Armed Robber Takes Cash from Man on Westmount Drive

Sheriff’s deputies with man robbed in front of 705 Westmount Drive. (Photo by Jim Garrecht / ANG News)

At approximately 2 a.m. Sunday,¬†Sheriff’s deputies responded to a reported armed robbery in front of 705 Westmount Drive near Melrose Avenue in West Hollywood.

The victim reported he was approached by a man armed with a revolver who demanded cash and property. The victim reported the suspect had a getaway driver waiting in a white four door sedan.

The robber took an unknown amount of money. The suspect was last seen fleeing down Melrose Avenue towards Robertson Boulevard.

  1. We rid our selves of the House of Blues, a venue that appealed to low lifes from outside of West Hollywood. There now appears to be a similar venue located in the old studio one LaPeer side. If one passes there on Monday night at about 2AM they will not only see the street blocked by double parked vehicles and patrons roaming in the street. One will also see numerous Sheriff units parked along the block between Santa Monica and Melrose. I believe it was those units I saw racing down Robertson and up Westmont Dr.

    Then there are those one sees riding around the Melrose/Robertson area late at night with no apparent destination other than to check vehicles and pedestrians out.

    We all must be aware as to are walking and driving around us. And as another person who posted stated perhaps we must be armed.

    I have been a victim in the past, never again. I will take what ever action to protect myself and my friends. Perhaps if the low lifes understood attempting to rob someone in West Hollywood could very well lead to injury or death they would migrate to a less hazardous area like Texas.

  2. Just once I’d love to read that these thugs attempted to hold someone up, who in turn pulled out a gun and shot them dead on the spot. And this is coming from a staunch Democrat / liberal. Sick to death of these lowlifes getting away with this BS.

  3. These same guys pulled up next to me while I was walking home from the bars and did the same thing… I was at La cienega and Santa Monica. I ended up bolting away without giving them anything. They shot at me then sped off…. WTF.

  4. So glad to hear the victim was safe at least, but truly awful. Those who don’t read the crime reports regularly don’t realize how extremely common this sadly is (and has been since I moved into the neighborhood over 10 years ago), and more *has* to be done to stop this. People are robbed regularly on the streets here regardless of whether you’re a man or a woman, regardless of whether you’re alone or with someone else, regardless of how busy the area is, and regardless of how late it is. None of those are deterrents. And they often hit at least twice before leaving the area, so apparently knowing the first crime has likely been reported to the Sheriffs isn’t much of a deterrent either…. I was robbed by two African American men in that same neighborhood, just after 9 pm, when I was walking with a friend (and there was another robbery involving a weapon a few blocks away, about 10 minutes later). The men fled to Compton (that’s where I tracked my iPhone to and that’s where someone eventually found my driver’s license and tossed it in a mailbox, which made its way back to me) and they were never caught. Fortunately, with only rare exceptions, these street robberies don’t turn violent if you cooperate. But, even leaving aside the theft of property (and all identification in my case) which is awful in and of itself, they’re traumatizing and there is always the risk of something going wrong resulting in serious injury or death. The saddest thing for me is I now try to avoid walking in my very walkable neighborhood after dark (or I’m very scared and jumpy if I do), which has really impacted my enjoyment of this really great neighborhood (there have also been robberies in broad daylight here, though those are rarer). I haven’t moved despite the crime because I do love this area, but I really wish a concerted effort was made to do more both preventatively and in response to a robbery (for numerous reasons, the response to my promptly-reported robbery did not instill me with confidence in their abilities to catch the guys or prevent it from occurring again).

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