WeHo’s Cathy Blaivas and Stephanie Harker Named ‘Earth Day Heroes’

protect plummer park, css
Cathy Blaivas, left, and Stephanie Harker celebrating a friend’s birthday. (Photo Facebook)

West Hollywood’s Cathy Blaivas and Stephanie Harker are among four Californians honored as Earth Day Heroes by California Safe Schools.

Founded by Robina Suwol in 1998, CSS is a children’s environmental health and environmental justice non-profit. CSS got national and international recognition by spearheading the Los Angeles Unified School District’s (LAUSD) Integrated Pest Management Policy.

In an announcement of the honors, CSS called out efforts by Blaivas and Harker to protect buildings and trees in Plummer Park from demolition as founders of Protect Plummer Park.

“Their hard work prevented the destruction of 56 heritage trees and the demolition of nationally designated Great Hall/Long Hall, originally constructed by the Works Progress Administration (WPA) in 1937,” CSS noted.

Other recipients are:

Sandra Schubert, honored for “more than two decades of public service, beginning with helping to craft the LAUSD IPM Policy, followed by her work as a legislative assistant to U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer of California, counsel to U.S. Senate Leader Harry Reid from Nevada, her role as the State of California Food & Agriculture Undersecretary, and all of her volunteer efforts working with California’s groups which have led to greater protection for children’s health and the environment” and

Douglas Anderson, area facilities service director for the Los Angeles Unified School District, “for his enormous efforts working with LAUSD’s exceptional maintenance and operations staff, whose meticulous work ensures the successful implementation of LAUSD’s groundbreaking IPM Policy in place for almost 20 years. “

CSS said the LAUSD’s IPM policy is the most stringent in the nation for K-12 public schools. “Today the LA Unified IPM policy serves as an international model for school districts’ and communities’ pesticide management programs.”


  1. It is interesting that the ONLY negative comment about Ms. Harker and Ms. Blaivas is anonymous. Hmmmm.

  2. To Cathy and Stephanie,Congratulations on your award. Thank you for all your hard work in saving Plummer Park.

  3. these two are riding the plummer park train over and over again while they cost the rest of us a new park and then submit their own applications for any award that is coming up.

  4. Their understanding of “community” is a lesson to all of us. Felicitous congratulations to two people who do not know the meaning of surrender!

  5. CONGRATS to not only Cathy & Stephanie but ALL the residents who helped to save the 56 old growth trees at PLUMMER PARK by speaking up at the city council meetings, signing petitions & coming to the council meetings wearing green & green bracelets! We need everyone to continue to participate as over development is at our doorstep. MAY THE TREES & HISTORIC BUILDINGS CONTINUE TO BE PROTECTED from the horrid glass & concrete modern architecture.

  6. Having observed their tenacity and exceptional insight at many council meetings I believe this award is very well deserved. West Hollywood should adopt an Integrated Pest Management Policy in their names.

  7. Yes, I know just how hard they have worked to keep Plummer Park, the trees, the Historical Building. I have witnessed it so many times. I am delighted that California Safe Schools has honored these gals. Earth Day Heros!

  8. Cathy and Stephanie are true heroes of mine. Both should be sitting on council. What a better City we would all have. Meanwhile, I’ll settle for two amazing neighbors and women who deserve lots and lots and lots of accolades.

  9. Much deserved! Who else has saved 56 old growth trees and a National Historic Monument that the city is still refusing to properly maintain? Certainly my heroes!

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