Day Five: Councilmember John Duran Says Deputies Conspired to Get WeHo’s City Manager and Attorney Fired

West Hollywood City Councilmember John Duran today described what he said was a conspiracy by former council deputies Michelle Rex and Ian Owens to defeat John Heilman in the 2015 City Council election and replace him with someone who would give them the third vote they needed to fire City Manager Paul Arevalo and City Attorney Mike Jenkins.

Duran made that statement on the fifth day of the L.A. Superior Court trial of Michelle Rex vs. City of West Hollywood. In her lawsuit, Rex claims that the City Council’s June 2015 decision to eliminate the 30-year-old council deputy system was an act of retaliation against her. She claims she was retaliated against for her support of her friend, Ian Owens, in his complaint of sexual harassment by Duran and retaliation against him for exposing deputy Fran Solomon’s political campaign activities in City Hall. Rex is seeking a reported $3 million for her claim of emotional suffering and loss of a well-paying job.

John Duran

Duran told the court that both Rex and Owens had once been friends of his. Rex had helped manage his 2009 City Council election campaign. She also managed the 2011 campaign of Councilmember John D’Amico, who named her his deputy after he won. Duran admitted that he had met Owens in 2012 on Grindr, the gay hookup app, and had had sex with him. After that Duran effectively became Owens’ mentor, introducing the new WeHo resident to his friends, connecting him with a recruiter, helping Owens pay his rent because of his financial problems and naming him as his temporary deputy. In March 2013, after Duran won re-election, he chose Owens as his permanent deputy.

Under questioning from lawyers for Rex and for the City of West Hollywood, Duran described a beautiful relationship that turned sour. The jury was shown photos of Duran with fellow Councilmember John D’Amico and Rex and Owens on the Jungle Cruise during a trip to Disneyland in May 2013. “We played hooky and spent the day and night at Disneyland,” he said. Earlier in the trial the jury was shown a photo of Duran and Rex dancing on top of a table in New Orleans at an AIDS conference they attended with Owens.

Duran said that he and his deputy communicated constantly via email and phone texts, but that because of his job as a criminal defense attorney he wasn’t often with Owens in City Hall. He said Owens did accompany him to social events that he attended in his role as a City Council member. They also crossed paths at holiday parties and pool parties because many of Duran’s friends had become Owens’ friends. Duran said he met Owens’ mother for dinner when she visited from Stockton to see a performance by the Gay Men’s Chorus of Los Angeles, whose board Duran chairs.

Duran said Owens was very smart but had problems getting along with his co-workers. “He’s a smart guy,” he said. “I don’t want to paint him as horrible all the time. He’s a smart guy, but he went south at City Hall.” Under questioning from Steve Rothans, the attorney representing the city, Duran acknowledged that he had described Owens and Rex as “the two most detested employees in City Hall.”

Ian Owens

Duran said he and Arevalo had sat down with Owens to conduct a review of his performance and told him that he needed to work better with others. “In terms of human relations and working well with others, he was terrible,” Duran said. He said Arevalo and human resources employees told him he should have fired Owens. But, Duran said, he didn’t want the young man to lose his job and be forced to move back to Stockton with his mother. Now, he says, he has come to realize that he should have fired him.

Duran said he had been aware of the unpleasant relationship between Rex and Fran Solomon. John D’Amico, who endorsed Solomon’s boss, John Heilman, in this year’s City Council race, had focused on Heilman in his own successful City Council race in 2011 and over the years has criticized him harshly in public. He was one of several candidates who staged a press conference the day before the 2011 election to claim that Solomon was seriously abusing a City Hall credit card for her personal benefit, an allegation that later was proven to be untrue. Duran said he also knew of Owens’ difficulties with Solomon.

Owens had objected to Duran when the council deputies were on a group telephone call with Robin Conerly of the West Hollywood Community Housing Corporation to discuss fundraising for the WHCHC’s annual gala. Owens claimed that Solomon had urged her fellow deputies to press developers on the city’s Eastside to contribute to the gala. Owens also got into a spat with Solomon when four of the deputies gathered on another occasion to discuss buying a gift for another City Hall employee. Owens refused to contribute to the gift and refused to let deputy Kirin Hashmi, who was on pregnancy leave, participate in the discussion on the phone, saying the rules of the five-member deputy union stipulated that all had to be present for a vote on whether or not to make the gift.

It was in January 2015 that Duran learned from a story published by WEHOville that Owens was the source of an email sent out to the L.A. County District Attorney and media organizations under a fake name that accused Solomon of illegally campaigning for Heilman’s re-election from her City Hall office. That email included a document that listed various calls made by Solomon to invite people to attend a photo shoot for a Heilman campaign mailer. An investigation found that Solomon did violate city rules, for which she was punished by having her pay docked for two days, but had not broken any law.

Michelle Rex

Duran denied Owens’ allegation that he had complained to him previously about electioneering by Solomon from City Hall. Duran said he had interpreted an email from Owens on December 2014 that alleged Solomon was soliciting contributions over the phone as another reference to fundraising for WHCHC.

Duran said it took a while before he began to see actions by Owens and Rex as a conspiracy to defeat John Heilman. However, he said Rex had often said she wanted to get Arevalo and Jenkins fired. Duran noted that the effort to defeat Heilman had some success when he lost his bid for re-election in March 2015, a campaign in which Rex was helping challenger Heidi Shink, who had said she would work to fire Arevalo. Heilman however was re-elected in the special June election that year to fill the seat of Jeffrey Prang.

The conspiracy that Duran alluded to would have been to add a third person to the City Council who would side with Councilmembers D’Amico and Lauren Meister in ousting Arevalo and Jenkins, both of whom report directly to the City Council.

Duran described the current council as being divided, with Heilman and Councilmember Lindsey Horvath on one side, D’Amico and Meister on the other, and him in the middle. “When the two Johns ran in the same cycle, I endorsed both of them, even though they are like oil and water,” Duran said, while acknowledging that Heilman and D’Amico have a better relationship now. “I’m the poor sucker in the center who tries to get along with both sides.”

Duran, who has known D’Amico before both got engaged in city politics and has been seen as his ally in the past, acknowledged when asked by Rothans that D’Amico is a friend, “for the most part.”

He criticized D’Amico’s impassioned defense at a City Council meeting of Owens after he was put on administrative leave during an investigation of his alleging spying on Solomon’s phone calls. Duran said D’Amico had not had access to an unredacted version of a report by the private investigator at that point.

Duran also said he was unhappy that the controversy over the deputy system had shifted from a focus on the behavior of some deputies to a focus on him and allegations that he had sexually harassed Owens.

“They eavesdropped on Fran Solomon and then, when they got caught, they flipped the story to focus on you?” asked Rothans. “Yes,” Duran said.

Duran told the jury that he had not had sex with Owens since the night they first met. He conceded that he had shown him photos on his cellphone of men he had been with, but said the Owens did the same with him. “We all have these iPhones now…,” Duran said. “It was pretty common for us to pull out our iPhones and share with one another about events. …..”

He said that a couple of times Owens had joked that he could sue Duran for sexual harassment when they shared photos and talking about their dating life. Duran said he joked back that it was clear Owens was consenting. He also denied Owens’ allegation that Duran exposed him to sexually explicit photos and words by making him update Duran’s address book. Duran said Owens should not have looked at his personal contact list and only was supposed to update the address book he maintained for city business.

The trial will resume tomorrow with Duran as a witness. Rex and Councilmember D’Amico also are expected to testify.

  1. You are SO right! How could I forget?? Every elected official in every city has sex hookup accounts where they lie about their age and cruise for sex during council meetings…and every other minute of the day.
    Oh wait, not every other city, just West Hollywood.
    Oh wait, not every elected official, just John Duran.

    It amazes me what low of a standard level everyone holds this guy accountable for! He could literally BURN DOWN city hall and still get elected!

    I met John when he started dating my best friend in 1999. They are still together, which obviously means nothing in West Hollywood. Let the guy do whatever the hell he wants. After all, he’s John Duran. I’ve worked at John’s law firms for many years. I know the man, and again, I’m AMAZED at the low standard level he’s held accountable for!!!

  2. I still find it stupid that a manager would show staff pictures from a hook up and not realize that in the real world you open the door to a lawsuit. Displaying your sexual conquests or intimate details of your life is not appropriate at any job, especially a tax payer supported entity like City Hall and as an Attorney Duran knows that a complaint to the Fair Employment and Housing authority or other agencies could open up a can of worms for another law suit. Why is this acceptable to the people in this town is beyond me. At any workplace, Duran would be fired for inappropriate conduct by showing his pictures and discussing his personal business with anyone at any workplace. This is why so few take the City of West Hollywood very seriously. There is NO high ground or standards visible to the public. Its just dumb. He passed the bar yet knows nothing about employment law it seems. Or common sense. Again no employer would leave themselves open for a lawsuit and would have fired Duran or anyone discussing their personal sexual activities at a workplace. Why does he get a free pass? West Hollywood is a legal entity and it seems City Hall is just a rats nest. John grow up.

  3. You are right Randy, in our community a 17 year relationship isn’t something that should belittled, but celebrated, and how the participants in that relationship make it work is none of our business!

  4. Dimitri, what business is it of yours if Duran has a domestic partner? What does that have to do with anything? Many people live in open relationships, and it is really nobody’s business but the couple in that relationship as to who they sleep with, or how they manage it. What is this, 1998? The BS Clinton impeachment? Nobody should have to follow your puritanical views, whether they are in public office, or not. I’m happy to hear that nobody has mentioned this, up until this point. It is not relevant to anything, if it is even true.

  5. West Hollywood City Councillors,

    How can you possibly hold a swearing-in/transfer of authority Monday evening under this cloud of malfeasance? And then a celebratory reception? Have you taken leave of your senses? If even one of you had an ounce of propriety you would resign from the Council the minute Heilman and Duran advance to their new posts. And you people complain about Trump? You are just as self serving and corrupt and I see no difference between his style and yours. Please, with your arrogance, do not tempt me and others to disrupt your sham ceremony and reception. Better left alone in the dregs of your banal mendacity, as if there were any other kind. It is shameful that you are requiring a minority woman who is City Clerk to administer the oath of office to two sexist men.

  6. I love opinions – especially when they are stated as facts or as obvious – but usually only to one person. As my mother used to say “”Vas you ‘dere’Charlie?”

    Guess what – you vasn’t ‘dere Mr. Sanger, vas you? Regarding Mr. Duran’s “long term partner”. I too have one. I am not any dating site. Res ipsa.

    …”the Deputy System itself is to blame, being nothing more than an overpriced reward system for favors done, and we should all work to make sure it does not come back!” I agree with Jeffrey Ward.

    Larry – I think being compared to Dunne was actually a left handed compliment. Had no clue you wept frequently during the trial. This is not murder or mayhem. This is about sex, lies and greed. And if you are going to bear witness – at least try to be as neutral as you can.

  7. I for one have nothing against Arevalo or Jenkins personally but I think both positions are overpaid, and even a neophyte could see that the Deputy system was ripe for corruption, most seen it as an award for Campaign or Billboard actions, my belief having always been that if you do not have enough time to do the city’s business then maybe you shouldn’t be on the Council, and with the cost of running the Deputy system at well over a million dollars a year, that money should have been returned back to the residents and businesses and property owners of this great City, I do not blame the players, and do not be distracted by them, the Deputy System itself is to blame, being nothing more than an overpriced reward system for favors done, and we should all work to make sure it does not come back!

  8. Chris- First, “Your analogy and claims… ARE lubricious…” Second, regardless of either of their intentions to troll for sex, a council member who is easily recognized cannot engage in consensual sex given the power differential… study up on some sexual ethics.

  9. Jason – you are just making stuff up. Owens had nothing to do with Duran and the city when they hooked up once. The relationship was consensual. Owens was on Grindr just like Duran for one reason – trolling for sex.
    Your analogy and claims that liberal bias accounts for Larry’s position is ludicrous and fact–free.

  10. Mr. Block- Your liberal hypocrisy is stunning. Had this been a republican using his position of power to start a sexual relationship with a young man (a “user kid” or not; that doesn’t matter), you’d be first to call for his removal. But, because Duran “stands for” issues that are important to you, you let his behavior go. Duran demonstrates essentially the same behavior as “pussy-grabbing” Trump- but it is OK because he is on “our” side. Shame!

  11. My very first tap dance recital – ah the innocence.

    Now, first you put your two knees
    Close up tight.
    Then you sway it to the left
    Then you sway it to the right.
    Step around the floor kind of nice and light
    Then you twist around and twist around
    With all of your might.
    Stretch your lovin’ arms straight out in space
    Then you do the eagle rock with style and grace.
    Swing your foot way round and bring it back
    Now that’s what I call ballin’ the jack!

  12. The day began w Detective Rodig on the stand to testify about his report delivered to the attorneys office Mike Jenkins in Manhattan Beach sometime during June 15th the same day as council votes to eliminate the deputy system. Rex attorney Quigley continued to use tangent type issues to frame a story of retaliation. To me it seemed like a stretch.. Jenkins is at Weho city hall for three hours on the mondays of city council meetings and the box delivered to Manhattan beach sometime in the afternoon could not have been reviewed prior to councils vote. That report was almost 100 pages plus another 129 pages of exhibits. And the report conclusions that Solomon did not break the law. The Rodig report focused on the Owens allegations against Solomon, and it was clearly explained that Owens was placed on paid admin leave while the investigation was going on. Detective Rodig was the last witness on the morning schedule and then we broke for lunch.

    Duran was in the hallway waiting but the rumor was he would not be called today (yesterday). He was present and during lunch there was a shuffle and after break we knew John was going up to the stand when court came out of recess. Today was going to be the greatest show on earth! This beats Dynasty, Falcon Crest, Depperste Housewives all in one!

    Duran was sworn in and sat down next to the jury. Quigley was quick to get into Duran’s background and history. John was calm and answered every question. When Owens came up John was clear and upfront talking about how they met and all that transpired after. I wish every one of you could hear the truth under oath. It was pretty clear to me that the story John told me personally was the same story he told under oath and the picture came into focus. John’s testimony was clear and professional and heartfelt. He came across as honest and it appeared to me that Owens and Rex were digging for gold. I’d be the first to stand up and say there appeared to be wrong doing on the part of Duran and the City but now more then ever if appeared that the City and John Duran were greatly wronged with these allegations.

    The last ten minutes Rothans questioning Duran was about his employment history. A kid growing up flipping burgers at McDonalds, getting a job at Disneyland, working his way through college and law school. Becoming a lawyer and then at the outset of HIV/AIDS going to work against discrimination — and then he said he was ‘tired of being poor’ and became a criminal defense attorney. The attorney asked about other boards he served on and John read off his list including the Gay Men’s Chorus and so many others. And a tear started to fill my eye. His testimony continued and my heart told me the truth. John has been crushed publicly with allegations that are and were so unfair. The city dragged through the mud. A mans life’s effort and work compromised after trying to help a friend. and it was all very sad. At the end of the day when John left the stand I needed a tissue. With my voice cracking amd a tissue in hand I walked over to John to say ‘Great Job’. I am proud to have supported John Duran in this past election and honor his service to the community no matter how tough the sledding he kept going. The truth is now clearer than any time in the past. So any of you people out there who don’t know what your talking about by demonizing Duran — I suggest you get your arms around the facts before judging a user kids allegations.

  13. Is Grindr sort of the vetting process for hiring tax payer paid minions of Duran and company. A lawyer should have better sense then to show inappropriate pictures of his conquests to city employees in our tax payer paid city hall. Grindr is not really the best way to find new employees and a long time council member and lawyer would know about conflicts of interest and inappropriate conduct at the work place even if it’s West Hollywood. I should hope Duran would be embarrassed by his gross incompetence as an elected official by hiring a hook up to work for the city. It would be interesting to learn what other employees have been hired due to hook ups by elected officials or senior staffers with influence in such matters. Just disgusting and even if she loses the case I wonder why some third party doesn’t step in to review the conduct of council and staff who are walking liability law suits waiting to happen based on their fraternization with staff or prospective staff. In the real world Duran would be fired for his inappropriate conduct because he can claim it was consensual but it showed poor judgement and a lack of character to behave this way as an experienced official and attorney. One day something will lead to a bigger issue as their inflated sense of entitlement and authority is not beyond the reach of a higher legal authority

  14. From this report, it sounds like Duran’s testimony might backfire. Duran seems to have made the case the Deputy system was dissolved in part to protect the extremely plush jobs of Arevalo and Jenkins and in part to political retaliation which would tend to support the motivation underlying Rex’s claim. Neither of these propositions look good for the city. Neither does the glib recounting of Duran’s indiscretions.

  15. So Duran is saying that D’Amico and Meister wanted to fire Arevelo and Jenkins? It will be interesting to hear what they say in their testimony. I’m sensing that there is going to be some contradictory testimony from them.

  16. To read between the lines – Rex and Owens wanted Aravelo fired because he was against the deputy system and thus risked their cush jobs and big paychecks.

    And yet their are people who post here who act like they are victims and martyrs.

    Glad this trial is exposing them for what they are.

    Yes, the homophobic instincts Rex’s lawyers are playing on might work. But the excellent reporting here should explain what really went on.

  17. Great, a low-rent West Hollywood version of ALL ABOUT EVE with John Duran as Margo Channing and Ian Owens as Eve Harrington.

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