WeHo Man Arrested After Fraudulently Claiming He Was a Registered Nurse

A West Hollywood man was arrested on Monday after he was discovered impersonating a registered nurse at Saint Louise Regional Hospital in Gilroy.

Aya healthcare, registered nurse, fraud
Jeremy Daniels Griffin

In a press release, the California Department of Consumer Affairs said Jeremy Daniels Griffin was arrested on suspicion of identity fraud. Griffin had been hired by Aya Healthcare, which provides temporary nursing services to hospitals.

Griffin arrived at the hospital in Gilroy on Monday and was confronted by investigators who had received information from Aya that the documents Griffin submitted in the hiring process were suspicious.

Aya determined that Griffin had used the name of an actual registered nurse as his own. He is not a registered nurse, however, he does have a vocational nursing license.

The DCA said this was not the first time Griffin misrepresented himself. The Board of Vocational Nursing and Psychiatric Technicians revoked his license in 2014 after Griffin was convicted of receiving stolen property and burglary. He had allegedly used the ID of another registered nurse to get a job at a medical facility in Marina Del Rey and stole property from a doctor’s office there. Griffin pleaded no contest to one felony count of burglary in L.A. Superior Court.

  1. Nursing agencies and the nursing boards sell your information for profit! Don’t be surprise if someone here or in another countries is impersonating you or someone you know that holds a nursing license or a physician’s license! There are thousands of nurses and doctors here in the United States that never went to a nursing school or medical school not one day in their ruthless life but paid money for fake nursing degrees and doctors’ degree to gain the opportunity to come here, in the United States to challenge the nursing board/ medical board to work. So, don’t be scared but fear for your life! Remember once you passed these examinations, you get hands on experiences on real lives human beings!

  2. This is scary, he obviously did it for the higher traveling wages. Still not excuse. Nursing licenses should hold a picture and be more like a driver license to identify the person.

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