How To Spot Fake News This Week On Gay TV With The Empress Of Weho

This week on GayTV we start out a little more serious with Elle Bradford and her boyfriend Jeremy discussing whether he is straight, gay or bi because he is dating her, a trans woman.

Enoch Miller

Then we go into a great session with R.J. Aguiar (TheNotAdam) on how to spot fake news. And finally we wrap this week’s listiing up with the Jason Farone’s fan Q&A (although quite honestly we just want a little T and A).

This week I wanted to focus on episodes that really make us think and connection personally with us as viewers — Elle educating her fans and the “haters,” R.J. showing us how to use our brains, and Jason showing the personal and fun connection he always has with his viewers.

If you ever have any questions or just want to spill some “T” you can email me at or IM on my Instagram or Twitter @EmpressOfWeHo.

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