following his campaign for City Councilman. I am one of the 2.7 million people that have seen his profile on dudes nudes. I will say that without hesitation that the transparency and integrity of Mr. Schmidt is refreshing in today’s political arena. Everytime you read a newspaper or watch the news there is more and more corruption surrounding government officials. I this day and age of social media the reality of this type of exposure has become a way of life, more so in West Hollywood. It’s up to the voters to decide whether or not this behavior is appropriate to the election of Mr. Schmidt or not. Not the media! I don’t understand the reference to “West Hollywoodian” Are you trying to state that all people who live in WEHO the same? I have been on Grinder and craigslist and can see many explicit photos of Guys who live in West Hollywood. If you would take the time to get to know Eric as I have, you would find out that his care and concern for his community, the homeless crisis and the equality of pay for city officials is sincere.

  10. Thank you Henry. I do, indeed believe in 100% transparency and Honesty. My 2.7 million viewers on Dudesnude do all well. So do the thousands of West Hollywood Registered Voters on Dudesnude who vowed to vote for me. I am HIV positive due
    to being Raped when I was in my late 20’s. I did not know What D and D meant. I thought it meant drug free. I don’t just talk to people in West Hollywood or Los Angeles on Dudesnude but people all over the World who have self esteem issues and feel comfortable talking to me about it. A friend of mine Monitors the Page for me and sends me the e mails of people who want to talk directly to me or are having self-esteem issues. You might be surprised who some of the 2.7 million viewers are, maybe not. Eric.

    1. Also Henry, I didn’t write “West Hollywoodian”. The person who monitors the page did and he said he meant the stereotype of guys who hang out in bars. He meant no offense by that term. It was meant as a term of endearment. Besides, I do not drink.

      1. So, you are only talking to gay men and expect to win a seat based on that? Dude, WeHo is not a City of just gay men! As a straight woman, you have just completely turned me against you. I want somebody to represent ALL of the citizens of this City. We don’t need another Duran who only really pays attention to the needs of Boystown boys. You need to get some experience on some of this City’s commissions before you take on the City Council. You have no experience. You are not ready. I have been reading your many, many comments on the various articles here on WeHoVille. It shows your shortcomings.

        Gay men are a minority in WeHo, yet they keep getting their candidates elected. If this guy is elected, I will take a step back and never pay attention to anything this City does again because it is not a true democracy if people don’t vote in true demographic numbers.

        I am a resident of WeHo since 1978. If I could afford to move at this point, I would get the hell out of here.

        1. Please do note that from what I have seen of his political work Mr. Schmidt DOES have considerable knowledge of public policy and, is highly supportive of social justice issues well beyond the LGBTQ community. NO the Great City of West Hollywood does NOT consist entirely of Gay Men, there are plenty of Lesbians; Transgender; Bisexual; Non-binary and; even full on flaming Heterosexual People as well. 🙂 Please don’t hold being Gay against Eric Jon Schmidt, a homophobic attack against him, is as unacceptable as an antisemitic one! Do consider that an attractive sexually liberated Woman running for political office with the same kind of pictures, would easily be making national headlines in all the media outlets by now.

          Mr. Schmidt is a well Educated U.S. Army Veteran with an established history of Environmental Protection, advocacy of the disabled and poor, housing issues, health care, education, social justice, Woman’s advocacy, civil rights and, LGBTQ rights as well. This is MORE than enough reason to completely support him considering that we have a political epidemic of people getting elected (mainly republicans) based entirely on their hatred of minority groups, promotion of a bellicose imperialist foreign policy when they actively avoided military service themselves and, their completely unscientific denial of any and all environmental issues!

          1. Allison,

            I have been supporting Women’s rights my whole life.

            I hardly ever go to “boystown” except to go to Pavillions. I live on the East Side. I am all in favor of more Women running for public office. If you would please take five minutes to read my platform on my FB Page Eric Jon Schmidt for WeHo, you will see that I have a comprehensive outlook for West Hollywood.

            I’m sorry you are not fond of me, but If I was affected by people who didn’t like me, I would probably become bitter and angry. Fortunately those who don’t like me are few.

            I hope that whatever it is that is making you unhappy will change.

            I did not ask Wehoville to write an article about my dudesnude page, but I am not in any way ashamed of it.


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