Butt What Is That Billboard on Santa Monica Boulevard?

Butt what is that billboard over the Healthy Spot pet store at 8525 Santa Monica Blvd. in West Hollywood? Could Bryan Hawn be West Hollywood’s gay Angelene?

Hawn is one of those YouTube celebrities who is challenging the conventions of networks like Bravo, whose reality TV stars have agents and managers and publicists galore. This West Hollywood resident has made himself famous for his butt, which he champions on a website where he offers advice on how to exercise yours. That butt and his music video parodies have drawn millions of views to his dozens of YouTube videos. And then there’s the video of Hawn and his hyena, the feisty Jake, who Hawn adopted while living in Florida and raised until Jake’s need to roam forced Hawn to surrender him to a wildlife center. That’s all chronicled in a YouTube video found here.

Enoch Miller, the “Empress of WeHo,” interviews Hawn in front of the billboard in video (Click to see here). Perhaps it’s Not Suitable For Work, but that depends where you work!

  1. Love this. Bryan is a reincarnation of July Holliday in IT HAPPENED TO YOU! Judy, as Gladys Glover, working girl of the 50’s just looking for her 15 minutes of fame, buys billboards all over New York. I’d rather be looking at Bryan than half the billboards on what was once a classy street and now is just more than a parade of modern architecture that Frank Gehry would label 98% s–t!

  2. Thanks Wehoville for all your love and support and the millions of people that have uplifted me over the past 7 years on youtube. I didn’t get here alone and couldn’t have done it without every fan, magazine, blog, tv, radio show, and social media influencers that has liked, favorited, shared, and talked about my work. I love all of you. To all my haters (all 6 of you): #thisismelaughingatyou

  3. I don’t know if it’s envy, self-loathing or what, but all this negativity about a guy who has a nicer butt than you speaks volumes about you. Live and let Live.

  4. If anything, this qualifies as an “end of column” item. With all the distraction in the world, juvenile histrionics of some leaders, exacerbated by the ME, MYSELF AND I philosophy and the “look at me and my deficiencies” campaigns, the quality of life in our literal and figurative infrastructure continues to erode. Wehoville’s focus on the junk of Ed Buck and his “pals”, this guys “junk in the trunk” exemplifies “all the news that’s not fit to print”. If Wehoville wants to be the equivalent of THE STINKING NEWS AND THE FILTHY MIRROR notably prevalent in New York during another era, so be it. Please don’t disguise yourself as a credible community news source. WEHO CITY doesn’t do much better either with the juvenile WEHOANS allegedly bringing focus to serious issues.

  5. I drive by this billboard almost daily. While this isn’t “hard” news, it is interesting and fun. I had no idea who Mr. Hawn was or of his YouTube celebrity. Angelyne blazed this path long before there was anything like the internet. Now it’s social media stars. Good for him!

  6. It is a story. Everyone who drives by wants to know what it is about. As long as he has the funding to rent a billboard, I say let him do it. Otherwise its censorship. Why just report on the crime stats and people who have had things stolen from their unlocked cars. Report the fun stuff too.

  7. Okay. Want to filter my comments?? How about this one. What kind of junk news site have you become?? Like DJ said above, this dude is literally selling his butt online (pay to see him nude via his fans site) and on a giant billboard and you are giving him free advertising. Classy, Wehoville. Real classy.

  8. I think the kid and his billboard are silly but he’s probably laughing all the way to the bank and once that billboard went up, many were curious to find out who he is, making it a perfect piece for Wehoville, like it or not, I say live and let live….he’s not harming anyone and seems to be having fun, so good for him!

  9. I won’t attack Bryan but I will criticize Wehoville for giving him free attention. You’re covering a go-go boy buying a billboard. “Challenging the conventions of networks”? It’s called the internet. He’s not some groundbreaking pioneer. ANYONE can upload a video, song or photo. YouTube ranks him 41,180.

    He’s literally selling his butt online. That’s absolutely fine, but this is not a story.

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