Looking Good: WeHo Ranks High in Dry Cleaners, Gyms, Salons

West Hollywood has an unusually high number of dry cleaners, gyms, and salons. That is according to a new report by WeHo by the Numbers. It is based on the most recent counts by the US Census Bureau, which were done in 2012.

West Hollywood had 15 dry cleaners and laundries (excluding laundromats), 20 fitness and recreational sports centers, and 60 hair, nail, and skin care salons.

That works out to one dry cleaner for every 2,300 residents, one gym/fitness center for every 1,700 residents, and one salon for every 600 residents. Put another way, there were four dry cleaners, six gyms/fitness centers and 17 salons for every 10,000 residents. Of course, not every customer was a resident and not every resident was a customer of one of these businesses.

The report compares West Hollywood’s numbers to all other communities in the U.S. with at least 10,000 residents. West Hollywood was one of only four that ranked in the top 30 nationally in all three categories: dry cleaners, gyms/fitness centers, and salons. The city ranked 14th for dry cleaners per capita, 11th for fitness and recreational sports centers, and 26th for salons.

West Hollywood was even closer to the top among California cities with 10,000 or more residents. Looking at dry cleaners per capita, the city was second only to Malibu. Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, and Culver City had half as many: two per 10,000 residents versus four in WeHo. Los Angeles had a fifth as many. All of those cities were above the California average of 3/4 per 10,000 residents.

West Hollywood came in fourth in California for gyms/fitness centers per capita. It had more (six for every 10,000 residents) than nearby cities, such as Malibu (five), Santa Monica (four), Beverly Hills and Culver City (three) and Los Angeles (one).

For salons, West Hollywood came in second behind Beverly Hills among California cities. Beverly Hills was number one in California and number two nationally.

To find out more, see the full report, Does West Hollywood have an unusual number of dry cleaners, gyms and salons?