Update: Suspect Arrested in 7-Eleven Hatchet Attack


UPDATE: A man who authorities said can be seen on video attacking another man with an ax outside a West Hollywood 7-Eleven store was in custody today on suspicion of attempted murder.

Kisu Brown, 41, was arrested at 9:37 p.m. Tuesday near Fairfax Avenue and Santa Monica Boulevard, according to Deputy Trina Schrader of the Sheriff’s Information Bureau who said deputies recognized Brown. Brown is being held in lieu of $500,000 bail.

The West Hollywood Sheriff’s Station today released a video of the gruesome attack by a homeless man on another man outside the 7-Eleven Store at 7950 Santa Monica Blvd. on Saturday.  The video was released as part of a press conference at which Detective Sgt. Jeff Bishop urged residents to contact the Sheriff’s Station if they see the man and warned not to approach him because he is very dangerous. Capt. Sergio Aloma said station detectives have been on the case constantly since it occurred.

The attacker has been identified as Kisu Bradey Brown. Bishop said Brown, 41,  had a history of arrests for violent crimes and has spent time in jail.  Bishop said Brown, apparently homeless, is known to have hung out in West Hollywood and have been involved in other crimes here. He is six feet tall and weighs about 190 pounds.

Kisu Brady Brown (Photo from 7-Eleven security camera).

In an earlier update on the attack, the Sheriff’s Station said “responding deputies have learned the suspect … was stealing items from the location when the victim offered to pay for his items. The suspect became upset, refused the victim’s offer and a struggle ensued. As the victim left the location the suspect pulled out an axe and began to hit him in the head several times. After the assault, the suspect fled the location heading northbound on Hayworth Avenue and out of view.

“The victim was transported to a local hospital and treated for his injuries.”

Bishop said the victim, whose identity has not been released, remains in the hospital after having suffered serious injuries to his skull and his face. The axe, as if visible in the video above taken from the 7-Eleven security camera, is a double-bladed hatchet. Brown stepped outside the store and waited for the victim to emerge and then began attacking him. He turned and walked away briefly before resuming the attack, with an unknown man watching.

Deputies were alerted to the incident around 4:10 a.m. Saturday In their search for the suspect officers headed to Fountain Avenue between Fairfax and Orange Grove. They employed dogs and helicopters along with a “diversionary device,” which creates loud sounds intended to distract the suspect. Traffic also was blocked in the area.

If you believe you have seen the suspect, do not make contact with him. Instead call the West Hollywood Station at (310) 855-8850.

  1. Always look before you pass through a door way. It kinda looked like the victim even saw the psycho as he came out but approached him anyway. If you are scared you should act like it and retreat back into the store and draw a weapon if you have one. The poor fellow in the video just walked right into obvious danger.

  2. This is what you get when you vote in Garcetti!! A so called “Progressive” who is no where near that! Since he has been in, he has let the homeless proliferate everywhere in this city. The City Council just bows to him and does nothing. Keep on voting Democrat / Progressive, and you’ll end up a nightmare! I’m not a conservative, but you need some balance here in California. There is none anymore and in the foreseeable future!!!! WAKE UP AND STOP VOTING DEMOCRAT..

  3. I hope that our Councilmembers are reading this article and the comments. Get off our asses and DO SOMETHING! This homeless situation is getting out of control I counted 6 bodies sprawled across the sidewalk outside of CVS on my way home today. Since when is it legal to block a public sidewalk?? What about our tax paying citizens with ADA issues?! This is now our NUMBER ONE issue in our city.

  4. JD nailed it. West Hollywood is becoming quite the dump. Following all the wrong moves made by San Francisco and look at the mess they’re in. When tourists visit there they remember two things …the Golden Gate Bridge and the homeless that have taken over the city.

  5. Stop paying for homeless people’s stolen goods! Stop giving them money! Stop buying them food! Stop letting them live on your property! Make them go to a shelter and get their lives cleaned up! Enabling their lifestyle is no different from handing them a shot of drugs and an ax to hit you with! Los Angeles is becoming the laughingstock of the country for providing for all the homeless people. Stop enabling them and they will go back to where they came from to get help!

  6. Any info on the victim? Is he a weho resident? Would be great if we could come together as a community to show him so of the kindness and generosity he was trying to share.

  7. WeHo is a toilet nowadays. For dogs and humans. It’s all I see and smell. The homeless are everywhere ruining residents’ quality of life. Residents who pay A LOT of money to live here, by the way.

  8. I think I saw this guy stealing from the CVS at La Cienega/SMB about 3 months ago while I was checking out, he took some beverages and tried to run out, the older woman who works there tried to stop him and he yelled at her something along the lines of “you can’t catch me you old bitch.” I was surprised at what was happening and soon thought I should have chased him (I have weho pd on speed dial). Kind of glad I didn’t since who knows what could have happened, but at the same time this victim would maybe not be in the position he’s in now. Hopefully this a–hole gets many years in jail. I do feel bad for most homeless people who have untreated mental illness but this guy is violent and evil.

  9. Something absolutely must be done about the increase in the number of violent homeless people in WeHo. I live on the east side and walk to LaCienega almost every evening. The number of homeless people yelling and screaming at themselves and others is frightening. Time for the City Council to move beyond denial. West Hollywood is no longer a safe city.

  10. The homeless situation is getting out of control in this City. I’ve said this before, a big way way to reduce the influx is to get rid of the Recycle Center at the Pavilions parking lot. Homeless come from all over into our City to use that center. Most recycle centers are located along the freeways in industrial areas where the impact of homeless on the surrounding neighborhoods is minimal. I think everyone has compassion for the homeless. Most that I see are not down on their luck (lost their job, etc). Most are drug addicts or the mentally ill. And in this case, the mentally ill homeless man attacked a good samaritan with an ax almost killing him. Perhaps it’s time to have these individuals evaluated when they are arrested for crimes and if they are not mentally competent, perhaps they should be placed in a mental health facility. Taxpayer’s money would be better spent actually housing these people so they can get the medication they need to get mentally stable while providing shelter and food. And blaming the cops is ridiculous, they can arrest them, but they do not decided who stays locked up.

    1. We can thank Ronald Reagan for the lack of metnal health facilities fiasco. They should shut down his library, he was a disgrace to this country.

  11. Emotional reactions/responses make for really lousy laws. I think every (or almost every) commenter should read their questions, as surely the answers are CRYSTAL CLEAR.

  12. The silly thing about people saying to “arm” yourselves is look at the video. The guy walked out the door and was hit in the head. Even if the victim was carrying a gun it would have done no good. More weapons are not the answer. The answer is for our country in general to keep mentally ill people off the streets. If that means opening up mental health facilities again like there were in the 1950s, etc. Maybe its a good idea. I still (and will always think) it should be illegal to be homeless and allow people to just lay around on the street, parks, etc. Cops should pick them up and there should be some kind of facility and resources to get them out of harms way and the people they interact with.

    1. The scary thing is, you can buy hatchets and machete’s in army navy surplus stores like you buy anything else. They should not be available without a background check.

  13. Here’s where to ask your questions: The Public Safety Commission meets the 2nd Monday at 6:30 p.m. in the 1st Floor Conference Room at City Hall, located at 8300 Santa Monica Blvd

  14. They know his name, age and rap sheet. The real question is why does this guy keep getting out of prison?

    I’m happy the cop got there in about 2 minutes..but disappointed the officer just stood there without care and took out his notebook. I suppose thats how they are trained and I hope the ambulance got there quickly. Whats encouraging is the other people stepped in and what looks to be like people from the laundro-mat next door came to aid him with towels for the bleeding. At least they were there to administer some kind of assitance as the cop seemed unphased.

  15. I saw the suspect has been arrested! EXCELLENT!
    Now I’d like good news on the poor victim who offered help.

    We must learn from this — we need to STOP being complacent about the GROWING homeless situation.

    Before I am accused of lacking compassion, I gave a homeless person money last night. Then at Yogurt Stop another young homeless person was sitting outside. I invited them in to get what they wanted and I’d pay for it. Afterwards I sat outside with friends eating, when a crackhead stood in front of our table sketched out of his mind. We had to leave. On my walk home there was yet homeless man with penis in hand urinating on the front steps of Trader Joe’s.

    This is absurd. I understand they’re mentally ill and need help. But we can’t house them in our neighborhood. It’s time to start a homeless patrol to transport these individuals to one of the county’s many shelters.

    The median home value in West Hollywood is $732,600. A house that value pays $9157 a year in property taxes. We shouldn’t have to endure mentally ill homeless people causing violence, loitering, vomiting, urinating and defecating on our streets. This is our home and we work hard to be here. Shelters exist and it’s time we pushed them there!!

  16. @mb It appears to me the officer got out of his car, approached the people helping the victim, looked at the victim and immediately reached with his right hand to his left shoulder and used his radio – presumably to call for paramedics. I don’t know what the proper protocol is in a situation like this, but seeing that two bystanders were already providing first aid to the victim, I would hope the first reaction by any arriving officer would be to call for paramedics, like it appears this deputy did.

  17. Homeless with a hatchet/ax is mentally deranged and not stable. I can’t have empathy for this mentally disturbed individual after watching the video of his malicious attack. No one is safe until he is apprehended.

  18. that corner of Hayworth and Santa Monica seems to be a really nasty area. I’ve gone by early in the evening and have seen people passed out or drugged out and nothing is done. I think more aggressive policing of that particular street is in order; surely 7-11 can hire a security detail from 10 PM on. It is so sad on so many levels. I hope the victim recovers quickly.

  19. What’s saddest about this whole sad thing is the guy he targeted was trying to help him. I hate when things happen that kill or discourage the instinct for compassion. The fact that this victim may live the rest of his life (presuming he recovers) thinking, “yeah, the biggest mistake of my life was trying to help my fellow man. Never do that again…” I hope he makes a full recovery and also that he doesn’t lose the sweet instincts that made him try to help this wreck of a human soul.

  20. This is a prime example of how fast and how brutal attacks can be. Although being armed would not have worked to the victims advantage, had one of the bystanders been armed it may have not have been so brutal. Just goes to show how even a small confrontation can linger and escalate beyond what you could ever expect. Never let your guard down and always be aware of your surroundings.

  21. Agressive homeless people, hatchet attacks, armed robbery, murder, stolen sets of tires in residential garages, sheriffs that always arrive AFTER the crime, overdevelopment via payola, total traffic gridlock, pedestrian crossing zones — welcome to West Hollywood 2017. I was fortunate enough to move out of this crime riddled, corrupt, unsafe, cesspool of a city, earlier this year, and believe me, I don’t miss it in the least!

  22. Many of the 7-11s and fast food places in the area have been taken over by the mentally ill homeless. Something needs to change, it’s very ugly.

  23. disappointed at many of commenters on this article…of course nothing but sympathy for the victim and believe this man should be found and given the help he clearly needs, but one violent homeless person doesn’t mean we need to make weho even more of a police state or demonize all of those who are down on their luck / victims of systematic oppression / struggling with mental health issues and need our support and empathy. if you want to live in a gated community, move to orange county.

  24. Two months ago, this guy knocked an 80 year old man out cold right in front of me. Then he threw a house brick at his head while yelling “white motherf**ker”. I had my neighbor wait with the victim as I chased him while on the phone with 911. It took the Sheriff TWENTY THREE MINUTES to arrive. By that time, the victim’s daughter picked him up and the criminal had managed to get away from me. Two days later, he was caught breaking and entering and trespassing into a construction site after he was launching handfulls of nails and 2×4’s at pedestrians. By morning, he was out, back onto my street and I caught him again breaking into the property. The City is out of touch and the Sheriff seems to have their hands tied.

  25. The store employees never came out to check on this guys condition, the first officer that came out didn’t even lean over to check on the guy, he just took out a writing pad. What is wrong with officers these days, there’s a problem with how they are trained and with their common sense as well. And why was this violent person with a record let out to attack again? We’re becoming a society of nimrods.

  26. 7-11’s in certain areas need to have 24 hour security, for example Cahuenga/Yucca, Hollywood/Taft, this location and many more. The company needs to make it a policy to have security guards. I’ve been followed around indside stores and stared down many times by homeless and who knows which of these people has criminal records. Helping mentally ill people cn often be a scary and dangerous experience. Most people want to help but they feel unsafe.

  27. Thank you for keeping us informed, Hank. How horrifying. I hope the victim will make a full recovery, though I’m sure the trauma will linger.

    We still could use more to better ID him — and we should’ve had it by now with an extremely violent person in the area.

    1) Aren’t there any mugshots or other photos or video with a clearer shot of him that can be made public?

    2) How about the video from which the stills were taken? (Everyone else could be blurred out, we just need to get a better view of the attacker so we can keep an eye out.) This one’s pretty dark/ hard to see.

    3) What about his height? Surely they have that from prior arrests.

    If someone (maybe bike ambassadors) hasn’t already, someone should canvass businesses and apartment complexes to give out flyers so folk will beware.

  28. Come on now guys, we gotta have compassion for the homeless! They just need a little help! If only we forced developers to build affordable housing for guys like this down on his luck, he wouldn’t have had to bludgeon this guy with an axe!

  29. Sad, but not surprised.
    Absolutely sick. we keep hearing from our “leaders” we are a safe place for all people. Where?
    east? west? center of WEHO?
    last year, we spent all day Saturday all about our safety in WEHO,
    our “leaders” keep saying we are a safe city, who are we kidding???
    We are a living in a LALA LAND.
    Until our city will not take care of our real challenges, our real life, we will get worst and worst.
    It’s about time we “spend” the same time and $$$ on our lives as we spend on our new buildings and new developments all over our city.
    We must start take care of our drugs, our drinking challenges , our homeless all over the city and start from basic.
    Who wants to pay such a high rent or buy a millions of dollars for home, when our city is all about hiding the facts and the truth and making everything is great.
    we only have one OSCAR weekend, what about our everyday lives???
    It’s time to give money to our sheriff station to hire more sheriffs and pay for the right organizations to take care of our homeless, and for sure stop talking about METH and other drugs and start taking care of the problems.
    If you change NOTHING, NOTHING CHANGE.
    I hope next election, we will have leaders who walk the talk, not those who worry about “looking good”.

  30. The aggressive and mentally ill homeless population needs to be addressed! Every morning ironically there are always several sleeping in the grass of the sheriff’s station. What can we do since the city and police are so flaccid in their approach?

  31. It’s terrifying to think that this deranged man may still be in WeHo waiting to strike again. I’ve also noticed in the weekly crime reports that people are being held up in broad daylight. Yet the City Council is hell bent on having a Metro station here which will most likely bring even more dangerous individuals onto our streets.

  32. Todd–“probably”? Come on!

    Sheriff showed up in 3 minutes. I hope fire or ambulance were not far behind.

  33. WHY WAS HE ALLOWED TO BE ON THE STREETS IN THE FIRST PLACE? The police sure seem to know a lot about this guy already.

  34. I can’t remember the exact deals while I was in the Army for guard duty. Something like “shoot three times and yell halt.”

    Wouldn’t it be terrible if this low life is approached by a deputy and the deputy trips and unloads his weapon into this guy accidentally

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