WeHo Stood Out in Voter Support for County Ballot Issues

In the last election, West Hollywood voters stood out for their support of criminal justice changes, increased government funding and educational and environmental measures. That is according to a new report by WeHo by the Numbers based on Los Angeles County voting data.

weho by the numbers
David Warren

Among Los Angeles County communities, West Hollywood was number one in voting to require background checks for ammunition buyers, give parole more often/let judges decide whether juveniles are tried in adult court, legalize marijuana and end the death penalty.

Some communities were just as opposed to the measures as West Hollywood was supportive. For example, less than 20% of the voters said yes to background checks in Citrus, an unincorporated area in the San Gabriel Valley.

West Hollywood voters supported the tax questions in even greater numbers than the county average. The “yes” votes ranged from roughly 75% for the high-earner income tax extension to about 85% for the parcel tax for parks. For the tobacco tax increase, West Hollywood ranked first among Los Angeles County communities. The city was also in the top five voting for the Medi-Cal hospital tax.

West Hollywood’s roughly 85% support for bilingual education was the highest in the county. The city also voted for school construction bonds, the plastic bag ban, and the failed drug-price measure.
On the other hand, West Hollywood voters stood out for their opposition to requiring condoms in adult films. Only 30% or so of voters said yes. It failed statewide.

To find out more — including comparisons to Santa Monica, Culver City, and Beverly Hills — see the full report, Where did West Hollywood voters stand on issues in the last election?

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David Warren
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David Warren, the founder of WeHo by the Numbers, is a West Hollywood resident who explores community issues and the city government’s work through numbers. He welcomes suggestions and corrections at WeHoByTheNumbers.com.

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Josh Kurpies
Josh Kurpies
3 years ago

David Warren, do you have have or plan to do any further analysis on LA County Measure M’s outcome? I think it would be interesting, especially considering the City’s overwhelming support of Measure R was successfully used as a bargaining tool in advocating for projects WeHo wanted included in the Measure M project list. It may quantify, for future similar negotiations, how much of an influence the residents of WeHo, as a voting block, have in other countywide questions that come up in the future. It’s also just interesting to see which communities were most supportive or opposed to this… Read more »

Scott Tracy Imler
Scott Tracy Imler
3 years ago

I only have one question. How many West Hollywood voters actually read the texts of the the initiative measures they supported? Proposition 64 – purported marijuana legalization — might be a good example. How many WEHO voters actually read the 62 pages, familiarized themselves with the implications of the measure, and the ways which it undermines Proposition 215 and laid the groundwork for agribusiness giants like Monsanto to wipe out the small scale local home state supply network. INFORMED consent requires more than blindly following bought and paid for endorsements, but maybe that’s the lesson of 2016 from West Hollywood… Read more »