Update: GoFundMe Account Set Up for Man Killed by Car on Fountain Ave

Enrique Lopez-Nava

UPDATE: Friends and family of Enrique Lopez-Nava, who was killed by a car on Friday while crossing Fountain Avenue, have established a GoFundMe account to raise money for his funeral. The account can be accessed here.

“On September 1, 2017 our family lost a heart warming, generous, hard working, loving man that many of us call their friend, coworker, family, etc.,” says an essay on the GoFundMe page. “Our family was devastated in hearing such breaking news and is still now trying to overcome the dwelling pain. Enrique López-Nava was involved in an accident on his way to work and suffered a tragic death. We ask any possible help/donation to give to his beloved wife & kids to help them with funeral expenses, and to keep them stable for expenses needed. We kindly appreciate everything and want to thank everyone for their generosity.”

The man who was killed by a car while crossing Fountain Avenue near Formosa on Friday has been identified as Enrique Lopez-Nava.

Lopez-Nava had lived for a long time in an apartment on the 1100 block of Formosa Ave. with his wife, Angelica, and sons Enrique and Ernesto.

Lopez-Nava was was hit in an incident involving two cars. The West Hollywood Sheriff’s Station said the incident occurred at 11:50 p.m. He was taken to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, where he died.

WEHOville has not been able to obtain additional information about the incident from the Sheriff’s Station as of yet. This story will be updated as additional information becomes available.

  1. Fountain avenue is a freeway. I have almost been hit a few times on my motorbike as well as a pedestrian. people drive like maniacs or shoot out from the side streets without fully stopping or looking. Not sure what can be done…perhaps more police radaring along fountain? cross bridges? more stop lights for side streets where turns arent allowed on a red light? Seems like more should be done.

  2. Total LACK of Leadership in WEHO.
    We should be embarrassed,..but we LET these politicians play “business” and make them feel important. All of them have to go!

  3. Fountain is a speedway late at night. The city is negligent for not doing more enforcement and providing safety features here.

  4. Appalling that you would use this tragedy to point finger at people at this time.
    The issue here is the problem of Fountain being a FWY that drivers enjoy playing crash-em and wreck-em on this stretch of highway. I have seen several deaths on Fountain due to car accidents and there just does not seem to be a solution. I happened to be there just after the accident occurred and waved vehicles from continuing their east-west or west-east travel so that this victim would not get hit a second time. It was a horrific sight to see as he was still alive when I last saw him. Your comments only cheapen this mans life and is insulting to the surviving family. Unless you are running for office (which it sounds like you are) get involved before casting stones…

  5. For such a small City with such an incredible amount of money and access to resources, there seems to be a TON of problems that can be pinpointed to a lack of leadership, organization, communication and priorities. Classic case of cart before the horse. Millions upon millions being poured into infrastructure while crime is running rampant due to decisions being made or not being made mainly for political reasons or other agendas.

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