Man Dies in Stabbing This Morning on La Brea Near Santa Monica Boulevard

Bloody sidewalk in front of the Dylan on Santa Monica Boulevard (Photo by Jim Garrecht / ANG News)

A man was fatally stabbed to death early this morning near the northwest corner of Santa Monica Boulevard and La Brea Avenue.

The attack occurred a little before 1:15 a.m., said Deputy Wally Bracks of the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Information Bureau.

Detectives at the crime scene said the man appeared to have been stabbed after an altercation near the McDonalds at 1133 N. La Brea Ave. on La Brea Avenue just north of Santa Monica.

“Investigators learned that there was a verbal argument between the victim and an unknown person,” Bracks said. “The verbal argument escalated into a physical altercation. During the altercation, the victim was stabbed at least one time on his upper body.”

Someone at the scene later this morning told WEHOville that there was a blood trail from La Brea around the corner to Santa Monica Boulevard, and a pool of blood just outside the bus stop on the north west corner of Santa Monica and La Brea.

The man was found on the sidewalk behind that bus stop, which is in in front of The Dylan apartment building at 7111 Santa Monica Blvd.

Paramedics rushed the man to the hospital, where he was later pronounced dead, Bracks said. The suspect fled on foot in an unknown direction and the murder weapon has not been recovered.

Sheriff’s homicide detectives ask anyone with information regarding the stabbing to call them at (323) 890-5500.

The sidewalk surrounding The Dylan has been closed temporarily to pedestrian traffic for an investigation.

Scene of stabbing incident on Santa Monica Boulevard at La Brea (Photo Brian Holt)

  1. With all the money at that corner, new condos and business’s, Trader Joe’s AMAZON. Why don’t they kick in some money for private security. One car going from LaBrea to Gardner.

  2. At one time there was talk about placing an auxiliary police station at the Gateway Center, but the management refused having it. Additionally, two years ago the Sheriff ‘s Department had a foot patrol in the area during the evening hours. This was discontinued due to either funding or lack of man power.

  3. All of you commentators must be new to L.A. That corner has been dangerous for at least the past 40 years. And you can gentrify it all want and it won’t change a thing because all of this gentrification throughout L.A. is what’s causing all of these problems to proliferate. Not everybody can afford (or wants to pay) a minimum 14 or 1500 a month for an apartment that’s really only worth 5 or 600.

  4. McDonald’s is dodgy I agree but this incident didn’t happen at McDonalds it happened behind the bus shelter (4 & 704) that’s on SMB (north side) and McDonald’s had been closed over an hour (drive thru only) so its a bit harsh to say McDonald’s is the problem, that area as been a hotspot for prostitution for years and years !

  5. Like the problem 7-11 parking lot on Santa Monica just west of Fairfax, McDonald should be required to have a security guard there 24/7. Although I like one of their breakfast meals I refuse to patronize this McDonalds. Drag Queens and hustlers seem to have made this their home. I find it very uncomfortable to both sit in the restaurant or even park my car outside.

  6. I agree Erik – I live on the north side of the 7111 SM blvd. And I hear it every night. And I get the lights in my bed. Its upsetting. Its distiurbing. And apparently – its homicidal.

  7. We’ve been begging for a greater police presence on the Eastside in general and that corner in particular for years. Now with
    homeless encampments exploding near the park our cry for help will soon be turning to screams at the ballot box. Council members up for re-election be forwarned… We will not stand for this much longer. Do soemthing NOW!

  8. Once you get rid of the Mc Donald’s at 1133 N. La Brea Ave you will eliminate most of the crime in the area. The owner refuses to tear it down because it is a cash cow to them regardless of the type of people it attracts. The family of the person that died should sue that Mc Donald’s as they are liable for the type of people they cater to at that time of night. This is not an isolated event. Please West Hollywood City Council; close down this Mc Donald’s and the area will improve immediately. I live in the Domain Apartments next to the Mc Donald’s and the Dylan Apartments and I fear walking my dogs at night because of the transient population Mc Donald’s attracts. Thank you

    1. McDonald’s, regardless of what you think of the restaurant, has a right to operate there and should not have to employ security guards. It seems to me, the problem is the police not enforcing existing laws.

    2. OMG. Don’t blame it on McDonald’s. They have been a part of this community for over 30 years. They have hired a private security guard. The city and the sheriffs should be giving them some extra help. They leveled Carl’s Jr’s And that didn’t help! Across the street is the plaza area at Target where MANY transients hang out. The crime at Target jumped due to theft. Should we get rid of all the businesses on the corner? Eddie, I think you are being a bit unreasonable. To say it is a “cash cow” for the owner is a strange way to look at a successful business. The city needs to step up with a plan to house the homeless and arrest the criminals who are hanging out on the Eastside of WEHO. The owners of the Dylan should also have more security for their luxury apartments. Blood and bodies on the pavement are never a good thing

    3. It’s not the McDonald’s- it’s the bus stops. The McDonald’s isn’t the reason transients are hanging outside of the Dylan.

      I do agree that the restaurant is a hot spot for trans hookers.

  9. This is Terrible. Avoid any comments, insults, conversation that could escalate to this. If there is no reason to be out at night alone, don’t do it. There should Be a Sheriff’s Deputy posted at the corner after dark. It is a known “unsafe” area at night. The City should put a squad Car on the Target corner at night with the lights on like they do on the corner of SMB and SVB during the holidays with the smashed car. The businesses in the area should be required to have quality, color video cameras covering every square inch. I was in that McDonald’s a week ago and did not feel safe. All of the businesses in the SMB/LBA should make an effort to improve public safety at all hours.

    1. The city council approved cameras at that intersection well over a year ago but the city still hasn’t installed then.

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