Vehicle Crash on Fountain Avenue at Fairfax Thursday Evening

Vehicle collision on Fountain Avenue at Fairfax. (Photo by Jim Garrecht / ANG News)

Just after 10:00 p.m. Thursday, two vehicles collided at the intersection of Fountain Avenue and Fairfax in West Hollywood.

Officers from the West Hollywood Sheriff’s Station and the Los Angeles County Fire Department responded to the intersection after reports of the collision. Streets were temporarily blocked while the accident was cleared from the intersection.

It is unclear if there were any injuries. The West Hollywood Sheriff’s station is handling the investigation.

  1. I believe there needs to be “traffic slowing humps” on Fairfax. And “alert nobs” on the street 50 feet from each traffic light. It’s the only way to slow the traffic down.

    1. I’m sorry, but that idea is ludicrous. Fairfax is a major thoroughfare, even though at this intersection it is more residential. Humps would cause a lot of auto damage, and therefore result in a lot of lawsuits against the City IMHO.

      Humps like you suggest are best used on side streets used to avoid traffic on major streets, like Fairfax.

      1. To add to that, any sort of speed hump or bump would impede emergency response vehicles. Save those for residential streets.

        1. Not true, police and emergency vehicles are specially made to endure rough conditions without slowing down. (there are many videos online to illustrate that) The suspensions on those vehicles are ten times stronger and built for rough conditions. The only exception might be if there is a patient in the back of an ambulance and they could easily be rerouted on the way to the hospital.

          Why not slow down our City? We are more than a thoroughfare form one side of town to another. We are a Community, A Village. We have many pedestrians out and about. People need to know when you enter City Limits to slow down or take another route outside West Hollywood.
          One person getting hurt or getting killed on our streets is one too many.

      2. Alison, let’s wait until someone is killed

        Traffic humps and alert nobs are used all over the country. I did some research at the NTSB, there has never been any damage to cars due to traffic humps and alert nobs except those going in excessive speed.

        Fairfax IS A RESIDENTIAL street. Have you ever been on Fairfax?

        1. I live off Fairfax. It is a mix of commercial and residential. The only part I’d consider purely residential would be south of Olympic. Certainly no stretch above that (OK, maybe Sunset to Hollywood), and not through West Hollywood. Even between SMB and Sunset, there are large businesses like Rite Aid, Whole Foods, etc.. I don’t know what the solution here is, but I’ve never seen speed humps on a thoroughfare such as Fairfax, at least in the area like we are referring to here.

          It might also be useful to get more data about this particular accident before proposing a solution. For example, which vehicle had the right of way? What street was the vehicle at fault traveling on? Was someone speeding, or just not paying attention? Speed is often a factor in accidents, but not always the only factor. And we all know we have a big problem with accidents on Fountain. Perhaps someone was speeding through the light on Fountain?

        2. Dude, I have lived near Fairfax since I was 4 years old. You are a relative new comer. Fairfax is NOT a residential street. It is a thoroughfare. They are just now trying to turn it into one. Only below Olympic (actually below Whitworth) and above Sunset is it residential.

          I don’t care how much research you say you did. Speed humps and alert nobs have no place on Fairfax.

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