Alternative Fact: WeHo Is Home to this Brat Pack Leader

jake paul

    Jake Paul, YouTube superstar and Disney actor, who lives in WeHo (er, we meant Beverly Grove)

Hollywood had its Rat Pack. Does West Hollywood have a Brat Pack?

Despite what you might be seeing on local television and reading on gossip websites, the answer is “N O”.

Jake Paul on the roof yesterday of his house at 636 N. Kilkea Dr. just south of Melrose Avenue. (In L.A.’s Beverly Grove neighborhood).

Yes, Jake Paul, the 20-year-old YouTube star with more than eight million followers, is wreaking havoc on his neighborhood. But while websites like,,, and the U.K.’s Daily Mail, and television stations such as L.A.’s KTLA and San Francisco’s KRON cite West Hollywood as the location of the house where he builds fires in the empty swimming pool, races down the street on motorcycles and parties (loudly) on the roof with friends, it’s actually in L.A.’s once peaceful Beverly Grove neighborhood.

The exact address, if you want to join Paul’s fans, his security guards and L.A. police officers to watch from the street (and maybe get an invite from the roof to a wild party), is 636 N. Kilkea Dr. just south of Melrose Avenue.

KTLA has corrected the location on its website, probably a result of calls from West Hollywood City Hall, where employees spend enough time dealing with real problems and shouldn’t have to deal with Brat Packs next door.

Paul, whose claim to fame also comes from his role as Dirk on the Disney Channel comedy series Bizaardvark, is more than a party boy. According to Trending All Day, a website that follows social media, he has raised about $1 million to launch TeamDom, a business that would serve as a talent management and creative agency for social media stars.

And where is that business located? According to Trending All Day, its headquarters are in Paul’s West Hollywood home. That would be at 636  N. Kilkea Dr., in L.A.’s Beverly Grove.

  1. Sometimes people don’t realize they’re using the wrong name for a region of L.A., while sometimes they do it intentionally (e.g., the Hustler Store on Sunset intentionally calls itself “Hustler Hollywood” though it is clearly in West Hollywood; I’m guessing it’s because Hustler does not want its heterosexual customers put off by the gay undertone of the name West Hollywood). But there are plenty of factors at play in regional misnomers. In the case of this article, I think the name “Beverly Grove” is a relatively recent and relatively lesser-used term in our lexicon for a specific area inside of a larger area of what people generally used to (and still do) call “West L.A.” Some people think of West L.A. simply as an even larger area comprised of anything west of the city of Hollywood – which’d include West Hollywood, which as we know is not even part of the city of L.A. at all. Depends who you ask. Some would consider “West L.A.” to spread west of the 405 Fwy. I was born and raised here, and even I was surprised to read how Wikipedia defines “Beverly Grove.” Similarly, go ask your local friends where they think “Mid-City” is – you will enjoy hearing the wide diversity of their replies!

  2. What a D-B this kid is. He’s a prime example of too much money and not enough common decency and sense. God forbid if anyone gets hurt while hanging out with him. Him? I don’t care.

  3. A lot of reports in the media refer to “West Hollywood” when it’s actually West Hollywood adjacent. That includes the hills above West Hollywood as well as retail stores along Melrose outside the WeHo city boundaries. For good or for bad, West Hollywood has become famous, so it does get used to indicate the general area.

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