Cyclist Sideswiped by an SUV on Robertson Boulevard Today

A cyclist apparently sideswiped by a car on Robertson Boulevard this afternoon. (Photo by Jim Garrecht / ANG News)

A cyclist was apparently sideswiped by a BMW SUV this afternoon on Robertson Boulevard.

At approximately 4:30 p.m. Sheriff’s deputies and the L.A. County fire department were notified of collision, which took place between Melrose Avenue and Santa Monica Boulevard.

They arrived to find the bicyclist sitting on the curb after being sideswiped. The cyclist appeared to have road rash and was transported to the hospital for a medical evaluation.

West Hollywood sheriff’s deputies are handling the investigation.

  1. The fact remains that bike riding in West Hollywood is not safe. And will never be. You have vehicles with 1000x more force than you when you get on that bike who can easily injure/kill you. This is a transient town with people from all kinds of cultures and ways of thinking. And you’ll never know which ones are respectful of bicyclists or their state of mind. It’s not a “small town” with people who have lived here their entire life. There are many drugged people, distracted people, tourists, etc. It’s basically a city people sometimes stop and visit but mostly they are IN A HURRY to get across town. They are on their PHONES. They are drugged. They are narcissistic. Of course not everyone fits that profile but many do and that’s a fact. And the city pushing bikes here is highly irresponsible. I grew up in a small town on the East Coast, or at least during the summers to visit grandparents. I LOVED TO BIKE. But it was truly a small, spread out town of less than 15k, people drove slower, the streets were wide. It wasn’t a transient town. It’s a place where almost no one moved out of so chances are you knew the person riding the bike next to you. I love biking and bicyclists but this is not the city for it. That’s my view. I would never encourage a loved one to ride a bike in West Hollywood unless it was in the confines of a public park.

    1. Even when cyclists take a foolhardy risk for themselves, they are exponentially endangering others. A reasonable level of vigilance on behalf of cyclists and drivers is just not there. Even folks on foot walking on sidewalks are not paying attention with their noses in their phones including crossing streets. Alert folks can crash trying to avoid the mindless.

      Why the city continues to endorse and/or turn a blind eye to risky situations I will never know.

  2. PJ, by telling cyclists to stay off the road, you are putting the responsibility on them to avoid accidents. I see that as blame, or, at the very least, telling them they are unwelcome, because there’s no other solution. There seem to be a lot of people with this attitude who comment on each and every article on this site that mentions bicycles.

  3. Um Randy, if you read the comments from me you’d see I was not blaming the cyclists. I know reading comprehension is a stretch for some people. If anything, I’m pointing out the obvious. It’s dangerous to ride a bike in West Hollywood primarily due to distracted, drugged, narcissistic, phone texting DRIVERS. Would I let me kids bike in West Hollywood? Absolutely not. Would I encourage my parents visiting from the East Coast? Absolutely not. It’s not a safe place to ride a bike. It’s just a face that’s not going to change.

  4. PJ, I was just waiting to see who would be the first person to chime in who will blame the bicyclist.

    How about people share the road?

  5. Thankfully, the cyclist wasn’t significantly injured.

    Educated cyclists know which streets are better than others when it comes to interaction with vehicles. This particular section of Robertson is narrow with lots of parallel parking. San Vicente or the streets to the west of Robertson are safer choices for cyclists.

  6. DO NOT RIDE BIKES IN WEST HOLLYWOOD.. It’s too dangerous! We are not on the beach folks. And end this money losing Pedals program before someone gets killed. Jimmy Kimmel just got in a major accident today by the way on Sunset. Everyone is on their phones or high as a kite. I went to store yesterday and all I could smell was pot coming out of cars. One almost hit me. It’s too dangerous to ride bikes in L.A. Drugged, distracted, narcissistic drivers in L.A.

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