Pedestrian Killed by Car Yesterday on WeHo’s Fountain Avenue

A man who apparently was across Fountain Avenue near Formosa yesterday  was hit and killed in an incident involving two cars.

The West Hollywood Sheriff’s Station said the incident occurred at 11:50 p.m. The man was taken to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, where he died.

WEHOville has not been able to obtain additional information about the incident as of yet. This story will be updated as additional information becomes available.

  1. Such a shame that we had ample opportunity to make this side of Fountain Avenue safer for all. We just had a vote on this and the city council almost unanimously voted against any street safety improvements in favor of the status quo. They have Enrique’s blood on thier hands. If I was his family I would seriously look into wrongful death lawsuits.

  2. Tragic and senseless for this gentleman and his family. May they somehow find some comfort.

    As for WH Traffic Safety: how about old fashioned speed traps, motorcycle cops w radar or at least some basic attentiveness. What silo are the sheriff deputies hiding in? This is such a teeny city to be so volatile and inhumane in levels that actually matter. Although it’s not hip or flashy to be safe, responsible, respectful and humane…. IT SHOULD BE!

  3. How unbelievably tragic. I hope this man’s surviving family doesn’t read this thread to see someone trying to blame him for this. Pedestrians always have the right of way according to the laws of being a compassionate human. My heart goes out to his family …may he rest in peace

  4. BLAME THE VICTIM – emotionally disgusting public sentiment over THE DEATH OF A PERSON Suggesting the victim has any blame in a collision of a two ton vehicle driving over the speed limit VS a human is ABSURD and if one picks up the driver’s license test study pamphlet, IN ALL SITUATIONS … DRIVERS OF CARS MUST ALWAYS GIVE WAY TO ANY PERSON IN THE ROAD. Basic driving rule, and a State of California Statute. Some people get along just fine by looking both ways and waiting until all clear before crossing (I am one of those) but the growing number of lives lost in our tiny little city is not due to intentional recklessness. Speed limits are not so important for driver to diver crashes. It’s about people living lives in a city full of cars. That’s why school zones have such low speed limits

  5. Hey erik, you forgot to address the driver on the road…… HEY DRIVERS SLOW DOWN. They should not have to use the jaws of life to extract drivers in accidents on Fountain Ave. Too many race from Gardner to LaBrea where the road opens up to two lanes.

  6. such a tragedy, but as I’ve said before when the topic of pedestrian’s crossing in boys town, even if you have the legal right of way, it’s incumbent upon the pedestrian to look to make sure they can safely cross. between a 3000 pound car & a pedestrian, it’ll never have a good outcome. I still see so many people (and I am not in any way referencing this tragedy) near the big gay Starbucks, just walking out into traffic, head down, texting. I’m just a say’n…

  7. Maybe if the City Puts in JUST ONE MORE REALLY BIG HOTEL – with guests from around the world driving rental cars, and even with maps and GPS, WeHo has all those tricky streets. Having MORE lost, confused, inexperienced, DISTRACTED!! (I can’t tell you how many times a tourist leaving the Chamberlain Hotel has almost hit me and my dog, or just stopped blocking the sidewalk with no clue that I, my dog, and all the people on the street need to pass on the sidewalk. MORE HOTELS AND MORE TOURISTS IS WHAT THIS CURRENT CITY GOVERNMENT HAS PLANNED AND DONE FOR THE BENEFIT AND SAFETY OF THE RESIDENTS OF WEHO. WE and WEHO need to get real. The still incomplete crosswalks will do nothing for every other corner but the 3. STOP KILLING PEOPLE – JUST TO POCKET MONEY FROM HOTELS AND THE NIGHTLY HOTEL TAX.

  8. Of course you can cross at any corner/intersection without a painted crosswalk. Think about it. You are walking west along Fountain, if you had to wait for a “painted crosswalk” to cross, how would you cross the street when you got to ANY corner? You could not cross say Harper or Sweetzer. There are no painted crosswalks at any of the corners on most of the smaller streets like romaine, willoughby or rosewood, what are you supposed to do? Just walk to the corner and never cross in any direction because there is no painted crosswalk? Just use common sense and BE CAREFULL!!!

  9. This was my friend and a well loved cook from The Rainbow. He’s older and was not on his phone. People drive down fountain like it was the freeway. And there is nowhere to cross for a quarter mile. And if you’re an older person walking to a job in the sweltering heat, 1/4 mile is a long fucking walk. But thumbs up to the a-hole who knows it all.

  10. We could use more crosswalks on Fountain, but we do not need to do what they are doing on Santa Monica. That is overkill. We definitely do NOT want those things in the middle of the street telling of upcoming crosswalks. Those things are insane.

    Wehovian is correct. You can cross at any ” “unmarked crosswalk” exists “within the prolongation or connection of the boundary lines of sidewalks at intersections where the intersecting roadways meet at approximately right angles”. You do not “have to walk five blocks to even cross in the other side”.

  11. @Jim Nasium – I wasn’t there, but I know Fountain and I know the laws. The point I’m making is that either this person was crossing legally mid-block (per CVC 29155, since there are no adjacent signalized intersections on Fountain), or crossing legally in an unmarked crosswalk. If the former, the law requires that he yield to cars, if the latter it requires they yield to him. Of course either way everyone has to look out for each other and not do anything unpredictable.

    Broadly speaking: we have hardly any details about this collision. But we have enough to know that it’s impossible for this guy to have been, legally speaking, “jaywalking.” He may have acted unsafely, as may have the driver who struck and killed him. They may share responsibility for his death. I echo 1000% what @Franz and @Vigilant said: the Eastside in general, and Fountain in particular, need way better pedestrian safety infrastructure.

  12. It’s true that there is no marked crosswalk on Fountain Avenue for 1/4 mile from La Brea to Poinsettia. It’s probably no coincidence that this person was run over at about the halfway point trying to cross a street noted for being “faster” than Sunset or SMB for cars.

    Also, I don’t know who is responsible for crosswalks, lights, signs, etc. if a street like Fountain Avenue straddles both WeHo on the south side and Los Angeles on the north side.

  13. @Wehovian – You seem sure that the pedestrian was at the unmarked intersection not “near” it

    Were you there?

  14. The City should emerge from their silos and create a 2.0 Public Safety Campaign for the Eastside…..that encompasses traffic safety, pedestrian safety and safety from axe wielding miscreants roaming in and out of known locations where they congregate. They would be well served to roam around the community themselves and not just design theoretical plans and hire consultants from their desks,

    The bicycle “Ambassadors” look like they just cycle by and wave but where are the statistics on their interactions with actual events? When its worth your life to be walking on the sidewalk or crossing an unmarked street that is unacceptable..and its not just the Eastside…ditto for Center City. Have not walked the area from Sweetzer to Spaulding Square & Sunset to Santa Monica Blvd for more than a year after sunset. Downright unpredictable even when one is vigilant.

  15. Hank, you should correct this story to remove the term “jaywalking.” If the pedestrian was crossing Fountain anywhere near Formosa, he was not crossing illegally. Here’s what the law says in California:

    CVC 29155: Between adjacent intersections controlled by traffic control signal devices or by police officers, pedestrians shall not cross the roadway at any place except in a crosswalk.

    CVC 275 additionally says that an “unmarked crosswalk” exists “within the prolongation or connection of the boundary lines of sidewalks at intersections where the intersecting roadways meet at approximately right angles”

    So it’s irresponsible to use the term jaywalking, as it implies the person was somehow breaking the law.

  16. I believe this happened around 11:50-12:00pm not 5:30pm. I passed by as the driver was calling 911. The scene looked pretty horrific, victim hit the windshield pretty hard and was in distress. I proceeded to the next block on Fountain (towards) La Brea to send the oncoming cars/traffic to detour either right or left at the street as to not hit the victim again., as we all know that cars fly down Fountain pretty fast. My fear for the victim was that he would be hit again as police or fire department had not yet arrived.
    Very saddened to hear he did not make it…

    1. The Sheriff’s Station has given different times. I will look into this to confirm the correct time and update the story. Thanks for the alert.

  17. The east side has been neglected enough! Demand city hall that they improve the pedestrian safety on this part of the city. These are popular routes because Plummer Park and Runyon canyon are nearby not to mention the two Ralphs grocery store. Install pedestrian safety infrastructure like they have on SMB! No more preventable pedestrian fatalities!

  18. This part of Weho has no discernable pedestrian infrastructure whatsoever. You literally have to go around a couple blocks in order to cross as there are not even any lights or crosswalks between la Brea and Poinsettia. You literally have to walk five blocks to even cross in the other side. This won’t be the only fatality unless this changes! Demand city hall that they change this!!

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