Car Hits Golf Cart on Fountain

Golf cart after crash on Fountain Avenue at Fuller. (Photo by Jim Garrecht / ANG News)

West Hollywood Sheriff deputies responded to a reported traffic collision on Fountain Avenue and Fuller, just behind Plummer Park, just after 10 p.m. Friday. Deputies discovered that a white Kia had collided with a golf cart type vehicle.

The driver of the Kia indicated he was traveling westbound on Fountain in the left lane and the golf cart was traveling in the same direction in the right lane. As the Kia approached the intersection with Fuller, the driver of the golf cart made a sudden left turn in front of him and a collision occurred, with the golf cart ending up on the sidewalk.

There were no injuries and West Hollywood Sheriff deputies towed the golf cart as it wasn’t legal to drive one on the street.

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2 years ago

Yesterday afternoon about 2 pm, while walking east on north side of Fountain past Laurel, a westbound SUV had its horn blowing with some enhanced siren sounding mechanism, and a driver making wild gestures following closely behind other vehicles. The light turned red and the driver stopped but just couldn’t wait at the light, abruptly turned into oncoming traffic then took a left south on Laurel with other cars screeching to a halt to avoid a three car collision. Unbelievable! A few yards further east was a downed street light pole, broken shrubbery and vehicle parts apparently from another recent… Read more »

Jim Nasium
Jim Nasium
2 years ago

Golf cart on Fountain, it doesn’t get any dumber than that.