Oops! WeHo’s Beach Nation Likely Won’t Be Back After All

(Photo by Jon Viscott)

Looking to dine and drink on the beach? Maybe you need to go to Malibu.

WEHOville published a story yesterday quoting a minority owner of Beach Nation who said that our city’s sandy outdoor dining spot isn’t going away but is temporarily closed for renovations. This morning, however, Paul Kalt, the majority owner of Beach Nation, called to say that the return of Beach Nation is highly unlikely.

Kalt, whose Kalt Property Management is a contractor that invests in restaurants, said he hasn’t decided what will replace the current restaurant and coffee bar on the northeast corner of Santa Monica Boulevard and Sweetzer.

“At this point, what is likely is that it will be a new concept,” Kalt said. “It’s most likely it won’t be Beach Nation.”

Kalt said the City of West Hollywood is reviewing requests for permits, which Michael Berman of Schoos Design, a minority owner of Beach Nation, said would allow a full kitchen and dining counter/bar on the property.

And all that beautiful white sand and those beach chairs? We’ll have to wait and see what happens.

  1. It was a great concept and I’m sad it is gone. Weho finally attracts some businesses that help get the neighborhood out of the gutter….like Conny’s & Teds, Laurel Hardware etc. I think the concept was good the execution poor. They couldn’t figure out a good menu that worked, the staff was good looking but useless and of course you had to put up with the screaming idiots from across the street. I hope it’s closure won’t discourage other businesses from bringing variety to West Hollywood.

  2. How about instead of thinking of a “new concept”, you think of what will best serve the neighborhood. Then focus on creating the most quality version of that. I wanted to like Beach Nation so much. I live super close and support as many local businesses as possible. But the coffee was terrible and the food was totally average. Concept alone isn’t enough. How about: a truly excellent coffee shop; a bakery; a whiskey bar with a limited menu of EXCELLENT bar snacks.

  3. I can not believe anyone thinks that he bought that lot to put a pseudo restaurant on, he has been warehousing that property with hopes of developing it! I bet who ever owns that billboard isn’t ready to negotiate with him.

  4. I never really enjoyed myself there. The food I ordered was always heated up/frozen. I wanted to like it – shocked it see it last as long as it has.

    Irv’s is deemed “historical”, yet is behind a wall. How do they get away with that?

  5. no major loss. Numerous better establishments close in West Hollywood all the time. Why does this one warrant an article?

  6. I went there for lunch once…once. I have lunch out every weekday. They should have let the irvs burgers customers sit there. It would have filled it up and drawn both crowds.

  7. It’s pretty sad that every time a new restaurant opens in West Hollywood, I always wonder how long before it closes. This one lasted longer than I expected. That location just didn’t work for that concept. We’ll see what pops up next.

  8. Perhaps if the owners of the property were not so greedy forcing Irv’s Burgers to move they would have had some of Irv’s Burgers patrons to draw from. But then again, how stupid can one be to expect a sudo beach setting to work on busy Santa Monica Bl.

  9. Every time I tried hanging out there, I was constantly bombarded by the sounds of sirens. Great concept, ok execution, but terrible location.

  10. I could never figure out how Beach Nation stayed open as long as it did. I guess I drove by at the wrong times, because even at lunchtime, it seemed sparsely populated (at best). Good luck with the latest reboot.

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