Free Class Offered on Using WeHo’s Bike Share Program

If the only pedal you push is the accelerator in your car, maybe it’s time to try a healthier option.

For those who haven’t yet tried the City of West Hollywood’s bike share program, the WeHo Pedals “Bike Share Basics” class can tell you how.

The class, sponsored by CycleHop and taught by Sustainable Streets,
is free. In the two-hour class, students will learn all the features of the bikes, basic rules of the road and essential safety tips for riding safely and lawfully in the roadway. Bikes are provided. All participants will receive a free helmet.

The class takes place on Sunday, Aug. 20, from 9:30 a.m. to noon at the bike share station at Plummer Park, 7377 Santa Monica Blvd. Those attending can register online.

  1. Most, actually almost all, of the sidewalk cyclists have NO respect for the law. They just whizz up behind you in a maniacle spirit oblivious to all. An encounter with these risky folks is not in the pedestrian’s favor. Riding, unless one is under the age of 10, belongs on the street where the risk takers can be at their own risk and dice it out w cars, trucks and busses.

  2. Give me a break. Ride a bike is like asking for death in this town! The politically correct leaders of West Hollywood bought into this bike malarky like they did with that ludicrously over priced elevator garage. No one is renting these bikes. What a waste of money. The WEHO city council qualifies as the most uncreative group on the planet! God help us!

  3. @demanik….that is correct, but they must yield to pedestrians….and where there is a bike lane, cyclists are not allowed the sidewalk.

  4. This is good…..and I hope one of those rules of the road and safety tips includes no riding on sidewalks and yielding to pedestrians.

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