Rappers (including an Ex of Nicki Minaj) Trade Blows in WeHo

Friday’s fight on Robertson Boulevard (TMZ).

A fight broke out Friday afternoon in West Hollywood, two days before Sunday’s annual BET Awards in downtown Los Angeles, involving the entourages of rappers Safaree Samuels and Meek Mill.

Deputies were dispatched to the 600 block of North Robertson Boulevard near The Abbey in response to a disturbance, yet the assailants and any victims of the disturbance had left the scene, according to a watch commander at the sheriff’s West Hollywood station.

Video footage from TMZ shows Samuels talking to an acquaintance, telling him “that you different in L.A.,” when a black SUV pulls up and someone from Mill’s entourage attacks Samuels, who dodges a few punches thrown by someone who appears to be with Mill’s security detail.

The man does land a few blows that caused no real damage, as Samuels was able to get away, with the assailant running in the opposite direction.

Following the attack, and while riding in the backseat of either an SUV or limousine, Samuels, in an expletive-laced tirade posted on Instagram, challenged Mill to “meet him anywhere, one-on-one, while he’s out here, this weekend.”

Both Mill and Samuels used to date rapper Nicki Minaj.

  1. It’s interesting, the rent a cops that seem to patrol the Boys Town Bars are out in force, flash lights in hand, attempting to direct the patrons in cars on Santa Monica Bl. in front of the bars and Robertson outside of The Abby to move along and not park or stand waiting for their friends promptly at 2:00AM until clear. Meanwhile on La Peer outside the former Factory with Sheriffs monitoring the situation on Monday nights one can observe crowds and cars in the street to well after 3:00AM. Have the low life even scared the Rent A Cops away?

    It’s my opinion if the Sheriffs have to delay several units to a location on a regular basis that location should be shut down. La Peer looks very much like Hollywood Bl. on the week-ends. Low life roaming the street looking for trouble. While still working prior to my retirement from the MTA I observed huge fights in the middle of Hollywood Bl. Monthly we hear of shootings up there. Lets put a stop to this before West Hollywood becomes these low life “O.K. Corral.”

  2. Can’t wait for The Factory to close down for the Robertson Lane project. In addition to the Abbey and the noise our neighborhood hears from them the second biggest issue for sound is the Penthouse and the other club underneath (not to mention the trash crowd that it drawers).

  3. I don’t know what type of club it is but it seems to attract the black community on the La Peer side of the Factory on Monday nights. Everytime I pass therei observe is two or more Sheriff Units monitoring the crowd from inside their patrol units. Double and sometimes triple parking seems to be the norm. What ever these patrons are up to one can observe no Taxies parked on the street there as opposed to several on Robertson.

  4. … Having worked as thee 1st. “Openly Gay” Employee” for “Billboard Magazine” in L.A. (West Coast Editor of Radio/TV), Vegas (Bureau Chief)-&-thee Bflo./Rochester, NY Markets (Correspondent), you can see why I turned down covering “Rap Music” for them! This-INCIDENT-is surprising NOT!!! (Was with “Billboard” 15-yrs.) Miss living/working in WeHo!

  5. Did Andy Williams ever beat up Perry Como? Just wondering because this music and these people in this article are trash. These thugs add so much color to our little hamlet! Punks! Why do they even come here? Human blight!

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