WeHo’s Jake Lee Grills Nancy Pelosi on CNN and Gets Conservative Raves

A resident of West Hollywood, a city known for its widespread and official antipathy toward Donald Trump, questioned U.S. Rep. Nancy Pelosi about her position on former FBI director James Comey on CNN last month. While the video hasn’t exactly gone viral, news about it has been published across an array of conservative media such as the Drudge Report, the Daily Wire, Government Slaves and America TV News, a YouTube channel.

The Daily Wire posted a segment of the CNN town hall with Pelosi in which WeHo resident Jake Lee questioned Pelosi for at first opposing Comey and then supporting him after his testimony yesterday in which he asserted that Trump asked him to call off an investigation of Michael Flynn, the former national security advisor.

“Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) took her dazed and confused act to prime-time TV on Monday night, joining CNN’s Chris Cuomo for a town hall,” the Daily Wire wrote. “She did her same old tired schtick (more on that later), but the highlight of the night was when Jake Lee, a small business owner from West Hollywood, California, stood up to ask a question.”

Lee, one of a handful of participants in a pro-Trump rally earlier this year, wrote an opinion piece published by WEHOville in February questioning the City of West Hollywood’s decision to declare itself a sanctuary city, which it announced in a tweet. Such declarations have been made by a number of city’s that oppose Trump’s promise to expel undocumented immigrants.

“Political grandstanding by our elected officials is not only wrong but tweeting a statement such as this sends a clear message to anyone here illegally who wishes to commit serious crimes that West Hollywood is the place to set up shop and that you don’t have to fear any consequences of deportation or federal charges being brought upon you if you are caught,” Lee wrote.

That piece drew 23 comments, some quite heated, on either side of the issue.

But, Lee told WEHOville, it also prompted a call to him from CNN, which flew him to Washington last month and put him up in a hotel to prepare him to pose his question to Pelosi.

That’s the most attention a local resident has gotten for taking a position on the candidates and issues in last year’s presidential race since then-Mayor Lindsey Horvath in April 2016 issued a statement banning Trump from West Hollywood. The city quickly explained that Horvath’s “ban” wasn’t an official city position. But it did land her interviews on both MSNBC and CNN.

  1. Jake did not destroy her. She destroys herself everytime she opens her mouth.He just asked a great question that others have also asked. The difference is as a conservative he got on CNN. NOT EASY. He deserves an award. Please tell others how you managed it.

  2. She is a liberal, enough said, except to add anything to knock Trump. First Comey should resign.Then she knocks Trump for firing him saying Firing bad, resigning good!!?? What nonsense. Loser!

  3. Now I am the one who feels ‘dazed and confused’ here. I have seen several interviews with Pelosi on TV. Every single one, friendly, unfriendly, or somewhere in between, she gets ahead of herself and starts rushing facts as if someone is telling her 10,9,8,7…. and she’ll be kicked off the air. She sucks at TV interviews – which is a shame. I used to think she was just a mess. That is, until I saw her speak at a meeting I attended and spoke one on one with her afterwards.

    She was a different person. Eloquent, funny, warm, etc. I couldn’t believe it. Being the person I am who tends to act despite of what my ‘good Jim’ tells me to do, I told her how surprised I was by her presentation because on TV, she seems so off-balance. To that she almost cut me off with her rapid admission that the gets really nervous in front of the camera, and she knows better than anyone else how bad she is. She even joked about it saying something like – ‘If you think the outside looks nust, you should see it from inside’ and chuckled. She obviously knew she was in friendly hands, so she ‘let her hair down.’ even though she doesn’t know me at all.

    I had written her off from her her speeches in Congress and news interviews. My bad.

  4. I guess the byline to this reads “By Staff” because the actual writer was too ashamed to tie itself to this awful piece of dreck. When did Fox “news” take over Wehoville, anyway? Get a life!

  5. Grills Nancy Pelosi? What happened here is Nancy Pelosi was presented with a Straw Man Fallacy (an argument based on giving the impression of refuting an opponent’s argument, while refuting an argument that was NOT advanced by that opponent) he also refers to Nancy Pelosi as “Madam Leader”, giving the false impression that the system has bestowed upon her some great imperial power. The old white male false victim hood routine done in an attempt to deny the systemic advantage is entirely theirs! Nancy Pelosi handled it politely and effectively countered his misrepresentation of her position and, this is entirely from the video that is given as evidence of Nancy Pelosi being “absolutely destroyed.” Keep in mind that the sources claiming Nancy Pelosi was “absolutely destroyed” are the same people who deny Global Warming when thermometers clearly indicate otherwise, deny evolution when fossils clearly exist and, deny the role of white male power in oppressing everyone else when the historical precedent has been firmly established. A better title for this article would have been: He Returns, WeHo No Longer a Village Without an Idiot! 🙂

  6. Huh? What, Where? Madam Leader? This incident was a giant “Nothingburger” as Don Jr. would have described it.

  7. Nancy Pelosi was hardly destroyed or confused by Jake’s question. I don’t understand why CNN would fly him to Washington. I think Comey did what he thought was right when it came to Hillary even though a lot of us thought he went overboard (and it appears even Comey had second thoughts afterwards), and then when Comey started to investigate Trump for a crime that seems treasonous to me, all of a sudden – boom – he gets fired by our sociopath president. Can’t get more transparent than that. And you should get your proof reader back toward – it wasn’t Mike Pence he was going to investigate – it was Mike Flynn, but you already know that by now.

  8. Hank – an error in the second paragraph – Comey was asked to call off an investigation of Mike Flynn, not Mike Pence.

    I have to agree with Woody, nobody got destroyed.

  9. I saw this and Nancy Pelosi did not get “absolutely destroyed” by anyone. I hate to see hit pieces from anyone about a political leader who is such a champion for human rights & an unabashed friend & fighter for the gay community. Check out who wants universal health care, immigrants rights, quality education for everyone, assistance for the poor, social equality, ad infinitum, & Nancy Pelosi’s name is always at the top of the list. Don’t bite the hand that feeds you. We have enough political enemies right now to deal with without needlessly attacking our political friends

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