Sabo, Right-Wing Street Artist, Claims Responsibility for Defacing WeHo Bike Signs

milo yiannopoulos, dangerous
Post on Sabo’s Twitter account.

Sabo, the Los Angeles right-wing street artist known for his signs attacking Democrats and liberals, is claiming responsibility for defacing signs for the City of West Hollywood’s WeHo Pedals bike share program with promotions of a new book by controversial right-wing propagandist Milo Yiannopoulos.

“Let’s just say I’ve been busy this weekend,” Sabo said in a post on his @unsavoryagent Twitter page along with a photo showing WeHo Pedals bicycles bearing signs promoting Yiannopoulos’ “Dangerous,” a book scheduled for release on July 4.

The signs, wrapped about the bicycle baskets, use the “milo” brand. Some have appropriated the humorous and slightly risqué slogans of the WeHo Pedals program (“Ride Me. I’ll make you happy.”) Others directly promote “Dangerous” as “the book that will save Western civilization.”  While Sabo hasn’t explained his reason for targeting West Hollywood, its identity as an overwhelmingly liberal and Democratic city is likely a major factor.

A city spokesperson said this morning that the WeHo Pedals crew is already at work removing the images.

Sabo’s website describes his mission as “running around, creatively kicking liberals in the teeth.”

“I believe the Right has a great message, sadly the only people telling it are those on the Left and they do a damn fine job making us look like ass holes and what do Republicans do about it, NOT A DAMN THING!!!” Sabo says in an introduction to the website. … My aim as an artist is to be as dirty, ground level, and mean as any Liberal artist out there, more so if I can. Use their tactics, their methods, appeal to their audience, the young, urban , street urchins with a message they never hear in a style they own.”

Sabo’s work includes a poster titled “Hillary Rotten Clinton,” one calling for the impeachment of Congresswoman Maxine waters and various images and videos attaching Barack Obama.  He has refused to reveal his real name and in various interviews has insisted that he be filmed from behind so that his face cannot be shows. However images of him, such as the one below, exist online.

Milo Yiannopoulos

Yiannopoulos, who is a gay Englishman and an avid supporter of Donald Trump, himself has been somewhat of an expert in self promotion. A former senior editor for Breitbart News, the alt-right news website, he describes himself as a “cultural libertarian.” He has been a critic of everything from Islam, to social justice to feminism and especially of the pushbacks against bigotry that he has described as “political correctness.”

Yiannopoulos’ self-promotion has come with some negative consequences. He lost his job at Breitbart In February 2017 after a controversy over a video of him saying sexual relationships between 13-year-old boys and adults can be positive and “perfectly consensual” experiences for boys.

Yiannopoulos lost his contract with Simon & Schuster’s Threshold Editions for “Dangerous” after more than 100 authors said they no longer would do business with the publisher. That was an exceptional reaction given that Threshold Editions, whose vice president and editorial director, Mitchell lvers, is a gay man, has published books by former vice president Dick Cheney and broadcasters Mark Levin, Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh. Ivers also edited bestselling books by Donald Trump, Michelle Malkin, Tom Fitton, Jose Rodriguez, James O’Keefe, Ben Shapiro, Jason Mattera and John Stossel.

Mattera, who Ivers recruited as a writer, received national attention in September 2003 when, as editor of a student newsletter for college Republicans at Roger Williams University in Rhode Island, he wrote an attack on the mother of Matthew Shepard, a college student who was beaten and murdered for being gay. Mattera accused her of “preying on students’ emotions and naivety’ [sic] so that she could become ‘a mascot for the homosexual agenda.” He also published a “lurid description of the homosexual rape of a young boy and threw in a joke about ‘pedophiles nationwide’ who condemned the FDA’s food pyramid as ‘bigoted’ and ‘hateful’ because ‘anus’ and ‘penis’ were not listed as separate food groups.”

milo yiannopoulos, dangerous, sabo, unsavory agent

  1. WEHO published this article because it’s not a mouthpiece for the Townscape Three that speak with forked tongue. So called liberal hypocrites out of one hand and selling pay for play out of the other.

  2. icurbs90069, precisely. And I still don’t get why Wehoville published this article in the first place. This article only promotes Yiannopoulos’s agenda.

  3. It is so pathetically obvious how many of these comments are posted by the same person using multiple aliases. Do you really think anyone with an ounce of intelligence is going to believe this article is being read and commented on by one Milo fan after another within minutes of each other. Someone has wayyyy too much time on their hands. Probably someone with a childhood nickname known as Sabo.

  4. Not only is he And this action incredibly LAME but the city should charge him with defacing city property, ordered to pay a huge fine for the clean-up and demand an additional donation to Planned Parenthood.

  5. “Yiannopoulos’ self-promotion has come with some negative consequences. He lost his job at Breitbart In February 2017 after a controversy over a video of him saying sexual relationships between 13-year-old boys and adults can be positive and “perfectly consensual” experiences for boys.”

    And yet renown predator Harvey Milk is held in high esteem in some circles, regardless of his “preferences”.

  6. Love LOVE Milo!! Liberals hate when LGBTQ are conservative. Sabo is endlessly brilliant & amusing. Keep up the excellent work guys 🙂

  7. Love SABO! He is against Islamic Sharia laws, as Milo is, which promotes the persecution of gays. Hillary accepted money from Saudi Arabia which turns a blind eye when gays are executed.

  8. Milo and Sabo are both fantastic! This article gives them the press they deserve and mocks them in a way I’m sure they both love.

    I doubt either of them would ever read “” though.

  9. “Sabo, Right-Wing Street Artist, Claims Responsibility for Defacing WeHo Bike Signs” ya’ll crack me up. how about sabo shows how commercial your retardation has become…. dude… people know better. you need to do better.

  10. We need more talented RT Wing Artists like SABO.
    We also need more RT Wing gays to fight for the cause!

  11. This is probably as good a time as any to point out that Matthew Shepard was not killed because he was gay, but because he was a big time drug dealer, mostly meth and across state lines, and he got caught up in that world where he got in the way of the wrong people. His killers were probably also gay, although a lot of the gay sex they had was for money. They hung around with Matthew before they became competitors in the drug sales industry. Matt’s parents were decent people and he had a good upbringing, but as sometimes happens, he decided to piss his life away in the pursuit of the easy money. This is according to the prize winning investigative journalist Stephen Jimenez, who is gay and a self-described political liberal, who wrote the book, “The Book of Matt”. Mathew Shepard was someone most of us would have distanced ourselves from, but because of a myth, we have instead named a park after him.

  12. You are misquoting Milo and taking him out of context. He did not say that relationships between 13 year old boys and adults can be positive, rather that ‘young boys’, a phrase he later corrected to indicate young men, or men in their late teens, can have healthy relationships with older men that help them come to terms with their homosexuality. Full text of interview here, a retraction and correction by you is in order.

  13. Funny that there is no mention that Milo’s self-published book went straight to number 1 when pre-released on Amazon. I wonder how much that cost Simon-Schuster?

  14. You’re absolutely right Brokeback. This from the same site that can’t or won’t include any suspect decription whatsoever in the weekly crime report. Even after the victim was face -to-face with their attacker – still no description is reported. Worrying about offending someone is higher priority than apprehending armed and dangerous criminals in our neighborhoods. Pathetic. (We’ll wait and see if this gets posted)

  15. Aw, c’mon y’all, do you really expect anything other than self-righteous posturing and virtue signalling from someone writing for a publication called WeHoville? He’ll probably be called on the carpet for failure to refer to Milo as a Nazi, so cut the old boy some slack.

  16. I get that this is an anti-Milo article and I would expect nothing less as would Milo himself, and any of his fans. But regardless of opinions on Milo. What in the bloody hell does that last paragraph have to do with the rest of the article. Do you have a quota of slander that you have to distribute daily against those nasty people on the “right”? Sorta a two birds with one stone thing right? How efficient.

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