L.A. District Attorney Grants Immunity to Potential Witnesses in Ed Buck Investigation

Human rights attorney and legal consultant Nana Gyamfi announced today that several young men have been granted immunity by the L.A. County District Attorney’s Office in its investigation of Gemmel Moore’s death.

ed buck contributor to PAC
Ed Buck

The announcement of immunity paves the way for those who may have had contact with prominent Democratic donor Ed Buck to safely provide statements to homicide detectives that may assist in their investigation into the July 27 accidental methamphetamine overdose death of Moore, 26, as well as other crimes Buck has been alleged to have committed against young black gay men.

In an announcement of the immunity, Jasmyne Cannick, said that “since the news of Moore’s death broke, several men have come forward recounting stories about Buck who they say has a Tuskegee Experiment-like fetish which includes shooting drugs into young Black men that he picks up off the street or via dating hookup websites.”

Moore’s mother, LaTisha Nixon, appeared before the West Hollywood City Council earlier this month to ask that it press the district attorney to grant immunity for witnesses, many of whom were engaged in illegal prostitution as well as drug use.

“We are pleased that the district attorney has finally provided a binding written agreement of immunity,” said attorney Nana Gyamfi. “Gemmel Moore’s family along with the community who helped pushed for immunity, expect that the information provided by these victims will be used to pursue criminal charges against Ed Buck for the murder of Gemmel as well as other sex, drug and related violent crimes against black gay men. We also hope that the granting of immunity will encourage other victims of Ed Buck’s to step forward out of the shadows without fear of being prosecuted for doing what they’ve done to survive.”

  1. The Michelle Rex Trial seems a mere warmup for this sad escapade. Bookend Closeups on Wehoville looking back at us all. Be mighty interesting to see how the dots connect in J Simmons “SORTED DETAILS” . That’s a good one! It clearly overtakes SORDID DETAILS. The Swamp Purges….where will it end?

    Granny would tell us all: “Time for soap and water, the cheapest way to clean one’s sidewalk and one’s mouth”.

  2. These activists have already convicted Mr. Buck. Let the police do their job of investigating these charges. If there is enough evidence, he will be charged.

  3. Boy, Wehoville is giving this a LOT of play for some reaosn. Isn’t this like the 8th piece on Ed Buck??? Weird!!!

  4. I think stating the “SORTED DETAILS” in a serious public news story posting is inappropriate, unprofessional, potentially hampering or destroying a full investigation …giving heads up TO ANY PERSON before formal charges.

    This is about the death of a person, and Any “person of interest” or “suspect” could be totally innocent of such a salatous and IF found not guilty or even charged … It will follow him forever. WE ARE A COUNTRY OF JUDICIAL PROCESS (Maybe any day now the pres will tweet “WRONG” NO JUDICIAL PROCESS FOR USA

  5. Perhaps you misread my comment. No personal issue w Mr. Buck as I had enough sense to keep a far distance from him and his colleagues. Consider what George Washington said:”Associate yourself with men of good quality if you esteem your own reputation for ’tis better to be alone than in bad company.” It was good for George Washington and for generations of my own family’s sound advice. My father put it simply, “is it wise or risky and foolish?

  6. Oh please Karma. That’s ridiculous. What proof do you have of their knowledge of his alleged activities? “Blood money?” You may have valid reasons for having issues with Buck, but post like that hurt any chance of you getting sympathy for your cause. Get back to me when you have evidence that, if Buck is guilty, any council member played any part in them. If not, you are just plain silly.

  7. And to all those who virtually accepted blood money contributions from this vile individual should resign their city positions. Turning a blind eye to Mr. Buck’s actions, long visible to any decent soul was beyond reprehensible. At what price one’s political gain as a presumed public servant?

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