Candlelight Vigil for WeHo Jesus Set for Sunday at West Hollywood Park

WeHo Jesus, aka Kevin Short and Kevin Lee Light, will be remembered on Sunday at a candlelight vigil at West Hollywood Park.

Councilmembers John D’Amico and John Duran are confirmed as speakers at the event, which will take place at 4:30 p.m. on the open lawn near the park’s basketball courts on San Vicente Boulevard south of Santa Monica Boulevard. Also attending will be Kevin Short’s father, Dale.

Kevin Short, aka Kevin Lee Light and WeHo Jesus (Photo from The WeHoans, courtesy of the City of West Hollywood).

Short died of a lung-related illness on Dec. 13 at the age of 57. His death was only made public earlier this week, and it sparked a flurry of media coverage and statements of sadness regret from his large number of friends and fans.

As WeHo Jesus, Short was perhaps the best known of West Hollywood’s collection of eccentric residents. He has been profiled everywhere from Los Angeles magazine to Huffington Post to the U.K.’s Independent newspaper and recognized by Thrillist as one of “L.A.’s 12 Most Loveable Local Weirdos.”

“Kevin is such a celebrity on Sunset Boulevard that he has featured in Lana Del Rey’s music videos and rock band Aerosmith even wrote a song, ‘Street Jesus,’ about him,” The Independent said.

A 6’7” tall and slender man with long hair and a beard, Short caught the eye of locals and visitors as he walked the streets of West Hollywood and Hollywood wearing sandals and a long robe that evoked the image of Jesus Christ. He was known for allowing tourists and locals to have their photos taken with him without requesting a fee, a common practice on Hollywood Boulevard. He also was known for his willingness to sit for a cup of coffee and talk.

Short was a gay man and on several occasions appeared at the annual LA Pride festival and parade in a sort of quiet protest against the religious fundamentalists who each year turned up to protest the event. He also was not religious, despite his look.  Short grew up in Pasadena and has worked as an actor. He has appeared in a number of videos, including several of the “Wehoan” public service videos produced by the City of West Hollywood. Lisa Belsanti, the city’s director of communications, said Short declined to be paid for his work and actually brought donuts for everyone on the production set.

The vigil is organized by Vini DiMambro of Steven Petrarca Events. DiMambro said he was inspired to create the event by his 20 or so interactions with WeHo Jesus. “He always took the time to say hello and talk,” DiMambro said.

Those attending are encouraged to bring candles and lighters along with flowers and photos.

  1. It looks from the photos that about 30 people were able to come to the Candlelight Vigil and probably if there had of been more time and notice and on a different day and time probably over 100 people or more would have been there to pay their respects.

  2. I actually didn’t realize that it was going to rain today, so please disregard my comment. But I wish they could have found a time that wasn’t on a busy Sunday, with 48 hours notice. I appreciate them trying.

  3. Jerome, I agree. That’s what I thought of, as well. Monday evening would have been better. I appreciate that they put effort into organizing this, but this may have not been the best date/time.

  4. It is a nice gesture, and he was a beloved local character. Jerome also makes a good point about the timing. And I am reminded of the passing of another local character, and surprised that there was not mention or memorial when Skip E. Lowe passed.

  5. The Rams are playing in their first playoff game in Los Angeles since 1985. Can’t WeHo Jesus at least get a candle light on another night?

  6. Why did you choose 4:30pm on this Sunday when it’s directly against a major Hollywood Award event with the Golden Globes, where streets are cut off and the lay out of the city of West Hollywood and Beverly Hills and Hollywood are having major parties and viewing parties during this time? Where many cannot suddenly change their plans who would want to come and celebrate the life of Weho Jesus aka Kevin?

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