Available? GMCLA Video Shows How to Get the Word Out

Available? Taken? It’s complicated? If you’re a gay man, you know it is complicated, and not just in the sense that while he’s cruising you on Grindr he already has a boyfriend.

“I’m Available,” the funny and sometimes moving video posted above, promotes Gay Men’s Chorus Los Angeles (GMCLA) and also shines some light (albeit in the darkly lit Revolver bar) on how complicated it all can be.

“We’ve all been there,” says GMCLA’s description of the video. “You see a handsome stranger across the room for the first time. Your heart starts beating faster. A bead of sweat forms on your brow. Before you know it, every waking thought is focused on this person. Are they single? Are they interested? More importantly, ARE THEY AVAILABLE? ”

The video stars the singer Daniel Franzese, who makes his availability loudly known, and Sean Cruz, the subject of Franzese’s cruising. It was written and arranged by Eric Lane Barnes, who also composed the music.

Other singers include Ed Carlo Arafiles, Marcus Connaghan, Jason Frazier, Zach Gassoumis, Jack Inman, Todd Lien, Raul Martinez, Gavin Thrasher, Thomas Welker and David Werthe.

After you watch this video, remember to take a pen with you on your next night out so that you can leave your number on one of those bar napkins (they’re not there just to absorb the spilled booze).