Fellow Commissioners and Local Political Figures Honor Donald DeLuccio

Honoring Donald DeLuccio are WeHo Planning Commission members (left to right) Rogerio Cavalheiro, Lynn Hoopingarner, John Altschul, Sue Buckner and Stacey Jones.

Fellow members of the West Hollywood Planning Commission and other political figures, including County Assessor Jeffrey Prang, showed up at last night’s commission meeting to celebrate Donald DeLuccio’s 20 years on what arguably is the city’s most important board or commission.

Donald DeLuccio surrounded by L.A. County Assessor Jeffrey Prang and WeHo resident Jeanne Dobrin.

DeLuccio was not reappointed to the commission at the expiration of his latest two-year term. He was replaced by Adam Bass, who is the communications director for L.A. City Councilmember Nury Martinez. WeHo City Councilmember Lindsey Horvath’s decision not to support DeLuccio’s reappointment has become an issue among some political insiders, who claim that Horvath had told DeLuccio he had her vote and that Horvath is favoring commission candidates with ties to L.A. City Hall. DeLuccio is an at-large member of the commission. The City Council chose Bass over DeLuccio in a three-to-two vote, with Councilmember John Duran and Mayor John Heilman voting for DeLuccio while Horvath and council members John D’Amico and Lauren Meister voted for Bass.

Horvath didn’t respond to a request from WEHOville to comment on her decision not to back DeLuccio.  But in an op-ed in WEHOville last month, she said the board and commission appointment process had become too politicized and that all commission members should be at-large appointees. Horvath also said she believed fresh blood and new ideas are needed on boards and commissions.

Bass is one of three employees of L.A. City Council members who sit on prominent WeHo commissions. Estevan Montemayor, Horvath’s campaign manager, is her appointee to the Public Safety Commission. He manages communications for L.A. City Councilmember David Ryu. Robert Oliver was recently chosen by the Council as an at-large member of the Public Safety Commission. He is the field deputy for L.A. Councilmember Paul Koretz.

Prang, who presented DeLuccio with a proclamation from the Assessor’s Office for his work, said he “has been one of my closest friends for decades.” He said that DeLuccio worked on Prang’s 1996 campaign for West Hollywood City Council and served as the campaign’s treasurer. Prang appointed DeLuccio to the commission in 1997.

“He was the neighborhood guy,” Prang said, noting that DeLuccio had been chair of the West Hollywood West Residents Association. “He weighed community concerns with economic development needs of the city.”

Councilmember John Duran also attended the meeting, calling out DeLuccio for his years of service and noting the subtle shift to a new generation in civic life exemplified by Councilmember Horvath’s hosting of a NextGen conference that same night to engage more younger people.

Acting Planning Commission Chairwoman Sue Buckner presented DeLuccio with an award for his service. She noted that there have been 47 Planning Commissioners since the city was formed in 1984 and that DeLuccio was one of them. DeLuccio also got praise from commission members Stacy Jones, John Altschul, Rogerio Carvalheiro and Lynn Hoopingarner.

Jeanne Dobrin, a resident of West Hollywood for 40 years who has attended almost every Planning Commission until her recent disability, hugged DeLuccio and praised him for his “affability and graciousness.”

Bass was sworn into the office of commissioner by Councilmember Meister.

  1. Steve Martin, since when is the apt of 3 employees of the LA city council “new blood”? I didn’t think you were that prone to propaganda. The political motivation here stinks to high heaven. Is Abbe Land’s husband “new blood”? Are there no notable young artists who deserve a break & an introduction to city participation? For shame! Gimme a break here. It wouldn’t surprise me if Abbe Land tried to sneak her way back on the council now that she has no job. They just can’t seem to get a life. What kind of council community outreach was there for “new blood”. The only “new” appointee I know of was John Duran’s trick from a sex sight & we know what kind of “outreach” he did for that.

  2. I had an incredible 20 year journey on the Planning Commission, climaxed by a wonderful send off by City Staff and my fellow Planning Commissioners. We should graciously welcome Adam Bass to this esteem group of Planning Commissioners, each bringing a distinct voice to the commission, with the help of a dedicated and resourceful staff.

    I will always be particularly grateful and proud to have the continued support of Mayor John Heilman, Mayor Pro Temproe John Duran and former CM / current LA County Assessor Jeffrey Prang. Their loyalty and respect shown to me are among the core values found in the West Hollywood Vision Statement.

    Thanks to the many citizens of West Hollywood that reached out with words of encouragement over the last month. This is not a goodbye, as my passion to serve our community never ceases.

  3. Steve Martin – you are very foolish if you think these appointments are not political. If they were not political you would not have been appointed to the eastside working group by the person you endorsed.

  4. Without taking anything away from Donald Deluccio’s long and dedicated years of service, the appointment of Adam Bass is hardly “political”. Mr. Bass happens to have more qualifications than many who have or are currently serving on the Planning Commission. His appointment should in no way be viewed as a slap to Donald Deluccio; the Council just made a decision to bring in new blood. What seems political is trying to use this process as a means to bash Council member Horvath.

    Adam Bass is an Eastside resident and served on the Public Facilities Commission; he will bring a view that is unique and fresh to the Planning Commission.

    We also lost an incredibly experienced and dedicated member of the Human Services Commission, Ruth Cislowski, who had served nearly 17 years. Both Ruth and Donald deserve our thanks for their hard work and dedication to the community; they will be missed.

    Steve Martin

  5. Bravo Donald!…..a job well done and a well deserved recognition from the commission. Thank you for all you’ve done for the city and our West Hollywood West neighborhood.

    I know that your advocacy and commitment to our community will continue.

  6. Love you Donald. You were always a voice of reason. You represented smart development and in many cases found a solution to problems by towing the middle ground. Thanks for your service and I am so sorry that some council members put politics over merit or experience. Run for city council. Run Donald Run!

    The article does not mention that “DONALD DELUCCIO IS THE LONGEST SERVING PLANNING COMMISSIONER IN THE HISTORY OF CITY OF WEST HOLLYWOOD”. having served the community continuous for over 20 years..,and for that reason, if there was ever a merit award it should be called the “Donald Deluccio Award for Planning Excellence!”

  7. Some might remember when Ivy Bottini stood up at the city council and called Horvath a liar because she had also told Ivy that she would support her re-nominatikn. Seems pretty clear Ms. Horvath is more concerned with her political future and the older experienced commissioners are put out to pasture for the new young LA City Council deputies.

  8. Donald Deluccio is a dedicated and passionate community leader, and served West Hollywood well for twenty years as a Planning Commissioner. He leaves very big shoes to fill, and as a resident who loves West Hollywood, I’m very grateful for everything he’s done for our community. Thank you, Donald, for your selfless and honorable service.

  9. Watched part of the Planning Commission meeting last night. While “um” apparently is in the dictionary it becomes very irritating to hear it repeatedly within a comment. The definition is when someone doesn’t know what next to say. Perhaps those who feel they need to use “um” should not say anything.

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