Man Found Dead in Car at 7-Eleven Parking Lot

The car draped with cloth to conceal man found dead inside it this afternoon near the 7-Eleven convenience store at 7950 Santa Monica Blvd. (Photo by Jim Garrecht / ANG News)

A man was found dead in his car this afternoon in the parking lot of the shopping plaza that houses the 7-Eleven store at 7950 Santa Monica Blvd. near Hayworth.

That 7-Eleven store  was the scene of an incident on Sept. 2 in which an apparently homeless man named Kisu Brady Brown attacked a man outside the front door with a hatchet. Brown was arrested on Sept. 6 on a charge of attempted murder.

Sheriff’s deputies responded around 4:30 p.m. today to a report that there was a dead man in a car in the parking area near the Los Tacos restaurant, which is adjacent to the 7-Eleven convenience store. A detective on the scene said there was no evidence of trauma. Homicide detectives are continuing their investigation at this point.

  1. It’s my opinion 7-11 needs to hire a security guard if only to rid this small shopping center of the homeless who pander and threaten those who wish to do business with the three businesses there. I order food at Los Toco’s almost every week. Sometimes those outside the 7-11 and Los Locos are frightening. But this 72year old just might have to kick some ass, it’s been awhile since I have been able to do so since I retired.

  2. Awful? The short block of crappy stores? Sounds like almost any business that is started goes out of business. As far as blaming the area, maybe somebody JUST died. What would you like to see there, JC?

  3. The man might have died peacefully in his car of natural causes. No one knows yet. But to mention that it is the same parking lot that a person struck someone (who should have been minding his own business) with an ax is a real stretch. One has nothing to do with the other and neither has to do with the businesses that reside there. West Hollywood needs a laundromat. the Mexican restaurant is wonderful…..7-11 should hire security to patrol the parking lot, but other that that, there is nothing wrong with that area. There is some real fine properties in Beverly Hills though where you don’t have to deal with reality.

  4. Los Tacos has been a major place to go in that neighborhood since before I made it a regular place to eat in the late 1970’s, and this is a long time local talking. Touring bands that I knew would talk about it and look forward to eating there whenever they came through town. The Ramones even rented a car just to go there when they had a stop over at LAX coming back from a tour of Japan. Anyone saying it is worthless and who doesn’t recognize it as a landmark eatery of NoHo, is talking out of their bottom end.

  5. Yes, let’s just have upscale dining and hotels and finish the WeHo bubble we have here with a real dome — or a wall — or something fashionable — maybe chiffon. What trash needs a Slurpee anyway?

  6. Awful. Now will WeHo get rid of these trashy liquor stores and finally clean up this skid row neighborhood. Sunset Blvd and Melrose is going upscale. Why does SMB have to be trash. It attracts problems when you have all these junk stores on or near SMB. Sorry to hear someone was harmed. Very sad.

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