Tomi Lahren Didn’t Find Love, or Agreement, in West Hollywood

Here’s guessing that Tomi Lahren won’t be partying in WeHo anytime soon.

The 25-year-old Fox News contributor, who recently moved to Los Angeles from Texas (she grew up in South Dakota), visited WeHo and Venice on Monday to find out what Californians think about the fact that the state, and West Hollywood, are designated “sanctuary cities.”

fox news
Tomi Lahren doing interviews on the northwest corner of Santa Monica Boulevard at San Vicente.

She walked the block of Santa Monica Boulevard from San Vicente toward Robertson Boulevard, stopping people on the sidewalk for interviews and catching the eyes of many who either knew her from her TV appearances or were struck by her long blonde hair, very high heels and very short skirt — the Boystown equivalent of doing the walk shirtless in tight shorts.

Lahren, a virulent opponent of idea of sanctuary cities for undocumented immigrants, shared what she learned on Fox News Insider yesterday in a conversation with Sean Hannity, the conservative commentator.

It appears from the video published above that the West Hollywood locals (with one exception) don’t share her love for Donald Trump’s extradition plans. Her position got support from one young man and a woman interviewed on the boardwalk in Venice.

Despite that, Lahren told Hannity that “California is not a lost cause. I promise you it’s not. There are so many undercover conservatives in this state that I’ve spoken to that are level-headed that don’t like the fact that it’s a sanctuary state.”

And she said she “did encounter a lot of respectful people that like what we do…on Fox news, that like what I do.”

But Lahren said “a lot of Californian are into the whole ‘peace, love and welcome everyone’ — unless you’re Tomi Lahren or Fox News,” she said.

“It’s a very liberal area,” she said. “It’s what they call the epicenter of the Resistance, and they certainly know who I was, and there were some words that I can’t repeat on national television that they were screaming at me.”

“I reminded them that they are supposed to be the loving and tolerant Left, welcoming everyone. Unless you’re Tomi Lahren and Fox News and then you’re supposed to get out.”

Tomi Lahren interviews “Tom” in West Hollywood (Fox News)

  1. First, let me say I’m no saint – not by a long shot – but I work on stuff that bugs me about myself that I see all around me too. That Said,

    Am I the only person who is weary of what has become constant Twit for Tat(bet you thought I was going to use a different word) on Twitter by all of the legislators with whom I agree on issues, but am becoming really disillusioned by for sinking just as low as Trump or anyone else who uses twitter, etc as their whining platform or way to ‘Teach Trump a lesson’ – good luck. The commentary here on this quasi reporter’s visit is in the same class. One of what I believe is the nations biggest divisive ills is what I used to call a barking dog issue. When the dog can see you, it is barking barking…- the door closes and the dog gets in that last ‘I showed you bark’ and trots away. If we continue having to get in the last word, we’ll never heal.

    I recently learned the hard way that once a reporter joins the Fox Fold, even if like Phil Schuman a former ch 7 Anchor, never say yes to them if they walk in to your open door because their camera man will be soon to follow, and the interview will be edited to make you sound like the idiot I sounded like on the news.

    My suggestion: Let’s start a movement to ignore and remove Certain apps like Twitter – I only said ‘like’ Twitter – ahem ahem, One of the most absolutely infuriating things to do to a Narcissist as described in the DSM-IV is to ignore them. Ignoring them takes away their power, and it drives them even more nuts than they already are. There are 9(I think) characteristics listed under the narcissism personality disorder, if someone exhibits at least 6 of them, then they meet the diagnosis. Guess which person in the White House is 9 for 9.

    OH yeah, the same goes for FOX staff too.

  2. I know there are many immigration issues. The so called “Dreamers” are nothing but Regular US Residents/Citizens. Anyone before age 3 (4 or 5 ??) Are raised will ALL the Attributes of Americans (For good & Bad … We speak, watch, and Over CONSUME … As is the American Standard).
    Besides, WE WANT & NEED the largest possible population of young, healthy “American Speaking … Our English is not like England’s) to WORK, PAY TAXES & SOCIAL SECURITY/MEDICARE and all that we all gripe about being taken out of US Paychecks. Birth rates are down, Babyboomers are living longer, but we need youth to fund the elderly (as has always been the case)
    BEST OF ALL … Unlike most poor emigrants, The “Dreamers” won’t be sending large portions of their low income back out of the US. Dreamers families are here, they we’re raised on American Culture (tv/internet) And will spend a disproportionate amount of income on Consumer Products …BOOSTING THE ECONOMY.
    Imagine being reported to a county with a different language & 3rd world infrastructure.
    Angela Merkle let so many Islamic Refugees into Germany NOT out of liberal or compassionate values. She saw the big picture. Germany was having much lower birth rates an a vast aging population. She did it for the future youth to grow & enter the German workforce. They don’t speak German, socially so different ..It will be hard.
    WE HAVE the young Fully Americanized population …AS WE NEED if they were given US Citizenship and Tax Paying and Overspending JUST LIKE ALL AMERICANS). I know people will say “not me. I am frugal … That is such a tiny percentage of the 350 million Americans)

  3. From 2009 to 2016, the Obama administration oversaw the forcible removal of more than 3 million undocumented immigrants—most of whom were sent back to Mexico. Neither Bill Clinton, nor George W. Bush, Obama’s two predecessors, came close in reaching his tally over their two terms. (Newsweek April 2017)

  4. and there is no “crack-down” on immigrants. The “crack-down” is on people entering this country ILLEGALLY. Illegally means…against the law.

  5. yeah…we’re “AUTO-SUFFICIENT”…Gov. Jerry Brown on Tuesday said the state is projected to run a $1.6-billion deficit by next summer. Yeah, “auto-sufficient” that’ll work.

  6. You all need to understand CALIFORNIA IS AUTO-SUFFICIENT!!!! that is why they were trying to push CALEXIT. CALIFORNIA IS SICK AND TIRED of all these crackdowns on immigrants, bc California embraces the cheap labor that comes from these immigrants. !!! We heavily need labor in agriculture. CALIFORNIA feeds the entire nation not only with produce but with taxes. CALIFORNIA is the richest state in the nation providing the highest state tax revenues. In simpler words: CALIFORNIA DOES NOT NEED MONEY FROM ANY STATE OR FEDERAL FUNDING. SO STOP THE BS. THE REAL BREAD WINNERS SHOULD DECIDE HOW TO RUN THEIR STATE.


  7. Yah, no ladies with long blonde hair and short skirts in Southern California. We need to enforce the laws. We need to make it easier for immigrants to become citizens, but WE NEED TO ENFORCE THE LAWS. Ever checked out what is involved for Americans to have residency in Mexico? All countries have restrictions, many are tighter than ours.

  8. Cy Hussain,

    I love your passion and interest (because they mirror mine), but seriously, “We’re well on the way to shutting down this mess.”

    Have you seen a recent map of the the multitude of pipes that crisscross this vast country?
    Did you see The Intercept report of protests in states far from DAPL?

    I don’t see it happening, but jeez, you can still surprise me.

  9. My point was that a sanctuary city is a city that limits its cooperation with the federal government’s effort to enforce immigration law. So the point was, whey should the Federal government allocate federal funds to states that willfully give the finger to the Federal government. Federal government laws and regulations supersedes any state’s. I posted that excerpt to inform.

  10. JJ – respectfully, you’re very off about federal preemption and what a sanctuary city actually means. Just copying and pasting part of the US Constitution means very little without an understanding of the document and context/analysis.

  11. Oh, and out of the 12 people shown being interviewed, 3 agreed that illegal immigration is just that…illegal. 25%

  12. “The preemption doctrine originates from the supremacy clause of Article 6 of the U.S. Constitution. This doctrine states that any federal law, even if it is only a regulation from a federal agency, supersedes any conflicting state law, even if that law is part of the state’s constitution.”

  13. Josh – I think what he meant was why should a state receive Federal dollars if they’re sticking their nose up to and refusing to follow Federal Law. If you want Federal dollars, states should be following Federal Law. Federal law supersedes State Law.

  14. Sean Hannity asks “Why should they get federal dollars in any way if they are literally aiding and abetting law breaking? – as a state!”

    I wonder where he thinks “federal dollars” come from.

  15. Looks like the bigoted bleach blonde bimbo (bbbb) has to admit that I had more success with my political activism in her part of the country protesting the Dakota Access Pipeline #NODAPL with the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, then she had in promoting racism in my home, the Great City of West Hollywood! In North and South Dakota, Native Americans and their supporters exercising their 1st Amendment rights in expressing many legitimate Environmental concerns faced serious violence from heavily armed paramilitary UNLICENSED security forces. This includes unarmed nonviolent protesters being bitten by attack dogs!

    As for bbbb, she FACED NO VIOLENCE in promoting her racist agenda to deny Native Americans (keep in mind that many LATINX people are Genetically Native American) their Constitutional Rights! As I and many others with even basic Constitutional Law have pointed out, state and local governments have a Constitutional right to refuse to help enforce federal law! And there is precedent to support this like Printz v. United States (1997) and New York v. United States (1992), the Supreme Court has ruled that the Tenth Amendment forbids federal “commandeering” of state governments to help enforce federal law. Given the FACT that the West Hollywood Security Ambassadors and Sheriff’s Department completely allowed bbbb to spout her nonsense unmolested as opposed to being mauled by attack dogs, should go to show we are the better people!

    The Dakota Access Pipeline (a cause also close to bbbb’s heart) has already suffered serious leaks well before becoming fully operational, this completely validates the concerns of the Native American Environmentalists.

    The good news is that in Court the Judge Orders Dakota Access Pipeline Spill Response Plan, with Tribe’s Input! We’re well on the way to shutting down this mess.

    Now in bbbb’s home of South Dakota regulators said they can revoke TransCanada’s permit for the 7-year-old Keystone Pipeline (another dangerous pipeline loved by bbbb) if an investigation into a large oil spill discovered recently concludes the company violated its terms!

    So how is bbbb’s (including the one appointed president by the electoral college) ethnic cleansing campaign going? Judge William Alsup of Federal District Court in the Great City of San Francisco wrote that the administration must “maintain the DACA program on a nationwide basis” as the legal challenge to the president’s decision goes forward.

    Hey bbbb it’s called WINNING!

  16. jeffrey ward—There are tremendous restrictions and regulations placed on capital, goods, and services moving across borders. FYI.

  17. The 800 pound gorilla in the room is that employers are willing to skirt the law. The GOP needs to look at the real law-breakers, the employers, agriculture, service industry, etc., not unlike the fact that without demand there would BE no drug cartels. We have no choice but to give these people green cards. If the U.S. government truly wants all the undocumented immigration to stop, then e-verify should be law. They didn’t have it back in Reagan’s day.

  18. There would be no such thing as Illegal Immigration if people were allowed to move as freely across borders as capital, goods, and services!

  19. I have many friends who have become US citizens. It took a lot of time. It’s not fair that people come into this country illegally. Every nation has borders and it’s illegal to cross into a country without that country granting you the permission to do so. Everyone has compassion for those that what to live here but they can not do it illegally. We must enforce our laws or they mean nothing. When the city of Los Angeles doesn’t have the money to fix their own sidewalk but has $10 million dollars in a defense fund for illegal immigrants, there is something very wrong here. Granted you can’t just deport millions that have already gotten away with entering this country illegally. We have to find a way to give them a path to citizenship but at the same time we need to secure our border and stop this practice.

  20. With few exceptions, it’s striking to note that most of the interviews chosen were from people who are informed on the issues surrounding this debate. It reflects an informed, active, well-spoken citizenry. Kudos to us!

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