BMW Crashes Into WeHo’s Trendsetters Barbershop

Car crash into the Trendsetters Barbershop at 1261 N. La Brea Ave. (Photo by Jim Garrecht / ANG News)

Just before 3 a.m., the Los Angeles County Fire Department and Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputies responded to a reported traffic collision at the intersection of Fountain and La Brea avenues in West Hollywood.

First responders arrived to find a BMW that had crashed inside of the Trendsetters Barbershop, shattering the glass windows of the La Brea Avenue business. The BMW was reportedly struck by a white sedan, which fled the scene after the accident.

The driver of the BMW was transported to a local area hospital for treatment.

  1. Yeah, this location is a disaster. I think that both the landlord/building owner and the City should consider installing concrete bollards on that corner. This is going to happen again. I hope Trendsetters can survive this business disruption (the last business didn’t survive the fire at the tattoo parlor next door).

  2. There’s a vehicle into that building once every year or two it seems like. What is it about that intersection?

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