Community Meeting Set to Discuss Plans for Former Walgreens Lot in WeHo

walgreens lot
Site plan for 8120 Santa Monica Blvd. (Courtesy of City of West Hollywood).

The City of West Hollywood will hold a community meeting on Dec. 6 to get input from residents on an updated plan for the proposed parking lot on the southwest corner of Santa Monica and Crescent Heights boulevards.

The parking lot, which would have 95 parking spaces, would be an interim use of the property until the City of West Hollywood develops a final plan for the one-acre lot, which it purchased in 2015 from Walgreens for $7 million.

An initial community meeting on Aug. 4 drew mixed reactions from local residents and business owners. Some residents said additional parking wasn’t needed in their neighborhood, although at least one business owner disagreed. Others argued that the lot should be used as a park rather than a parking lot until the city develops a final plan for it

Oscar Delgado, the city’s director of public work, has said plans are to include art works, including a temporary installation of the famed Bullwinkle, which eventually will be placed at the Sunset Spectacular project on Sunset Boulevard. The lot will include Ginko trees along its border with Santa Monica and crepe myrtle trees in the center of the lot.

The meeting will be held at 6:30 p.m. in the public meeting room at West Hollywood City Hall, 8300 Santa Monica Blvd. at Sweetzer.

  1. You can’t do a “temporary park” as once it’s time to build, residents will be in an uproar about taking away parkland.

    The city should use this opportunity to widen Crescent Heights to add a sorely needed left turn lane onto westbound SMB.

  2. I think another addition should be a gravestone that says this is where abbey land and city council killed the mom and pops. Along with at least two new billboards that say welcome to gay weho, We once were gay then we became pay to play. Our gay businesses have been pushed out for the mix use empty apartment building. Of course the billboard owners would make a nice donation to once of the council members charity’s maybe the gay men choir

  3. I live on Hayworth Avenue in an apartment without a balcony. It would be really nice to go somewhere within walking distance (instead of getting in my car) that has some picnic benches and a place to sit. There is such a shortage of parks in Weho, especially right there in that neighborhood. Why not half parking half-park? I know keeping it safe will be an issue, but hopefully solutions can be found.

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