New WeHo Dog Parks Will Close for 2 Weeks to Accommodate Elton John Academy Awards Party

Local residents Jimmy Palmieri, left, and Sam Borelli, right, introducing their dogs at the off-leash area of West Hollywood Park.

The two off-leash dog parks in West Hollywood Park, which opened on Jan. 13, now will be closed for two weeks to accommodate the Elton John AIDS Foundation’s annual Academy Awards viewing party.

An announcement from City Hall says the closure will begin on Feb. 21 to allow for setup of the Academy Awards event, which takes place on March 4. The dog parks will re-open on March 8. The closure affects the entire north end of the park, including the basketball courts between the two dog parks.

During the closure the city will undertake some additional construction-related tasks at the dog parks, which are located at the north end of West Hollywood park.

“The City of West Hollywood recognizes that this closure impacts park patrons, community members and animal companions, and we appreciate your patience,” says the city announcement.

Plummer Park, located at 7377 Santa Monica Blvd. will remain open for park patrons and the off-leash dog park at William S. Hart Park, 8341 De Longpre Ave., will remain open.

Residents with questions related to the closure of the north end of West Hollywood Park, including the dog parks, are asked to contact the City of West Hollywood’s Department of Public Works at (323) 848-6375.

  1. There are seriously so many places he could’ve picked that didn’t inconvenience so many people to have this event . And it’s a really long time my dog has nowhere to play or run and I don’t drive so I can’t take him to other parks. For a good cause or not it was a very BS decision. He also kicked out homeless and people, people that play basketball, and children that play there everyday . It’s pure ignorance . There are tons of parks and large grassed areas that could have been picked ….

  2. LOL. Sadly typical of Wehoians re: improvements to the city. Step 1: Complain about not having park amenities or about an old building needing rehab. Step 2: Get gifted with these awesome things they want. Step 3: Complain about the obviously necessary associated noise, traffic detours, CHARITY accommodations, color of the building, color of the grass, etc. etc. etc. Love it.

    1. The entitlement exhibited by many Wehoians about the dog park closure is embarrassing. As a taxpayer in this wonderful City I, and so many other tax payers who share my opinion but don’t take the time to comment on these boards, recognize how much planning and effort goes into the EJAF event. Their goal is an AIDS free future, which for many in this City, including dog guardians, is too late or can’t happen soon enough. This event is an incredible undertaking and there are no other large parks in West Hollywood that can accommodate such a large event.
      EJAF, and other future events in the parks, must be shared with the community at large. Getting negative about the park closing for three to four weeks out of the year, after going 30 something years without a dog park, is nothing but whiny entitlement by a select few. West Hollywood Park, EJAF, CSW Pride, and the Dog Parks are all wonderful amenities this City is fortunate to host, share and be proud of.

  3. The event (or city) could provide security fencing to allow access to the courts and dog parks but perhaps not during the actual event itself. Sixteen days is waaaaaay too long and the “repairs”line seems like a silly excuse.

  4. At first I thought this was excessive, but upon further reflection it is not.
    The event is for an AIDS charity that’s raised nearly $400M to treat and prevent HIV.
    Elton is a generous member of our community and a fearless gay activist and icon.
    Surely, we can be inconvenienced for the greater good. Let’s think about the people being helped as a result of this event and the work they do to protect the health & rights of those with HIV. This is his contribution.

    (I am not associated with Elton nor am I getting a ticket for my comment, although I would take one. Lol.)

  5. I think it’s ok as long as Elton make a contribution in some way which will directly affect the dog owners and dogs who will be displaced for the event.

  6. Commissioner’s were not informed by staff of this closing at Public Facilities Meeting. The two new, off-leash dog parks, should have been discussed for input from commissioner’s at the February 14th meeting. Commissioner’s found out : < ((( the same way the public did. By this article and posting on on February 17, 2018. Even the PFC was taken by surprise???

  7. Dear Elton John AIDS Foundation: Please have some respect and consideration to the community by not overstepping your bounds under the guise of “park repairs”. Be a good citizen.

  8. Sorry I do not agree that so many residents should be inconvenienced. Will somebody call a meeting and broker a deal?

  9. Does Elton John know that West Hollywood has a very liberal policy regarding sexual harassment with $500,000 payoffs to victims and politicians not having to resign?

    AKA the West Hollywood anti-hashtag-metoo policy that accommodated John Duran’s Grindr troubles.

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