Ballot Update Shows Incumbents Still Winners in WeHo Election

The latest count of ballots cast in Tuesday’s West Hollywood City Council race shows no significant change in the results reported Wednesday morning, meaning incumbents John Duran and John Heilman remain the winners.

The only shift in position, and it is a slight one, is that Steve Martin came out 13 votes ahead of Cynthia Blatt. In the earlier count the two challengers, who ended up in third and fourth place, were equal.

The L.A. County Registrar-Recorder / County Clerk reported that Heilman had 2,406 votes, or 25.7% of the 8,813 votes counted. Duran had 2,048 votes, or 21.88% of the total. Martin had 1,628 votes, or 17.39%, and Blatt had 1,615 votes, or 17.25%.

Other challengers in order of their votes were Nate Clark, 493 votes (5.27%), Amanda Goodwin, 300 votes (3.2%), Carla Romo, 285 votes (3.04%), Michael Cautillo, 260 votes (2.78%), Reed Stillwell, 179 votes, (1.91%) and Joel Quaresimo, 148 votes (1.58%)

The votes thus far are unofficial results. There are additional vote-by-mail ballots and provisional ballots to be processed and counted. Provisional ballots would include those cast by a voter at the wrong polling place. City Clerk Yvonne Quarker plans to provide the next update on Tuesday afternoon.

The election results aren’t official until later this month. The county registrar-recorder has 30 days to count and canvass all of the ballots, which will include vote-by-mail ballots that may not yet have arrived. In an announcement of the process, the city said the registrar-recorder will try to certify the election results by March 29. The results then will be declared official by the L.A. County Board of Supervisors at its April 4 meeting.

The WeHo City Council then is expected to approve the certified election results at its regular meeting on April 17. Heilman, who currently is the “mayor pro tempore,” will be installed as mayor at the City Council meeting on May 15.

  1. Yes, agreed. The same bunch of harpies attached to the Tara debacle that can’t let go of anything. They attach to anything opposing the city whether it makes sense or not, mostly NOT. Please move on somewhere else and rant at the wind, in a pasture or the glue factory, with no disrespect to any horses we may know.

  2. Bottom line is the constant of harping on a NIMBY anti growth anti incumbent message is stale and it’s repetition every two years mostly fails time after time. Unless the anti council folks,come up with some thing new,they will continue losing. The voters of Weho aren’t buying what you are selling.

  3. @Brian- can you tell me what these other candidates did to the eastside that you feel they have not represented your interests. I respect your passion and commitment but we are one city, not east and west, and everything from our generous social services programs as well as our mobility programs help all residents. .in fact, maybe all those programs help eastside residents more than westside residents.

  4. @Chris yes, let’s let some facts intrude. Starting with

    Fact #1: this was at the high end (voter turnout) for WeHo…”
    I knew that. That was my point. Those numbers are sad. Off year or not. I don’t care what spin we give it. A populace that is disengaged, lazy and ignorant of the value of their vote is a recipe for disaster: #DumpTrump

    Think globally, act (and vote!) locally. That’s what a true progressive community does.

    Fact #2: “upscale.. places like WeHo…”
    I question if you know the average income for WeHo residents? If you did you would know it’s anything but “upscale.”

    West Hollywood is as you say upscale for only the fortunate few like me who can afford to own a 7-figure home – 7 freaking figures. That’s the kind of money you need if you want to purchase a home with a yard in your – everything’s all right – West Hollywood. And thanks to what you describe as the right choices’ consistently making wrong choices, we have witnessed too often the destruction of single-family homes in the name of progress. What was once a community of middle income villagers is fast becoming a cluster f*** jungle of 1 percenter homeowners and struggling apartment dwellers figuring out how to make this month’s $3500 rent.

    Fact #3 “lower turnout are signs of happiness with govt”
    I’ve got it good and I haven’t missed voting in an a election since I was 22. So please, don’t spin that alternative fact. I’m engaged and I pay attention because things are not always as they appear. And so I vote. Each and every election.

    Fact #4 The Eastside needs more than one voice (Lauren Meister) who truly cares about our unique concerns at a time like this. Your candidates did not qualify.

    My intention is not to attack you for your vote. Your choice is your right. In fact, I understand why many went your way. My disappointment lies in the myth that we are this near perfect, progressive little village. When in fact, if we were, our voter turnout would be the envy of the nation. But sadly, instead, as a result the money grubbing sellout and sell off continues.

  5. @Brian Holt….Thanks for the kind words to all the people that voted opposite what you think…’re a real charmer.

  6. Brian – sorry to let some facts intrude, but this was at the high end for WeHo participation, and almost double LA’s. For an off election for a city race actually much better than average. And here’s a proven fact: in upscale, educated places like WeHo, the only thing that drives turnout is dissatisfaction. The lower turnout, similar to the results, are both signs of high WeHo happiness with their government, despite the loud but clearly minority views heard here. Informed voters made the right choices.

  7. And to think Eastside residents could have had a true voice on council with eastside resident Steve Martin. And/or smart, vibrant, accomplished and compassionate women like Cynthia Blatt and Amanda Goodwin. But no, let’s put an ethically compromised and a big money sellout back behind the wheel.

    I can only shake my head in disbelief (sadly, once again) to realize that a pathetic 2400 and 2000 votes – less than 5% for God’s sake – would make way for more of the same ruinous policies and sleazy slackers.

    It’s time to look in the mirror West Hollywood. With council and residents alike touting what a progressive and enlightened City we are – who the f*** are we kidding?

    What we really are is 1.9 square mile pen of lazy, ignorant sheeple.

  8. Duran was DOA without D’amico and Block advocating for his re-election. Imagine if they were both on the other side.

  9. Are we now to consider Heilman/Duran as a single entity? Like the hydra, that of two heads in Greek mythology??? It would seem so. Joined at the hip, also, if not in other….

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