UPDATE: Photo Released of Suspect in Axe Attack at 7-Eleven on Santa Monica Blvd.

Sheriff's station
Suspect in attack at the 7-Eleven store at 7950 Santa Monica Blvd. in West Hollywood.

The West Hollywood Sheriff’s Station has released a photo of the man alleged to have attacked another man with an axe this morning at the 7-Eleven convenience store on Santa Monica Boulevard at Hayworth.

An update on the attack from the Sheriff’s Station says that “responding deputies have learned the suspect … was stealing items from the location when the victim offered to pay for his items. The suspect became upset, refused the victim’s offer and a struggle ensued. As the victim left the location the suspect pulled out an axe and began to hit him in the head several times. After the assault, the suspect fled the location heading northbound on Hayworth Avenue and out of view.

“The victim was transported to a local hospital and treated for his injuries.”

Deputies were alerted to the incident around 4:10 a.m. In their search for the suspect officers headed to Fountain Avenue between Fairfax and Orange Grove. They employed dogs and helicopters along with a “diversionary device,” which creates loud sounds intended to distract the suspect. Traffic also was blocked in the area.

The Sheriff’s announcement warns that the suspect should be considered armed and dangerous. If you believe you have seen the suspect, do not make contact. Instead call 9-1-1 or the West Hollywood Station at (310) 855-8850.

  1. I would imagine that this has to do with the fact
    That there are 68,000 homeless folks on LA steeets
    (In LA county). Many of these are mentally challenged,
    Some due to drugs others just are and others are just
    Everyday folks that lost their housing. This is what happens in
    A society where the wealthy can afford to Live and the
    Former middle class or low income class get screed. Up here
    In San Francisco there are about 6700 homeless folks
    And we have all kinds of crazy and dangerous things happen
    That didn’t happen happen. Welcome to the new normal that
    Wealth and our society has created. I gre up in West Hollywood
    Area (Kilkea and Melrose) which is why I still read about my
    Former childhood hometown. The world that’s been created and
    Continues to be created is scary sad and pathetic…

  2. The only thing you left out of your story, or I missed it. How is the man doing since the attack? The image of being hit with a hatchet is frightening, or even lethal.

  3. Sad to say, but the victim should NOT have had any interaction with the assailant, as in offering to pay for the items that the assailant was stealing. Avoid all involvement with criminals, desperation makes people crazy insane.

  4. No surprise whatsoever this is a really dangerous 7-Eleven I have come very close to being a victim of crime there about a half a dozen times I no longer go there there is nothing that will ever get me to go there again this is just a matter of time and it’ll happen again

  5. WIll hate myself for engaging with @fine, but the military was heavily deployed to unprecedents levels by Obama for Kartrina. FEMA was greatly improved in its 8 years after its disasters under W, which clearly is bearing fruit now. How ultimately the administration is judged will be months or years from now, not by the showboat appearances making himself the centerpiece that Trump has done. Chris Christie, a staunch Republican, has consistently praised the government response to Katrina under Obama. Trump has responded with minimum competence so far, which by his standards is his (bad choice of words) high water mark in the worst seven months of any presidency in our history (which sadly will get worse).

  6. For those who attack me for mentioning Obama and the homeless problem I’m sorry for confusing the issues with facts. While Obama doubled our National Debt, ten trillion dollars, homelessness and those living in poverty have both doubled. Where did the money go? How is America better off with those two statistics?

    From my experience most homeless are mentally ill but it seems many who appear to be homeless in West Hollywood are just criminals who wish to feed off of our success. It is those who I advocate being ran out of town. They don’t need sympathy, they need a kick in the ass.

    We hear how the city and county have all these grand ideas to address homelessness but little action. The City of Los Angeles has a empty former library on Gardner, why hasn’t that been utilized as a shelter. The City of West Hollywood has empty lot on Santa Monica and Crescent Hghts., why haven’t they brought in old shipping containers and create a transitional homeless center? The developers of the Gateway Project were supposed to build a homeless shelter, I’m still waiting. The federal government has the old Veterans facility in Westwood. Why are they not using it to house homeless veterans? And then there has been the attacks on those charities attempting to help feed the homeless like St Victors Church. These are just a few examples of lots of talk and no action.

    The city, county, state and federal government need to get it together. I know, they need time to set up the bureaucracy including plush offices before they can attack the problem. What a joke, it’s never going to happen as long as worthless politicians the likes of Jerry Brown and Obama are elected. You may hate President Trump but his response to the hurricane in Texas has been rated as one of the best. I don’t recall the regular Army and Marines ever being called out as part of the response. We need more politicians such as him who act with little talk.

  7. I, as well as other people in the neighborhood have seen him recently at whole foods in the parking lot. Why are there not posters of this man all over? He has been out in the neighborhood in the exact same clothing.

    OBAMA HAD AND HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS. GET INFORMED. The City is blowing tens or even hundreds of MILLIONS of dollars on vanity projects, while in a dispute over paying the Sheriff’s hired to protect weho more money. ALL ATTENTION SHOULD BE ON PUBLIC SAFETY – and or years they ignore it all. BLAME THE CITY COUNCIL MEMBERS YOU VOTED FOR. (though, I saw Obama late at night, lift the flap on a big army ruck and help all the homeless out and to scurry away into the corners of weho. Are you mad?

  9. Did someone say that none of the propositions would have stopped this attack? That’s a joke because Prop 47 made theft of anything under $950 a slap on the wrist. Therefore, smash and grabs, auto burglaries and other thefts have increased 10 fold. Had the guy not been enboldened to steal product from 7-11, the altercation with the ax may not have happened. And yes, I stand by my previous statements regarding the useless local and State governments in CA who pass worthless and laws while twiddling their thumbs when real life solutions are needed.

  10. This all goes back to better policing ! Our sheriffs department need to get out of their cars and walk a beat!! They’ve been allowed to NOT police for far too long ! They can’t be bothered to show up for 4 hours to a robbery because I refused to go inside the broken door to see if anyone was inside( not my building and it was 645am and they were “busy”?!) they can roll up on a drug house in numbers and DO NOTHING , then the 9-12 units block off the street and chit chat with eachother, laugh , yawn , and act bored then leave … they can be hostile at intersections and flip on sirens to run a red Only to turn them off once they cleared intersection , but they can’t get out of the cars to at least put people on notice that they are there ! We all know that they can’t be bothered to show up for ANYTHING that they simply don’t want too, which means the people committing crimes know this too! ! It’s time we had our own say in the sheriff department and stop looking to volunteers to do their jobs! Ideally, you get ahead of crime and not let it get ahead of the community . Seems like WeHo Sheriffs continue to fail at this !

  11. “Worthless Governor”, “useless legislators”, “irresponsible laws”, “millions of morons who vote”? Seems as if Jake Lee has little use for those that actually put them selves into the public arena to effect change. Where is evidence of his interaction with the city council members and public safety department to have more comprehensive attention to this issue and specific area? It’s easy to denigrate others but sometimes working with those of an opposing point of vies is the only path to a solution. Kicking ass and taking names may sound tough but is no better than the actions of the perpetrator. Now that is not just liberal speak but basic common sense. Consciousness is a difficult achievement but the path of always open.

  12. A man attacked a neighbor’s car with an axe last week. He was driving, stopped his car in the middle of the street, got out and starting screaming racial slurs (against “white” people) while swinging an axe. Wonder if it’s the same guy. Supposedly police apprehended him, but not certain. And also possible that they didn’t hold him since it was property damage and not assault. This happened in the Vine St hills in the middle of the day a week ago Friday.

  13. That whole block should be next on the tear-down agenda. It has been a cesspool for decades. The homeless take over the laundromat in between sessions of begging for money and threatening passersby. The Mexican restaurant and 7-11 could relocate–it worked for Irv’s Burgers–and the laundromat, often poorly maintained–would not be missed by many.

  14. WTF is wrong with people — advocating for driving the homeless out?! If you don’t have a heart, you are the one who should leave our great city. Go live in some gated suburb if you want to keep those down and out, not in a major metropolis.

    And blaming Obama?!

    NIMBYism and the blocking of housing region wide — and opposition to creating more density — is driving a lot of homelessness as housing becomes out of reach. We need more affordable housing (including by dramatically increasing supply) and services.

    Acting like homeless people are all criminals and a threat is inaccurate and really messed up. I have multiple friends (including three from law school) who were previously homeless who were good-hearted people down on their luck and without families with deep pockets. Also, I know two of the homeless people who frequent our area on first name basis and they’re nice and no trouble. When a woman with early onset Alzheimer’s went missing, homeless individuals were very happy to help keep an eye out. Also, a friend (who lives in DC) was on a grand jury for a case where a homeless individual saved a woman from rape in an alley by attacking the assailant.

    It’s bad enough to be broke and without a roof, but demonizing folks for their bad luck adds insult to injury. It is cruel and inaccurate.

    I have no idea if the assailant was homeless. If he is, it makes no more sense to paint the homeless with a negative brush than it would to dump on people with houses when someone with a home attacks someone else (which of course has happened in our city, too).

  15. It seems some people in our City think that homeless have no civil rights and want to use this publication as a bully pulpit for their Republican views – views that have nothing to do with the story at hand.

    Moving all the homeless to the City of Los Angeles is not an answer.

  16. Also, any chance they could release the surveillance video (to show gait, the other side of his hat, etc) and his height (which should be easy to figure out by measuring to where his head came on that glass case) as we keep an eye out?

    I wonder if anyone is alerting area businesses. Staff at Open Space coffee on Fairfax near Rosewood hadn’t previously heard of the attack as of ~5pm today.

  17. To clarify my last comment, when I wrote, “Of note, none of the initiatives or the statute you listed would in any way prevent the arrest or conviction of someone for attacking an elderly person.” the “you” I was referring to was Jake Lee.

  18. I wonder if the sheriff’s dept has figured out the attacker’s name and, if so, I would like it released. If he is known to a commenter from past assaults and trespassing, it seems like he should be known to our city authorities/ bike ambassadors, etc.

    Of note, none of the initiatives or the statute you listed would in any way prevent the arrest or conviction of someone for attacking an elderly person. If anything, they should’ve freed up jail space from people who commit non-violent offense for those who are truly a threat.

  19. When you have a Governor who is worthless, a State Capitol full of useless legislators who craft irresponsible laws like Prop 47, Prop 57 and AB 109 coupled with millions of morons who vote on these “Feel Good” bills without actually reading them, this is what happens. Two months ago, I chased this guy down after I witnessed him knock an 80-year-old man out. He also threw a brick at his head. It took the Sheriff 23 minutes to respond. The guy got away from me. Three nights later, this same guy was physically removed from an enclosed construction site near me. I told the sheriffs that I witnessed him beat the old man 3 days prior. Their response was “what does that have to do with this guy trespassing”? The City Council and the public safety department are more concerned about declaring WEHO a “Sanctuary City” and “Resisting Trump”. They no longer publish suspect descriptions in the crime blotter for “fear of racial stereotyping” (true story, told to me over the phone) and when I call about drunk transients who are half naked sprawled across the sidewalk outside my house, I am told “as long as they aren”t doing anything illegal, they are allowed to be there.” As long as we keep voting for garbage, we will continue to get flies.

  20. The last eight years homelessness doubled under Obama. It’s time the City of West Hollywood took a proactive role in both finding suitable housing for those who live on our streets here and ridding our city of the homeless population. This particular 7-11 is a hangout for homeless and it doesn’t seem they discourage it. While I do not patronize the 7-11 i do like to patronize Taco Taco next store. The constant hustling for money is a distraction I avoid. Having a hearing disability is a god send when I don’t wish to hear their bull.

    It appears to me the sheriffs no longer use a law enforcement tool of stopping less desirables from congregating in selected locations. I often used to see them herd such people across La Brea into the City of Los Angeles.

  21. Totally agree with the above comment. It’s gotten so bad around here and no one seems to be doing anything about it. The City needs to get real and face the reality of the situation.

  22. What has happened to our nice city? Does no one notice? Am I the only one? C’mon this is out of control and the sheriffs let this get out of control. And why the police have not let out any information about the perpetrator is beyond belief considering that it’s already six hours beyond the time of the incident. The city and the sheriff need to pull it together or be voted out. Enough is enough.

  23. Well this is alarming.

    I have so many questions. I hope you get/share more info. Is there a detailed description of the assailant? A photo? Do they know his name? Was it a small axe or a large one? Did he know the victim?

    It seems likely to me that the person either lives nearby or frequents the area (perhaps as a transient who spends a lot of time there). It’s alarming to have someone who’d attack someone else with an axe on the loose, presumably with their axe.

    If it was a large axe, I’d suspect they’d actually live nearby — who carries a large axe with them regularly (or even a small one)?

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