Man Arrested After Stabbing Woman on La Brea Avenue Early This Morning

A deputy escorts a blonde man in his 20s arrested for allegedly stabbing a woman on La Brea Avenue at Lexington (Photo by ANG News)

West Hollywood Sheriff’s deputies early this morning arrested a man for allegedly stabbing a women who was waiting with a friend for an Uber pickup on La Brea Avenue and throwing a knife at another woman on Santa Monica Boulevard.

The stabbing occurred near the intersection of La Brea with Lexington Avenue, between Fountain Avenue and Santa Monica Boulevard. That section of La Brea has been the focus of community concerns because of a stabbing death on the same block on March 4 and numerous reports of criminal activity near the McDonald’s restaurant there.

The deputies made the arrest at about 2.m. The man was described as a white male in his 20s. Lt. Darren Diviak of the West Hollywood Station said the man was speaking incoherently to the women before he stabbed one of them in the arm between midnight and 1:30 a.m. That woman was transported by the Uber driver to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. Her condition is not known at this time.

Earlier in the evening, Diviak said, the man approached a woman walking alone and threw a knife at her, barely missing her. He picked up the knife and continued walking down Santa Monica Boulevard.

After learning about the stabbing, Sheriff’s deputies began an intense search for the suspect and were assisted by Beverly Hills police and Los Angeles Police Department’s Hollywood division officers. The suspect was positively identified by a witness after being detained at gun point.

The March 4 murder near the northwest corner of Santa Monica Boulevard and La Brea Avenue sparked complaints to the West Hollywood City Council from residents of the city’s Eastside and a promise by the West Hollywood Sheriff’s Station to step up patrols in the area. A transgender woman who had been dating the man who was killed was arrested on March 13 and has been charged with murder.

Capt. Sergio Aloma, who heads the West Hollywood Sheriff’s Station, has stepped up foot patrols on the city’s Eastside and also is increasing patrol car presence in the area.

While the stabbings have prompted many local residents to say they fear for their safety, data from the Sheriff’s Station shows that aggravated assaults – those that involve guns, knifes or other weapons – actually have been on the decline on the Eastside. Aloma such assaults were down 20% in 2017 over 2016. So far this year, aggravated assaults are down 23% over the same period last year.

  1. What I want to know is whether the first incident wherein a knife was thrown was reported to law enforcement and what, if anything, law enforcement did. Clearly the guy stayed in the area and my point is that had law enforcement done what they are supposed to and arrested the guy after the first incident, the second incident wherein someone was actually stabbed would have been prevented. Also, where are some of your fellow commenters getting the idea that there were 2 suspects?

    1. The source of the confusion over the “2 suspects” might have to do with the story also covering a “March 4 murder near the northwest corner of Santa Monica Boulevard and La Brea Avenue” that occurred prior to the March 22nd incident. They were both stabbings but, unrelated.

      As to the response by Law Enforcement over the first incident on March 22nd over the thrown knife. The response over an alleged knife throwing where no injury occurred, is NOT going to have the same priority over a confirmed stabbing with an injury.

  2. This area has been dodgy for as long as I can remember. I used to live near SMB and La Brea back in the late 70’s. and one practically tripped over the number of cheap male hookers and trannies. One would think that with all of the new, and expensive, rental units that have and are going up the city would address this issue. I think one problem is that this area of Weho is right at the edge of L.A. I’m as liberal as the next guy but this is intolerable.

    1. Well most everyone I have encountered considers me significantly to the left to most liberals and, I feel that any rational person would find an unprovoked stabbing unacceptable. We need law enforcement to leave the Peace Activist alone and, focus their attention on violent crime. In addition we need to address one of the root issues of this problem. Gentrification at the expense of Public, Low Income, Affordable and, Section 8 Housing! By drastically raising the bar for housing without any remedies, a larger percentage of the population has now become homeless with considerable resentment. We need to see the kind of work done by the West Hollywood Community Housing Corporation times 100, it would cost a fraction of what we would spend on putting people in prison.

      1. All the housing in the world won’t stop the trans hookers. Many of these people do not want stability. They want to hustle and buy drugs. No one can force them into a job and housing.

        1. Most “trans hookers” by definition would be employed as a prostitute with significant stability and, at rates that affordable housing would NOT be an issue for them! Also you will find that people with much greater socioeconomic status (SES) have an even higher rate of drug use but, lower rates of addiction. The stressors of belonging to a highly marginalized group is likely a major contributing factor. See the work of Dr. Gabor Maté a leading Psychiatrist in the area of childhood development and trauma, and in their potential lifelong impacts on physical and mental health, including on autoimmune disease, cancer, ADHD, and addictions.

  3. I am the victim that was stabbed in this article and I will have to say I am thankful for how fast the police responded to this-there wasn’t any other homeless people or anything out of the ordinary going on in that area at the time. Things happen unfortunately and I think the biggest thing I would say is I wish I would have been able to defend myself; I am definitely carrying pepper spray from now on. Be aware of the area you are in and be prepared if anything was to happen.

    1. I would first off like to express just how sorry I am that this tragic event took place and, hope you recover from your injuries. I do NOT consider you a “victim” but, a courageous survivor instead! Many times Women and other oppressed groups are singled out for hate crimes by individuals with personal issues and, it is NEVER acceptable. This kind scapegoating builds conflicts, divides people and, diverts attention away from solving the root causes of our social problems. Please know that the people of West Hollywood are very kind people, even the vast majority of low income and homeless people are sympathetic to anyone who suffers injustice. I too have been the victim survivor of violent hate crimes (YES VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN IS A HATE CRIME) and, have found the that the real victims are the perpetrators of such acts because their reactionary mind set keeps them from ever dealing with their real issues or ever playing a constructive role in solving society’s problems.

  4. Will someone add in 3 aggravated assaults and 1 murder within 3 weeks for the new statistics?

    And please, folks, stop with the idea of shutting down McDonalds. That is beyond a naive approach. Do you think if you close bars early it will stop drunk driving? (and now WeHo is considering allowing bars to stay open until 4:00am)

    1. Keeping the bars open to 4am will only compound our problem. Hopefully they won’t even get the chance to vote on it since they already made their intentions clear.

    2. Don’t worry, the system is NOT going to cover up crimes committed in West Hollywood or anywhere else especially if the victims are considered white. Now as for hate crimes against people of color, they are in full denial mode at all times!

      It’s not a matter of shutting down McDonald’s or any other corporate fast food giant selling nutritionally deficient laced with artificial flavorings and designed to get you hooked like crack. Just look at all the people with health problems related to ingesting their products who simply can’t quit. Let’s not forget the employees of these places subjected to substandard working conditions, poverty wages, no benefits, job security, rights of representation or collective bargaining. Hey and what about the environmental impact their non-sustainable practices have in the production of their products?

      Many posters have made an issue of the criminal element at the McDonald’s and their unwillingness to do anything about it. Well, they had no problem physically throwing me out in a real short period of time after I passed out some flyers to their employees and customers!

  5. I’m so sick of these crazy trannies showing zero respect. They walk into Ralphs And are rude and feel entitled to steal anything they please! The city of West Hollywood has failed Us

    1. The rest of the world is more concerned with the insane cisgender heterosexual white males in positions of power that have zero respect for humanity and, the planet. They own multinational corporations like Kroger and Ralph’s, are beyond rude when it comes to their feelings of entitlement when it comes to their pathological wage theft and union busting! It’s capitalism that’s failed us.

  6. Please stop allowing ‘Eric Jon Schmidt’ to use Wehoville as his own personal campaign site. He dominates every discussion with lengthy commentary about the homeless and vilifies those who disagree with him as “homeless haters”. He must have a lot more free time than us working people.

    1. I will not say another word about my campaign in my comments. it was not my intent to use WeHoville as my campaign site and I don’t believe I was. I’m sorry you read it that way.

      I am retired, but I do 40 hours a week of volunteer work which is not a 9 to 5 schedule. most of it is during the night.

      1. Don’t be bullied! You have every right to comment as a candidate for City Council or as a resident.

        Some will agree with your comments and some not. Don’t be repressed! Speak your beliefs.

      2. Eric, feel free to say what you want. I will say that I’ve noticed that you have certainly used this platform as a space to talk about your candidacy, a lot. There’s nothing wrong with that. I’ve grown a little tired of seeing you announce it, again and again, but that’s just me. You are up against entrenched members of the Council who have campaign contributions coming in left and right, from developers. It is tough to compete with them.

        1. FYI-Lauren MEISTER is NOT an entrenched Councilmember. She is in her 3rd year of her 1st term. She also DID NOT take developer money for her campaign.

    2. With fewer posts asking the Wehoville to deny me my 1st Amendment Rights, tells me I need to up my game here! 🙂

      “Eric Jon Schmidt” is doing an excellent job defending vilified oppressed groups like the homeless, speaking truth to power always has consequences and, it’s good to see someone with the courage to do right thing and face the oppression from the establishment.

      Now I’m NOT going to hold it against him for NOT being a paid internet troll working to promote the interests of those in power!

  7. If West Hollywood & Los Angeles continues to coddle the homeless (mostly criminals, addicts, mentally ill psychos), more will come here from all over the country as word gets out of not only great weather but free everything for them. The cities won’t be able to handle the continuously growing problem & crime that comes along with it & taxpayers won’t want to keep paying for ridiculous schemes that won’t solve the problem. There are people who don’t want to be members of society & some live out in the desert by choice. Instead of planting the street people & occupants of these tent cities amongst businesses & residential neighborhoods that will end up like the Anaheim riverbed problem including thousands of hypo needles, tons of garbage, various bodily fluids & excrement, hepatitis outbreaks, crime, unsavory characters, etc, why not set them up in the desert?? There…problem solved (*Mike drop*!)

    1. Sherri

      Are you suggesting building facilities in the Desert for them with Air Conditioning or just dumping them in the desert?

      Hopefully, its not the later because that sounds very much like saying lets just exterminate them. Adolf Hitler felt the same way about Jews and Gays and Gypsies.

      It is very possible that you or someone you love could become homeless. No one should ever say: “That would never happen to me”

      I talk to the Homeless on skid row often and the stories about their lives are incredible. Many of them feel so badly about how they used to think about homeless people.

      A Majority of Americans are on the verge of homelessness. 68% of Americans are a paycheck away from being homeless.

      The average savings rate for Americans is MINUS 8%. Most Americans have no “Buffer” money if their income ended.

      Just because someone is living comfortably at a certain time in his or her life because of opportunities they have had, does not make that person any better than anyone else.

      Please have Compassion.

  8. Cooper,
    I am trying to be helpful. I am on your side.

    I will ask you the same thing I asked JJ who didn’t answer the question. What do you think should be done about the homeless? I want to help figure it out.

    That is one of the reasons I am running for City Council. Council members will not be in office for life as JJ states. There are term limits now.

    I am not soliciting any money for my Campaign, so therefore, I will owe NOTHING TO ANYONE.

    Being a City Council Member will be a Full-Time Position for me. I will keep Regular Business Hours and available to Residents.

    I will work closely with City Directors to make sure that Decisions by the Council don’t sit on someone’s desk for two years as has happened with public cameras.

    All of the other City Council Members have other Full Time Jobs which can limit the time they spend on City Matters and with Constituents.

    I believe in 100% transparency. We have the right to know what the City is doing at all times.

    City Directors have the obligation to us to be Accountable and tell us what they are doing to earn their six figure Salaries.

    I admire those who serve on Committees who work hard for their specific Agendas, but if what they are doing stops at the office above them, nothing will ever get done. The City Directors either need to STEP UP OR STEP DOWN.

    I agree with JJ regarding voter turnout.

    In the last election only 5000 people voted out of the 25,000 registered voters in WEHO.

    That leaves 20,000 people who could have voted but didn’t and 10,000 who were not registered.

    I’m a huge proponent for Building “Homeless Wellness Centers” to get the people off the streets and get them treated. The Centers should have basic medical/ psychiatric and dental care, showers, beds, clean clothes, laundry facilities, short term housing, food preparation. The Centers should also serve as a transition place for people until they can be placed elsewhere.

    There are a monumental amount of details and planning to get this done. I believe we need new leadership to do so an Partnerships with Major Sponsors and Organizations.

    I do not like seeing the tent cities and the odors of feces and urine, but there is nothing we can do about it except help them get off the streets. We can’t just keep kicking them down the road.

    For those who refuse treatment and who are apparently in need of help the Law provides for a County Medical Practitioner to make the decision to “commit” them. I believe it’s called a 5150.

    The undeniable truth is that homelessness is a “New Normal” in America and we need to deal with it. The City Must treat homelessness just like any other City issue like street lights and road repair.

    But, for people to assume that every time there is a crime it was probably a homeless person is irrational. It could be true, but without facts, it is irrational. Plus suspects are innocent until proven guilty.

    Maybe both suspect are homeless, but I wish people would not jump to that conclusion it perpetuates the lack of compassion for those homeless who are not criminals.

    No one can assume anything about any of this until the facts come out.

    I would love to meet with you or anyone else over coffee to discuss what can be done about this and other issues.


    FB Erik Jon Schmidt for WeHo

    1. To answer your question Erik, the first step is acknowledging that the people that we are broadly labeling “the homeless” are not a monolithic group, and they fall into a few major categories.

      1. Otherwise normal, functioning individuals who have had a run of bad luck and have fallen on hard times.

      2. People who are on the street as a result of untreated mental illness.

      3. People who are on the street as a result of major drug addiction.

      4. Career criminals dumped out of the prison system as a result of AB109, Prop 47 & Prop 57 who cannot function in society because they are fundamentally anti social and/or violent personalities.

      Once you separate them out from each other, the problem become easier to approach.

      Group 1. These are the easier cases, and believe it or not there are already a lot of public and private resources available to help them get back on their feet.

      Group 2. This is difficult as the state mental hospitals were shut down decades ago and these people were left to rot, cycling between jail and the streets.

      Group 3. Similar to number 2 and a lot of overlap as many are self medicating. Again, they need treatment facilities that address their underlaying problems and give them a fighting chance at rehabilitating their lives.

      4. Lifelong criminals, sociopaths and psychopaths. Little chance at rehab and they rightfully belong in jail where they can’t do any more harm to the public at large.

      So short answer to a big question, we need to build a network of statewide treatmeant/rehab facilities to treat the mentally ill and the addicts.

      That will get them off of the streets and out of the jails and prisons so that they are no longer over crowded, and so that group number 4 can be locked up to protect the rest of the population.

      1. JJ,

        Now your talking. I agree with you on many points. especially when you say: “So short answer to a big question, we need to build a network of statewide treatment/rehab facilities to treat the mentally ill and the addicts”

        I just wish you would have included one more group of people who ended up on the street because they lost their job, had no friends to help them, no family to help them.

        And I hope you would at least entertain the idea that the mentally ill are not at fault. It’s a disease. they have no control over it without medication. Also it was the choice of the drug addict to start using, but once it becomes a chemical addiction they have lost control. Many of them don’t want to be drug addicts.

        Thank you for getting the conversation started, now we need to figure out how to do solve the problem.

        We cannot forget that the homelessness situation was made worse in the 80’s when Ronald Reagan cut off all the Federal Funding for Mental Hospitals so the States had to close and dump the patients on the streets with no help.


    2. Reality Check

      Here is a cold hard fact: There are 57,794 homeless people in the Greater Los Angeles Area. It is an insurmountable problem. It has taken WeHo about 2 1/2 years to build a 22 unit facility on Detroit, 8 of those units are already spoken for by low income and disabled residents who were displaced by the project. So, how long will it take and where will the other necessary 57,772 units to house everyone in need, be built?


      For the time being I feel we must concentrate on getting the violent individuals and the criminal transients off the streets and out of the neighborhoods.

      Someone mentioned increased police presence and it may be the only answer in the immediate future.

      If someone has a practical solution for the crisis that is homelessness, they should receive the Nobel Prize

      1. Though the problem of homeless people is hardly one of Nobel caliber, I would agree that that the people working to solve the problem would be deserving of the prize! Do consider that already far more money is currently being spent on individual law enforcement and military projects than what it would take to solve the homeless problem. The number of Empty Homes Outnumber the Homeless 6 to 1! How is this a difficult problem to solve?

    3. Eric Jon Schmidt…if you’re running for something, don’t be so long-winded. People will be asleep by the end of your speech or answer to a question.

      1. NO, he is making some very good points! Most people running for office only promote themselves with meaningless slogans. Given the very serious concerns many people including myself have, our attention is peaked when someone is willing to take on the issues.

    4. Erik Jon Schmidt
      The Campaign of
      ME, MYSELF & I

      By his own admission doesn’t know or speak with any city staff or city council members.

      Good Luck as an “Amy of One” w limited scope.

      1. There is no requirement of being besties with other office holders in order to get elected! He is doing a great job in covering the issues.

      2. Thank you for the advise. please read my short platform on my Facebook page which is Erik Jon Schmidt for Weho

        I will not say another word about my campaign here.

        However the fact that I don’t know any current council Members is a plus for me.

    5. Don’t be so naive. It’s a well proven fact that large numbers of homeless people and increases in crime in the same area are all too real…

      1. Just exactly whose “proven fact” is that? The definition and publication of “crime” has consistently been narrowly tailored throughout history as to fit an unpopular oppressed minority group and, promote intolerance!

  9. This area is becoming more unsafe as the weeks go by. Yeah, they’ve stepped up foot and bike patrols, but the influx of homeless, drug addicts and mental cases has increased exponentially. Call me a hater, I don’t give a F but what I do want is a safer neighborhood, to be able to walk without fear after dark, and not see trannies on every corner.
    If you care so much about the homeless, the transients, trannies and drug addicts, have them set up camp outside your home. How’s that for being a homeless hater.

    1. This entire planet is becoming unsafe as weeks go by do to industrial emissions and, the whole sale repeal of regulations to curb them. And this is perhaps the single threat to the survival of the human species! A system failing to provide any social justice will see exponential increases in social problems as well. The last time I was robbed it was a cisgender individual, should I live in fear of them in the dark? Hatred of Transgender People is unacceptable and, completely unjustified!

      For a fraction of what is spend to incarcerate a significant percentage of the population and the USA being #1 in this area, we could easily provide people with housing and drug treatment. What if we set out to solve our problems by helping them as opposed to hurting them?

  10. I am happy to hear both suspects are in custody. I hope the victim is OK.

    Both suspects may be homeless based on their behavior. Hopefully Wehoville can update the story as details become available.

    Even if they are not, that doesn’t negate the problems associated with the homeless. Crimes, drugs, defecation, needles, etc… Perhaps you’re ok living among that, but I am not.

    Calling people “homeless haters” is juvenile and misdirected. We have a right to want our streets safe & clean without being subjected to crack heads and crime.

    1. So if the people custody happen to not fit the stereotype of the homeless you are promoting, you still feel completely justified in your narrative? Anyone who falls out of favor by those in power is at the very least in danger of becoming “homeless” or “refugees.”

  11. joe:

    Are you admitting to being a homeless hater?

    And a tranny hater?

    What proof do you have that he was on drugs?

    Is it possible he has mental problems and not on drugs?

    Is there any possibility that he does have a job?

    Are you capable of knowing all that about him by just that one picture?

    That’s amazing. You are incredible.

    1. This is how you are running for City Council? By repeatedly commenting on WeHoVille articles and comments? You are not doing yourself any favors.

      LOOK at the picture. Look at his eyes.

      Calling people names is not the way to win votes, Mr. Schmidt. You’ve already guaranteed that I will not vote for you.

      Telling people to say off our streets until their ride has arrived is surrendering to the criminal element That is unacceptable.

  12. The problem is these worthless idiots on the city council know only a few thousand people turn up each election and no matter how many scandals they have swirling around them, they have a job for life.


    All they care about is parading around basking in their perceived self importance while entire neighborhoods are being terrorized by this ever expanding population of transient drug addicts and prop 47 & 57 parolees.

    Whose streets?

    Not our streets.

    Not unless you want to get stabbed or have your head chopped open with an axe by some maniac high on bath salts and meth.

    As for the Sheriff’s substation, Eastsiders have been BEGGING for one for over a decade.

    But as I said, the city council DOES NOT CARE. They never have and they never will, no matter how many people get hurt. It’s all a big joke to them.

  13. That corner has always been a mess. The mess moved from the replaced Carl’s Jr. to the McDonald’s. McDonald’s does it’s best to shoo them out of there but they congregate on the sidewalks in that area and can be down right aggressive with panhandling and fighting with each other. I’ve noticed an awful lot of psych patients wandering along La Brea as well. It all adds up to a dicey situation for regular folks just trying to go about their business…

  14. Another example of why we need a sheriff sub station at SMB and LBA.

    The words LOS ANGELES SHERIFFS DEPARTMENT, lit up at night on the corner would dissuade criminal behavior.

    That McDonald’s closing at 10:00pm or permanently would reduce the amount of people in the area late at night.

    Sadly, being out at that time makes you a target. If at all possible, people should not leave the building or home until he Uber is actually there unless it’s a very safe place with a lot of people around.

    I have been hearing from friends all over the Country and World that they hear about the crime in West Hollywood. Like I said to the Public Safety Director: Step up or Step Down. Earn your $200,000. We need action NOW! I am so grateful that know one was killed this time.

    We now have serious crimes two nights in a row, looks like neither of them are perpetrated by homeless people.

    What say you now “homeless haters”?

      1. There’s a good chance the trauma from the abuse she faced as a Transgender Employee in a hostel work place may of well contributed to the drug addiction and mental health problems that are at the root of her anti-social behavior. The research in this area tends to indicate that and, dealing with this trauma is what makes a successful recovery!

    1. I’m not sure having a sub-station in itself would make much of a difference, although in this case, I guess they could maybe have responded faster. My friend was severely beaten on the opposite corner of San Vicente from the Sheriff’s station. A flag was set on fire on the wall of the Sheriff’s station, another time.

      We definitely need more police presence, and those cameras need to go up ASAP. No more studies, no more waiting. My friend was assaulted almost 3 years ago, this Memorial Day, and it infuriates me that it has taken this long. And we need more of them than they are proposing. I don’t think the ones at SMB and La Brea would have caught this.

      1. Well how about having a significant number of EMTs (Emergency Medical Technicians) and Paramedics on the streets with Med Kits to help people so they are not driven to a life of crime? Cost less then Jack Boot Law Enforcement and, it has been proven to be more effective. Or even having Cops who work on fighting violent crime and, getting addicts to treatment and the homeless to shelter.

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