$240,000 Lamborghini Crashed and Abandoned in WeHo This Morniing

Lamborghini found crashed and abandoned in WeHo. (Photo by ANG News)

A Lamborghini Huracan, a car whose base price is about $240,000, crashed near the intersection of Romaine Street and Genesee Avenue in West Hollywood early this morning, with the driver fleeing the scene.

Sheriff’s deputies and firefighters arrived at the scene at about 1 a.m. to find the car abandoned on the street and one black compact SUV overturned and another heavily damaged. Both SUV’s were parked on Romaine.

Neighbors reported seeing as many as two men fleeing the Lamborghini and jumping into a dark-colored Bentley that was trailing it and leaving the scene. A sheriff’s sergeant said his deputies may have been on a traffic stop with the Lamborghini earlier in the evening. There were no reported injuries. West Hollywood Sheriff’s deputies are handling the investigation.

  1. Where are the Weho police in all of this? Where are they on Melrose and Sunset? People, including kids, are going to get killed because of this, and the police will be to blame.

  2. I live on curson and I feel like my street is the Autobohn. Platinum motorsports it at the end of my street and all you see are Bugatti’s and Ferraris hauling ass down the street all day. It’s a small neighborhood it’s so ridiculous.

  3. Todd Bianco, the Sheriff’s Department should hire you as their lead investigator. You seem to always have the most useful insight on the Wehoville threads.

  4. No insurance? Well – VIN# should already be in the stats and I have no doubt they will nail them. If the man who said it’s his sister’s car then he should be speaking to the Sheriffs – not advertising it online.

  5. Maybe the clown could not afford the payments or got tired of it so he crashed it to collect the insurance. Seems a little odd he had a getaway car behind him.

      1. I think more likely a posse with paid bodyguards or maybe they were packing heat themselves. It was probably a group of friends (douche bags) out for a night of partying (drinking, drugs, or whatever) on the town and they couldn’t all fit into the Lamborghini. But it’s the Lambo that gets parked in front of the club, not the dime-a-dozen Bentley. The Sheriffs know who owned the car. What they don’t know (or can’t prove yet) is who was driving. There will be contact DNA on the airbags and/or from blood left in the car from the accident. There will also likely be some security camera video showing the car at some point before the crash if they can retrace the car. It’s going to take some time to sort out unless the guilty party comes forward first.

  6. Where are the follow up stories on who drove these vehicles and whether they make restitution or get arrested. Even Nancy Drew or the Hardy boys can figure these crimes out. Post their names and drug/alcohol levels. Have their victims confront them publicly. That’s the story.

  7. My black Toyota Rav4 got destroyed by this Lambo. Totaled. If there is a way I can share a photo here, I would. They should show the damaged this criminal did, not his wrecked car.

  8. That was my sister’s car they totaled. She is so upset. She now is without a car. Didnt have comp and collision insurance. I hope there’s a way to recoup her losses…so sad

  9. I can’t count how many times I’ve seen some idiot in a high-priced sports car speeding down Sunset or Melrose on a weekend morning. Where are the cops? There seems to be a club(s) that attracts these idiots who still act as though they are still high school.

  10. Beverly Hills PD has cracked down on exotic cars speeding and driving unsafely. That traffic is moving our direction. If you want to see it for yourself, hang around Urth Cafe on a weekend night. You’ll see really expensive sports/luxury cars racing their engines, screeching their tires and driving unsafely.

  11. Nice to know that the Lambo had a chase Bentley to pick up the morons in the crashed exotic. Romaine is very narrow with cars parked on both sides. At least they only hit parked cars and didn’t kill anyone. The force of the impact and damage caused makes it clear they were speeding. It won’t take long for the Sheriffs to do a trace on the ownership of the car, but it’s going to be more difficult to prove (1) who was driving and (2) if it was a DUI situation or just a driver with more money than brains who doesn’t know how to handle a powerful exotic car and was driving far too fast in a residential neighborhood. I feel sorry for the people who woke up to a wrecked car. The Huracan is a total loss.

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