Sex Ed #Sploosh this week on Gay TV with the Empress of Weho

This week on GayTV I have some great videos for you to check out that will really stimulate your YouTube addiction.

Enoch Miller

First we have the musical stylings of two talented artists, Benji & Fede, then we head over to Kim Chi and Eden The Doll as they show you how to use drag to beat that face with an amazing daytime look. Finally, finish yourself off with a game telling the sexual truth of your Gaygod and his guest, Ferrah Moan. Here at GayTV your Empress wants to make sure you are getting (and giving) a well-rounded experience of entertainment, lifestyle and sex ed #sploosh. If you ever have any questions or just want to spill some “T” you can email me at or IM on my Instagram or Twitter @EmpressOfWeHo.

Visit the GayTV page for this week’s new highlights, and as always, the Royal Playlist.